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Slow Food
posted by ellenboughn - 9th of april, 2008
Best sellers among food images are those of fast food dishes, especially hamburgers and fries that are used on menu boards and in the many articles about the joys AND dangers of fast food. But now there is a movement in the opposite... More...
Cute Chick
posted by davidemontalenti - 19th of december, 2013
I want to share with you the image of this cute little chick new-born. This photo was taken in an Italian farm, on holiday.
The beauty of farming
posted by miraclemoments - 8th of september, 2012
There is a certain calm and peacefulness when visiting farmlands at the golden hour. The last of the birds are leaving the fields, the evening breeze has come up and gently move the wheat as it blows. The canola in full bloom... More...
Another Vermont Icon - Sleepy Hollow Farm
posted by peanutroaster - 9th of november, 2011
Now this one I came by completely by accident and then later I found out I wasn't the only one to see the photographic possibilities of this beautiful landscape known as Sleepy Hollow Farm. Driving around the Woodstock Vermont area... More...
The Return to Jenne Farm
posted by peanutroaster - 1st of november, 2011
When last wrote about my trip to the famous Jenne Farm in Reading, Vermont, I was there to capture a bit of the Autumn leaves and fine fall foliage among a backdrop of rolling hills and pastures accented with bright red painted farm... More...
My Trip to a Photographer's Mecca
posted by peanutroaster - 20th of october, 2011
Quick! Think about Vermont! Do you have an image in your mind? Is it of rolling hills and a red barn? Chances are the image in your mind is of the Jenne Farm in Reading, Vermont. The Jenne Farm is considered one of the most... More...
Trying to be good, buying local
posted by peanutroaster - 26th of september, 2011
Our family has recently renewed our attempts to improve the quality of food we eat and this includes trying to buy more local food. After watching the documentary "Food, Inc" and learning about modern farming methods (for example... More...
what is database exposure? finally i got 0.01%
posted by uptall - 23rd of july, 2011
well.i have joined dt more than one year and the Database exposure is always shows zero there,suddenly i got this message showing on my profile: Database exposure:0.01%,what does this mean and how did i get it then? More...
Wheat harvest season
posted by jianbinglee - 29th of june, 2011
Wheat harvest season. With the development of the modernization process, farmers have a lot easier than before. At the same time, agricultural production is also increasing. More...
Chile Peppers
posted by laroach - 19th of may, 2011
In New Mexico your waiter will always ask "Red or Green?" ... you get the picture. (And yes, we do spell "chile" with an "e" in the Land of Enchantment.) "Chili represents your three stages of matter: solid, liquid and eventually... More...
Viva la Farmer's Market
posted by laroach - 18th of may, 2011
How can you not smile when you see these luscious, just-picked cherries all in a row on a blue gingham table cloth! Viva la Farmer's Market! "Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables. They probably get jet-lagged, just like... More...
Celebrating the Farmer's Market
posted by laroach - 17th of may, 2011
It's time for the Farmer's Market. One of my favorite places to photograph, I always look for a local outdoor market when I'm traveling. And when I'm home - you'll find me at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market from the end of May through... More...
Slow down and observe
posted by digitalreflections - 26th of october, 2010
In this fast paced world we sometimes forget to look around us and see the numerous oppertunuties for stock photographers slow down and look around. You may see things that would make a great stock photo. More...
Alligator Farms-perfect place for photography
posted by visceralimage - 12th of april, 2010
In Florida (USA), we have the perfect climate for Alligators, those scaly reptiles with big powerful jaws and long tails-a reptile that has been alive and prospering since the dinosaur age. In a couple cities in Florida, we have... More...
Province promotion
posted by culturalstockphoto - 30th of january, 2009
I'd like to promote my own beautiful province, Friesland (in the North of the Netherlands), here on dreamstime because it is a very nice area with a lot of historic buildings. This time: The 'kop-hals-romp' (head-neck-body) farm!... More...
Shooting food at the farmer's market
posted by kropewnicki - 18th of july, 2008
The farmers market is a rich source of images. There are usually lots of interesting food, and if you are lucky you can find a nice editorial shot of people buying healthy food. Bring a fill flash, or a shade to block... More...
The work of farmers
posted by j6789 - 12th of may, 2008
The work of farmers In a weekend afternoon, I went to the countryside with a camera. In the next to watch a vegetable farmers. This is a lush vegetables, green vegetables growing well and thriving. A woman, is to irrigate vegetables.... More...
to cow or not to cow
posted by rvanburen - 13th of february, 2008
walking through the forest, i saw a field with a fews cows, luckily i had my camera with me, so i took a few pictures. see my portfolio They looked like a happy family
The farm the patients built.
posted by dcwcreations - 3rd of december, 2007
Norwood Health Center is a mental health facility in Wisconsin. It can trace it’s beginnings back to 1910 when it started as Wood County Insane Asylum By 1930 it had well over 200 patients with a variety of disabilities. They... More...
Pumpkin Pie?
posted by davidwattsjr - 3rd of october, 2007
From a recent outing, here are some harvest-time images that I recently had approved. Pumpkins are great, but I've never had any success growing them in a garden. I'm always on the lookout for vivid colors - so I was pleased with... More...
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