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Superfast DT!
posted by cheese365 - 23rd of january, 2014
We all have to wait patiently for our images to be reviewed. I had just finished uploading and submitting my images for admin approval (or rejection) when I noticed the images had been given approximately 17 hours before reviewing.... More...
Some superfast sales
posted by perstock - 10th of january, 2014
After a trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in United Arab Emirates in November I started to upload some of the photos I took there. The first sale, Burj al Arab in Dubai came very fast, just one or two views and then a sale and then it went... More...
Fastest sale I ever had
posted by thorken - 9th of december, 2013
Today I had fastest sale ever. This photo was approved at 2nd of December 2013 and was soled after 1 week. It´s "just" subscription but I´m glad for so quick selling. Thanks to the buyer.
posted by peanutroaster - 27th of september, 2013
My recent food photography. For a long time, food photographs tended to be shot and composed in a manner similar to the way people were used to encountering their food: laid out on a table setting and shot from... More...
Congratulations! 100 uploads!!
posted by xiaowensun - 7th of june, 2013
finally, i upload 100 images on DT. http://www.dreamstime.com/xiaowensun_info thanks to DT editors, they teach me what is a high quality image! i think my number of images on DT will be increased more faster! next stop,... More...
My Formula for FAST Keywording
posted by lifeontheside - 10th of march, 2013
Hi everyone, I thought I would share with you a formula that I have come up with that may help some who are struggling with keywording. When I first started with Dreamstime I found keywording to be quite a chore and seemed to take... More...
My Lucky night!!
posted by mangalika - 26th of november, 2012
I slept at late night yesterday and when I woke up this morning there were 4 sales and $10+ added to my balance! Wow! 4 downloads in few hours...1st time with me!Last week only I requested for my 1st payout. How I wish everyday happens... More...
Editorial images could get more traffic and sell faster
posted by jackbluee - 23rd of november, 2012
Since DT's front page has editorial images and tap, making editorial images more available for viewers. I think that is one reason editorial images could get more views and sell faster in a short time. The other reason is that there... More...
Fastest sale so far!
posted by racheld32 - 1st of august, 2012
I uploaded some images of fire that were approved 2 days ago, and this morning when I checked DT, one of them had sold already! I had a feeling those images would do well, and so it is nice to see that out of 2 views in 2 days, I already... More...
Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lens review
posted by bradcalkins - 14th of april, 2012
I used to be seeking the perfect P&S - one that was good enough in quality to allow me to abandon the idea of carrying my dSLR for all but the most critical situations (naturally the dSLR is the first choice in the home or studio... More...
Happy Day! 100 Uploads!
posted by cmoulton - 6th of april, 2012
Well, after a very long learning process, which of course continues to continue ;) I logged onto Dreamstime today to find a little surprise - Overnight the images I had in the queue were reviewed and finally next to word "Uploads"... More...
Fast color correction using the LAB color space.
posted by defess - 27th of january, 2012
There are many ways to fast color correction in Photoshop without any special plug-ins. One of them, I would like to tell in this article. Why exactly that way - but because it takes little time and usually gives excellent results.Well,... More...
Editorial image approved in less then 2 hours...that is quickly :)
posted by m4rio1979 - 19th of december, 2011
Well this is a pleasant surprise, Dreamstime aprooved my editorial image in less then two hours. Amazing!!! I already had 15 images in queue for aprooval, but still they have aprooved this editorial amazingly quick. I know that... More...
Quick downloaded image
posted by baldas1950 - 8th of november, 2011
I am very surprised by the quickness with which this picture was sold, only three days after being put online. In particular, it has collected only two views and has already a download. Many thanks for the buyer! More...
A new personal record
posted by fotosenmeer - 1st of november, 2011
A new peronal record!!! Within 2 views and only 1 day online, this picture was sold without the search for a keyword! A new personal record Wonder what the reason was for buying? was it his golden tooth? Happy uploading... More...
200 USD..reached and exceeded:)
posted by scaramax - 26th of october, 2011
Hi, today, after painful approaching to milestone, I have finally reached 200 usd and few more for next milestone. It took about 1/3 of time needed for first hundred and my portfolio rew about 1/2 since than. Need to keep the... More...
Absolute record
posted by cristalloid - 15th of october, 2011
I just loaded up some images for review.... and five minutes after uploading them they where processed by a reviewer! Faster than light, I would say! Thanks to the reviewer!
FTP connection
posted by ilposeidone - 27th of august, 2011
hi guys what's going on? today I want to introduce you a simple and faster way to upload your photos! many of you surely know that all microstock agencies allow you to upload your works directly with FTP connections making you save... More...
Lots of Quick Views
posted by verdelho - 27th of june, 2011
I've never had views happen so fast before. On 24 June this image went live: What happened next quite amazed me, a day after over 30 views, then 50 by the next day, and now over 70 views. No sales yet but I'm hopeful. This... More...
Editorial Image Goes Fast
posted by luckydoor - 10th of may, 2011
Editorial images really go fast. I uploaded the following image two days ago and got approved yesterday, and had a download immediately yesterday. I really like the speed, and Thanks DT! and the buyer!
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