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The wild tell direction coup!
posted by hanbaoluan - 1st of november, 2013
Photographer friends we all know, often in very remote field, it is easy to get lost, I here to share five recruit to distinguish between the north and the south direction of small knowledge, hope is helpful for you: Method one: you... More...
Controlling depth of field for lansdcapes
posted by neilmachin - 21st of august, 2012
Modern cameras and lenses have given us many improvements over the models of old, but one thing that seems to have gone backwards is the easy control over depth of field. Way back when with my Nikon FM SLR and 24mm lens I could set... More...
New accpeted images
posted by astormfr - 19th of december, 2011
4 new images have been accepted. It is Christmas before time! Here they are: Please let me know what you think of them. In bonus my "most seen" photo: It is the most seen but not my favorite. More...
Shallow DOF for stock
posted by bradcalkins - 30th of november, 2011
One of my latest images just sold, and it occured to me that I have very few images with shallow depth of field as a key feature. In some closeups it is enevitable, but I rarely use it as a 'focus' of my stock images. There are a... More...
Understanding depth if field
posted by dmccale - 25th of july, 2011
I wanted to share this link I found. depth of field In my opinion, we can never learn enough about photography. Sometimes I think I know something and zap its gone. Therefore, I try to read on different techniques as often as I can.... More...
Sunflower Field in Maryland
posted by luckydoor - 23rd of july, 2011
One of favorite places to photograph sunflower in the Washington DC area is at the McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area located in Western Montgomery County, Maryland. Each summer, the state of Maryland plants acres of sunflowers... More...
Buyer Info in Sales Reports
posted by luckydoor - 2nd of may, 2011
I do not see any info about buyers or customers like their locations, cities, or countries, etc. when I check my sales reports. It does not seem that it violates the privacy law, since I see some e-commerce websites, such as CafePress,... More...
Smoking is harmful to health
posted by lifang1025 - 22nd of april, 2011
This picture is the tobacco field. It is so beautiful! but, don't forget "Smoking is harrnful to health".
Strawberry field collection
posted by uptall - 9th of february, 2011
here created one strawberry field collection and I would like to invite contributors to add pictures to it. also wish this collection can help those designers who are looking for strawberry field pics. and here is the collection's... More...
Depth of Field : Basic Quick Tip
posted by elephantopia - 1st of july, 2010
Remember, if you shoot with a crop sensor camera you have more DOF than a full frame camera if you were to attempt framing the same shot with both types of cameras... Take the same 50mm f/1.4 lens and put it on a Full Frame D700 and... More...
Success and failure
posted by jianbinglee - 14th of may, 2010
After another two days, no one approval. If I am concerned about, there will be a very bad mood. In fact I need is a careful analysis of the reasons, calm face of failure, detached look at a game.
I got to thinking
posted by dan1 - 24th of april, 2010
Since my ankle injury has me out of action for awhile, what to do with my free time? With only a small port (2 pics). How can i keep contributing to DT without any new pics? I've been... More...
The national park of Ramat-Gan, Israel.
posted by modi1980 - 7th of june, 2009
One of my most beloved photography areas is the National park of Israel which is located at the city of Ramat-Gan. The park is the miniature version of Central park New-York. It is a small green place at the middle of the city life.... More...
To see photos round oneself
posted by ks2008q - 21st of november, 2008
If the person takes a great interest in a photo seriously in due course he starts to see interesting shots in a surrounding landscape, it is perfect, apparently, to photographing not having. So, in this picture of eyes has hardly... More...
naure and people
posted by j6789 - 3rd of may, 2008
In this time, the relation of people and nature is a focus. It is well known people like nature the more and the more,such as this image. The field of expansion, the emblement of exuberance,blue sky,white cloud,the woman that she is... More...
The Liao He Bridge
posted by black-white - 7th of april, 2008
The Liao He River has been pouring endlessly into the Bo Hai See for thousands years. The vast country land of alluvial plane feeds innumerable people around the river in generations. The plane is one of the most important marshland... More...
March coming again, It reminds me of the golden sea
posted by 17s - 19th of march, 2008
There were many things to see when I travel Luoping. The major sights I visited is a national base for raising bees and for processing honey oroducts. More...
Field trips
posted by shadow69 - 4th of august, 2007
So what do you take with you when you venture into the great outdoors on a photo shoot? Of course you have the obvious; a camera, maybe a couple of lenses (and I would recommend that one of those lenses be a 50mm, despite all the... More...
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