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  • (ETR) Estimated Time Review...

    by Jaboardm | 11th of August, 2008

    To continue on my Patience blog, this also applies to ETR... Let me be the first to say that I had 12 images that had 24hrs in the ETR this morning, and they were all approved withing a couple hours. Thanks DT Admins... Your doing a great job... Except the ones you... More
  • Old Men in Metro Station

    by Lhj | 30th of July, 2008

    Taking metro and pass the city everyday. In the rush hours, thousands of passengers are walking so rush and fast on the way to the offices, and without any smile on faces. This is such a big and cold city althought it is enough international. In one of my frequent metro... More
  • My experience about making the ETR shorter

    by Namowen | 17th of July, 2008

    ETR, Estimated Time until Review, is a boring term for newbies. It's usually more the 100 hours how can we tolerate this. But don't worry about it, after a long time practice, I have already can handle it well. Here is my experience, sharing with newbies like me. At first,... More
  • Learned A Very Good Lesson From A Snail Early On In Life

    by Lifesazoo | 7th of July, 2008

    Every time I see a new thread pop up about it taking too long for pictures to be approved I get this song going through my head from when I was a child. I am now in my 30's and I still remember life lessons that I learned through songs. The song that keeps on popping up... More
  • Fractals

    by Patballard | 9th of June, 2008

    Right at the start of this blog, let me say this out loud and proud, "I'M A FRACTAL ARTIST!" Sorry for all the shouting. Fractals seem to be such an orphan art form on most of the microstock sites. Other sites that I've been on actively discriminate against fractals. Dreamstime... More
  • Retro

    by Motadacruz | 18th of April, 2008

    I personally love retro images. All those things that reminds me of the 80's. Also i'm still listening to allot of 80's music. Retro images gives you memories about how it used to be,... back in the days. Great memories pop-up in my mind with different retro images I see.... More
  • Don't trust my beauty

    by Rachel707 | 14th of April, 2008

    Don't trust my beauty     Nor my love,please     Under a thick make-up     I only a heart of actress          Do remember you could never     never take my sorrow as a fact     Nor breaking heart into pieces... More
  • Joy your life

    by Watercattle | 30th of March, 2008

    Yor are not always feel warm if you possession of a house. You are not always feel drowsiness if you possession of living room. You are not always feel poetry if you possession of balcony. Substance or house just is a background. We performed by heart, create a drama... More
  • Everything Eyecare

    by Retina2020 | 27th of February, 2008

    I finally decided to make a collections. I'm still very new at this so not sure if I've done this correctly. I decided to make a "Everything Eyecare" collections since I know it's difficult to narrow searches down unless you know very specific terms. If you were to search... More
  • Please help me - How to make the most of dreamstime images

    by Wleader | 11th of January, 2008

    I really enjoy this website Does anyone know if the site keeps a record of your viewing history it would help me heaps me with web development. See Article
  • Keep out of the world

    by Ulisse | 21st of November, 2007

    The sight from the roofs is all another what... every a lot is beautiful to keep out from the world... nearly seems to touch the sky... It is not true? I see other backgrounds and my house is different from here, i like all detail that i see and the various geometric... More
  • Wind

    by Elenaray | 28th of September, 2007

    A protracted labor of love attempting to create a true color photograph. Ultimately, converting this image to black and white transformed it from pretty girl holding a Pelican wing for no particular reason, into maiden imbued with metaphysical poetry. "Nike was the winged... More
  • The Other Side of the Pending Line

    by Petarneychev | 20th of September, 2007

    Yes, there is such a place. And, yes - there are people out there... not... zombies, beasts, or some other sort of freaky creatures. :) But you knew that already, right? :P Ok, now, why am I writing this? Or maybe you are bored of the whole patience talk? Lemme guess -... More
  • Cool retro stars

    by Tonygers | 20th of August, 2007

    There seems to be a growing trend to incorporate 70's style retro art into advertising these days and there's no better 70's image than that of the shooting stars like this - and this - and this - . By following this photoshop tutorial and with a little imagination.... More
  • Fenetre Lakes, Ferret Valley, European Alps

    by Bogdan | 9th of August, 2007

    Since I saw an image of Grand Goliat mountain (3238m, left image) rising as a claw over the Fenetre Lakes on the cover of a hiking book that I have brought, I decided to get there as soon as possible. This happened about one month ago and in the meanwhile I have documented... More
  • The Retro Style and The Contemporary Audience

    by Petarneychev | 31st of July, 2007

    Okay, first of all - what led me to this article... Until two days I was using a mobile phone dating from the first trimester of 2001. Yes, it was a working one, and no - the screen wasn't color... Neither did it have Bluetooth, a camera, MMS capabilities... By some technological... More
  • I Meant Much More Than I Said

    by Elenaray | 16th of July, 2007

    I wish conversation could be three dimensional. But the spoken sentence, in its need to convey information concisely, is one dimensional and arrives in a linear trajectory. There is no art for expressing what lies beneath our words; the other meanings that contradict what... More

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