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posted by leesniderphotoimages - 18th of july, 2011
Today marks something of a milestone for me inasmuch as Dreamstime has accepted and put online my 2,500th image. While it has taken a while to accrue this many online photos I consider it a major achievement which just goes to... More...
Persevere and the results will come
posted by nicku - 6th of july, 2011
I started to Upload images for the first time in march 2004; i was the 33th user registered on Dreamstime.com. After 7 images uploaded from various reasons I forgot about those 7 images online.... I remember about them 6 years later... More...
Best Month Ever!!
posted by londondream - 2nd of july, 2011
Last month was the best month ever on DT for me. I had the biggest number of sales and the biggest income ever all in one month! Unfortunately it wasn't something spectacular, but it was another milestone for me :) I've sold 8 photos... More...
My best day ever
posted by marcomayer - 28th of april, 2011
Yesterday My best day ever on Dremstime 29 sale
Wishing all a happy XMas!
posted by rebeccaosborn - 5th of december, 2010
Hey, I havn't been very active on here at all since my new arrival arrived about this time last year!! (he'll be one on the 27th dec!) Just want to thank everyone for all your comments and for all my recent sales. Even with me... More...
Hunting for success
posted by mjak - 30th of november, 2010
Many, many blogs I've read about THE SUCCESS on stock. Much, much true - how to catch $$$... and much, much lie - mmm, I just enjoy in creative job, $$$ is not main! Yess, it is not main if you have enough. Well, bullying wasn'... More...
My first collection and Other 3 approvals
posted by gennaro86 - 25th of november, 2010
Hi Good morning to me :D Yesterday DT staff has approved my 3 photo of christmas walnuts... After I've created my first collection, the name is not very original: "food and beverage"... I've to understand how can maximize the use... More...
50+ sales!
posted by elimitchell - 19th of november, 2010
My sales have slowed down significantly recently. But you've gotta love when those little surprises occur! Ever since I made my first sale, I made at least one sale per month. Lately, I feared I would break that trend, but I still got... More...
From Extraordinariness From Everydayness
posted by black-white - 14th of november, 2010
Recently, a new selling of my photo taken in 3 years ago about gourd brought me a happiness and deeply thinking about the photography. The subject matter of the photo is a fat melon in the special figure. Somebody of my neighbour... More...
Eureka : lessons learned in reaching $1000 today.
posted by davidwatmough - 2nd of november, 2010
This is not a boast although naturally I am pleased that today I reached earnings of $1000 and I haven't withdrawn a cent yet. I joined Dreamstime in the Spring of 2009 and it took a while to get the first image accepted. Then I believed... More...
Finding inspiration
posted by treasurehunter22 - 6th of may, 2010
A few days ago, someone asked about where to get inspiration. To me, there are a lot of places. I've been a DT buyer for 4 years...I haven't bought a lot -- about 120 images, mostly of which are used in a medical-type newsletter. I'... More...
BME (Best Month Ever)
posted by katn1999 - 1st of april, 2010
Hi everyone! March was an incredible month for me! I uploaded more photos in one month than ever before, I had the highest revenue of any previous month (although I only tied the previous month for highest sales), I increased my... More...
Diary of a microstock photographer - part 5
posted by driveyourkitty - 13th of june, 2009
Well people...it has been such a hard time for me , the last month have been working like crazy...almost like there is no tomorrow:)) No time for me to take and/or upload any picture... But thankfully ,all the bad/harsh times have... More...
Diary of a microstock photographer - part 3
posted by driveyourkitty - 17th of april, 2009
Well today is another beautiful day. Its sunny here in Sardinia. New pics are up on DT. Im still working at the Romania photos , planning to upload some of them here on DT and on my web site ( will i ever finish it? I can be so lazy... More...
Stock-Tuitiveness: The First Paycheck
posted by davewhitney - 5th of february, 2009
Friends, I'm excited. I'm only 25 cents away from my first payout. Granted, I am a low producer here on Dreamstime, but I love it. I'm certainly not the model of productivity, but maybe an affirmation for the benefits of "stock-... More...
posted by billysiew - 17th of december, 2008
200 uploads! As compare to others, this was nothing! Start from now, I want to set a goal that is average 1 upload for everyday. Hope I can make it! Here is the 200th picture: A Christmas blessing for you all! More...
November Sales BME
posted by mollysauro - 1st of december, 2008
These are just a few that were Downloaded I can't wait to see what December will bring for each and everyone of us. More...
My first sale ever
posted by mildegard - 24th of november, 2008
I've never earned money from my pictures before, neither on Dreamstime, nor anywhere else. And there's my first sale ever: I'm happy :)
Reverse Lens Photography
posted by telecast - 28th of october, 2008
Reverse lens photography is a technique that allows you to achieve incredible magnification by using two regular lenses and a DSLR. Basically, a second lens, which is reversed and put in front of the lens on your camera, will magnify... More...
Dog Photography
posted by abhijeetaj - 14th of august, 2008
Hi everyone, I am an amateur photographer. My family also happens to own a Kennel Club named Joshberg Kennels. We breed Labrador Retrievers, Daschunds and Pugs. For the purpose of advertising and sale, I am often involved in outdoor... More...
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