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Making use of....
posted by helgidinson - 3rd of december, 2013
..these slides and film. I have literally hundreds of slides and film shoot back in the film days. I shoot with F100 Nikon film camera. Some of my favorite slides films are RHP-III aka Fuji Provia 100F, Kodak 100 VS, and... More...
Finding the Humor in Photographic Catastrophes
posted by chipclark - 23rd of may, 2013
Most any photographer that has spent even a modest amount of time shooting has experienced moments of blunders and mistakes that, as far as he/she is concerned, at the time, were horrific catastrophes of monumental proportions. Then... More...
posted by thammarsten - 15th of april, 2013
Added three new Lightboxes today figurines / Toys and Wallpaper / backgrounds. Also see my pictures from the The Scandinavian SCI-FI 2013, Game & Film Convention 2013th. Welcome and take a look!
Sometimes its just a matter of timing...Batman Rises
posted by peanutroaster - 17th of july, 2012
They say timing is everything and that is certainly the case of this shot of the Batmobile I took recently at the Six Flag's New England amusement park. One view one sale! The opening of the latest Batman movie "Batman The Dark... More...
Let this WAR begin!
posted by imaengine - 28th of february, 2012
Hi guys! I just found this short film and I thought every photogrphy passionate person would like to see it. Enjoy: link
My first assignment image
posted by agcuesta - 8th of september, 2011
I am very excited, this is my first image in assignment and my first blog, thanks to all who have posted their experiences and advice here, it really helped me a lot to improve my images and find the motivation to keep learning. More...
First sale in the first month
posted by lucianox - 20th of july, 2011
Hi there, Happy to report I just had my first sale with an old picture I took in Granada, Spain, when learning to use my beloved Nikon D40. It's a great feeling not only for the monetary reward but somehow seeing someone appreciates... More...
Scanned images collection
posted by julia161 - 17th of july, 2011
Hi, Friends. I'm making scanned film images collection. Please, offer your pictures. Your comments about the scanner you used are very precious, too!!! A while ago I wrote a blog about my own scanning experience. If you are by chance... More...
New pictures
posted by antoinettew - 26th of april, 2011
This is one of a lot of pictures I took last year when I was in Normandy in France. Ponte-du-Hoc is the spot were, on D Day the Allies, landed. Also, later on, it became one of the locations for the film The Longest Day. Everything... More...
The photography; a fantastic world.
posted by omine77 - 6th of january, 2011
From when I was only a child, always they have been fascinated from the world of the photography. It blots some photographic, objective and films have always fascinated me. From the first scholastic trips I was already one of the little... More...
Photography in the Digital VS Film Era
posted by photoshow - 7th of september, 2010
Elsewhere online a respected Micro stock Photographer who has been in the RF stock business nearly as long as I have was talking about the great Cartier Bresson and in that discussion he mentions what a great eye the man had and the... More...
hi, friends, are you still using film cameras?
posted by yangchao - 6th of may, 2010
Although digital cameras are popular, and very convenient,But when out shooting photos,especially landscape type photos, I was willing to use a digital camera ,at the same time, an additional 120 film camera Will be brought, Color... More...
Movies www.Knoxville.Fm
posted by knoxvillefm - 6th of april, 2010
We are involved in creating Hd Movies at www.Knoxville.Fm . They are family friendly and wholesome. We also own www.GoodMorning.am We are entering a age that 10 years from now it will be noted that thousands of individuals created... More...
Photo on film and digital
posted by astrug - 6th of april, 2010
Several months ago, I made a photo, that I shot both on film and digital. I am in love with slide films - they are the best quality that we as photographers could achieve - that's my opinion. Unfortunately I don't have film scanner... More...
My film scanning experience
posted by julia161 - 5th of march, 2010
Hope my example willHi, Friends. I'm very happy, because it seems I found the way to use my huge old films archieve. I recently made scans in laboratory. I desided to try two kinds of them and check the difference. Expensive... More...
My scanning experience and some advice
posted by hugoht - 17th of february, 2010
So as you remember from my previous blog, I decided I want to scan all my negatives. Lucky for me I am just an amateur so I found myself with only ~3000 pictures I gathered through the years that I wanted to scan (don’t worry,... More...
Transition from film to the digital world
posted by hugoht - 17th of february, 2010
I am an amateur photographer. Until relatively recently I shot film and was very pleased. For years I used a basic SLR (Nikon F50) and various Nikon lenses. Most of my pictures are from being in the right place at... More...
Kodak Vintage Find!
posted by kenneystudios - 2nd of february, 2010
Feeling the itch to get out of the house, I went downtown to an antique and "stuff" store called Past and Present II. I like to go in here a few times a year because I find very unique props that I can use for my photography. I also... More...
New avatar image
posted by milsiart - 7th of september, 2009
Years of storing my forgotten film negatives from 1970's and 1980's using thin plain cardboard resulted with moisture and yeast penetration... Most of that films are now ruined. I took some of them and tried to make backup... More...
What Film Photography taught me....!
posted by rebeccaosborn - 23rd of march, 2009
hey all, Usually I'm pretty active on here, but have been busy with college, work and life in general! Anyways, I have a film module that is due in next week in college, so i had to dust off my film camera and get shooting... and... More...
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