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On My Way!
posted by iheartcountryphoto - 20th of december, 2013
A few months ago I purchased my first "real" camera. I have always loved photographing everything but never thought about doing it for any profit. While online trying to teach myself about photography, I stumbled on the DT website.... More...
Starting out and a first sell.
posted by zeperd - 7th of july, 2013
I've registered on November 1, 2012. and uploaded just one photo(right side) and I log on again just about two weeks ago and Voila, the image got sold. I was so excited and it gave me lots of motivation to start taking photo's again... More...
I got in this month's assignment contest!
posted by inyrdreams - 21st of february, 2013
I was very happy to see One of my images made it into this months assignment contest. I spent hours looking over all the hundreds of hobby editorial photos I had done.. civil war reenactment, model trains, volunteer.. there are so many... More...
Sharing my experience as beginner on Dreamstime
posted by ivanbarreto - 16th of october, 2012
Hi, I'd like to share a little of my experiences with you. After I sold this very first one, in less than one month I got 4 other photos sold (special thanks for the buyers!!!). Now, I start to see a very good future on DT! I realized... More...
My first $1000
posted by nikmd - 1st of june, 2012
Hello DT Just wanted to share my excitement for the first $1000 I just made after joining DT a little more than two years ago. This gives me more inspiration to work further ( albeit harder now)!!! Thank you friends, DT and buyers!... More...
Just when I was discouraged... the thrill of selling!
posted by edonalds - 5th of august, 2011
I recently listed three Illustrator files, my first. All were rejected because simple Illustrator files were now only accepted in sets. My Polka Dots would have to be consolidated into one file, which I will do. Just when I felt... More...
Another First TIFF Sale!
posted by karenkh - 15th of october, 2010
Just wanted to share my excitement!! I had my first TIFF sale today! Still not sure how a TIFF is better than a JPEG but I am happy to have the extra earnings! Have a great weekend everyone.
posted by thanatonautii - 24th of august, 2010
I`m so excited today because I finally erase all my images from other sites and I applied for exclusivity here on DT ! I can`t wait for the answer, I hope is gonna be YES! Until then I`ll read some books... More...
First Level 3 Image!
posted by karenkh - 22nd of march, 2010
Just wanted to share a bit of excitement with you this morning. This glass of soda has just reached level 3! My first photo to do so!!!! Have a great week everyone.
New Here!!
posted by jurphotography - 25th of november, 2009
Soooo here we go! After six days of waiting I realized that I never finished uploading my first few files. Did a bit of clicking around and vwalla.. My photos are finally in the pending bin. I'm excited for the downloads of my images,... More...
My First Level 2 Image!!
posted by karenkh - 1st of july, 2009
Yea!! Big excitement here! One of my photos has made it to level 2! Big thank you to all the buyers who have purchased my photos, and another big thank you to the many DT contributors who have been so supportive while I learn.... More...
My first sale in Dreamstime
posted by kenishirotie - 23rd of april, 2009
Just wanna share my experience with Dreamstime. I uploaded 2 photos to Dreamstime and 1 was accepted and the other was refused due to trademark seens on the photo. I was pretty excited although only 1 was accepted. I mean this is my... More...
So Busy, So Much Good News - Including my First W-EL!
posted by walleyelj - 22nd of april, 2009
Between my day job, the holidays, my first two photo assignments and getting ready for our trip to Alaska next month, I haven't found time to post. The last time I posted I said my next goal was to hopefully sell $100 in a month.... More...
100 images online.... cool
posted by nspals - 8th of february, 2009
The day my 90 images were online, i was so excited that i could not wait to see 100th one approved. The day, my 100th image was approved, i was really excited so thought of writting a blog. My 100th image. The journey of... More...
Christmas came early!
posted by teekaygee - 12th of december, 2008
I must confess I am somewhat addicted to checking my stats here to see if I've made any sales. Every sale brings a little excitement (yes even if it is just a subscription), and an ongoing appreciation to Dreamstime for making it possible.... More...
6 Month Anniversary
posted by lifesazoo - 21st of november, 2008
It has been 6 months since my first upload to Dreamstime. I still can remember how excited I was when I saw my first upload on May 21st. I joined Dreamstime on May 12, 2008 but my photos did not even start being reviewed until the... More...
A moment to brag... and a question to ask
posted by sparkmom - 22nd of september, 2008
I just have to take a quick moment to tell everyone that I had a photo sell for $20.00 - that is the amount was credited to my account! Definitely my largest micro stock sale to date! Here is the picture: My question is this:... More...
posted by walleyelj - 10th of september, 2008
New milestone - and it was 2 for 1! This photo was both my 700th download AND it put me over $750 in DT career earnings! IN addition, I was 1 for 1 on photos accepted today, with 62 more editorial racing photos pending. My acceptance... More...
Feeling of first sale!
posted by lsr792000 - 29th of june, 2008
Wow, still rem vividly when i sold my first file in dreamstime! The feeling was sooo satisfying! Its something like "hey, someone appreciate what you have taken"! Indeed, i have never expected my photos to sell online. But my first... More...
Very glad to come here
posted by mbr555 - 2nd of may, 2008
Occasionally found this site, I am very happy to be here. Although my standard of English is not good, but still very exciting. Many friends here to see the articles and photographic works, great harvest, not only learning their... More...
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