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The Eyes Have It
posted by ellenboughn - 26th of march, 2008
Facial expressions and body language can either make or break a photo. Again and again we see images that would be successful if only there was emotion in the image instead of a subject with a bored look or a blank stare. How can you... More...
New portraits
posted by sarkao - 27th of march, 2012
Before two weeks, I made some photos for the one fashion designer - she makes steampunk and neovictorian clothing. It was really windy day, so we had some problems with holding reflector. But I am really satisfied with results.... More...
My first 1000
posted by landd09 - 7th of december, 2011
After much effort, passion and learning photography (from April 2009) - I finally managed. This is my 1000 photos on Dreamstime. and that the photo assignment - I always the effort to be part of it. First I want thanked the people... More...
Zoe, my recent model.
posted by phakimata - 6th of july, 2011
It was a pleasure to do a shoot with Zoe. Signed with Generation Model Management and starred in a few movies (see her IMDb profile), she was looking to get new headshots done and as an exchange we did a stock photo shoot. Zoe is... More...
Fun with food.....
posted by phakimata - 4th of april, 2011
.......I just couldn't resist - my daughter is 16 months old and is learning to eat by herself. Let me tell you, she's a bundle of joy and really loves life and is always in a good mood. As a result, when letting her eat by herself,... More...
The Magic of Monotone Photos
posted by eric1513 - 14th of march, 2011
Monotone photos are powerfully simple and convey emotion like few types of photos can. With all extraneous color eliminated, we are left only with light and shape. Add to that a single color and the image is more powerful than its... More...
Don`t give up
posted by stangot - 23rd of july, 2010
I started making pictures with passion. I started with many questions, many refused files and disappointments. But I don`t give up. Never mind that I have no expensive equipment, professional models and studio. And if you are sitting... More...
Message in picture 1
posted by raindrop - 21st of july, 2010
Hi, this blog is for those who want to say something with their pictures. Of course and for everyone else:) I was thinking first what to shoot, what picture can say more then just "look at me" and then,forget me. I wanted picture... More...
Models and context - natural interaction
posted by sangiorzboy - 29th of october, 2009
As many of us know, working with models can be a real challenge when it comes to the visual result of your concept. It's both a challenge for the photographer and the model and the key to the best result is communication between... More...
Assignment file accepted!
posted by annieyek - 19th of june, 2009
Just want to express my happiness to you. Finally, I have one assignment file online. Hope you like this picture.. ..and don't forget, vote for me! thanks. :)
Express Yourself
posted by mani33 - 21st of may, 2009
It's been few days since I started my participation in the message boards & I think I've mised alot of hot issues & discussions... (I hope no one is getting annoyed with my start there :)). I also tried to read threads as much as... More...
Dogs Expressions - Many Faces of Emotions
posted by sgcallaway1994 - 2nd of april, 2009
Animal lovers will all agree dog's can display emotions. As a photographer its always a "treat" when something like this is memorialized in an image. Here are some examples: Happy Sad/Forelorn Concerned/Distressed... More...
The difference a genuine expression can make
posted by acesarek - 26th of january, 2009
When I work with models for stock photography, it always feels the most successful when the model gives a genuine expression. I like to try to make my models laugh if I want them to smile. With kids you have to be really quick if you... More...
An Unexpected Model
posted by cmarshall717 - 14th of january, 2009
Very unique photo opportunities can present themselves at some of the most unexpected times. I was at the CAP 089th Squadron (Civil Air Patrol) to photograph their move into a new facility at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL. They were moving... More...
My best Model
posted by fotandy - 28th of september, 2008
I think: this is the time for my first blog. Topic: my best model! This is Vanessa, my best and youthful model. She had really model-qualitys... ... but not every time good mood :-) ... it doesn't matter... She remains the... More...
Starting an actual photography business - I never saw this coming!
posted by walleyelj - 7th of september, 2008
When I got my first 2MP point & shoot digital camera from an IT friend of mine several years back, I had no idea where it would lead. Other than a trip to Idaho in 1995, I probably hadn't shot 2 rolls of film in the 10 years before... More...
The Revelation of My First Sale On Dreamstime
posted by black-white - 20th of april, 2008
write your text hereThe picture was sold on February 21st, 2008. I had had joined the Dreamstime for nearly five months then. With 37 files in my portfolio, I was having waited the first earning for such a long time. So sad I was. I... More...
sometimes, creative is simply
posted by eprom - 14th of april, 2008
pay attention to small things around yourselves, you will find it difference after simply modify, like egg adding pencil painting.
Sweets for sweet
posted by papuga2006 - 1st of april, 2008
Good looking, beautiful women with lollipop in hand or in mouth extra sexy photos, but also have something different in expression, some innocence. It remind me not only some sexually context (and it is not because I am a woman) but... More...
Photoshop Express
posted by nightangel666 - 27th of march, 2008
You can directly modify hue and saturation of your stock photos online by using Photoshop Express. You can also create galeries there. You can take a look at it by following this link : Adobe Photoshop Express More...
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