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Landscapes sesion soon
posted by tomas24 - 27th of august, 2008
I can't already wait for the Saturday trip to the neighbouring county on the session in the terrain. We go the whole group, we making our private Photographer's Day :) We have a huge plan. We start 5.00 from sunrise do 9.00 to sunset.... More...
posted by jaboardm - 8th of august, 2008
Now that you have saved your pennies and cashed out all of your sales to buy that lens you have been saving for, don't skimp on the filter. That is if you use filters. Photography is not a cheap hobby, and now that you've spent... More...
Polarizer tip
posted by bradcalkins - 16th of june, 2008
I was reading a digital photo magazine today and it had a good tip on using a polarizer: bracket. I've used bracketing a lot when I'm unsure on exposure but I've never thought of bracketing the actual polarizer rotation itself. I... More...
Filter guide
posted by summerrain - 6th of june, 2008
I wanted to create a photoshop filters guide for both photographers and manipulators and here it is! I will make this into two parts, the first one for freeware, the second one for shareware. These are all plugins that I am currently... More...
Panoramas, and Why the Polarizer Is Not Your Friend
posted by charlesoutcalt - 17th of march, 2008
What could be more natural than using a circular polarizer on a sunny day with a few clouds? What better way to bring some definition to those clouds, intensify the colors without introducing weird PhotoShop-y elements, and darken... More...
Tip on Fixing Rejected Photo Submissions
posted by retina2020 - 14th of february, 2008
First of all let me say that Dreamstimes strict acceptance criteria definitely shows in the quality of stock on this site. Bravo! Now that is out of the way, let me share a tip with you to help with acceptance of your rejected submissions.... More...
Autumn, polarizing filter and what's coming up
posted by elenathewise - 6th of november, 2007
This has been a busy year. I am getting close to 5000 images online. I am happier with my images in general. There are lots of ideas and unprocessed images still, so ...work work work. Some recent news: Almost finished "mother... More...
Polarizing Filters
posted by destinyvispro - 1st of october, 2007
A polarizing filter is one of those nifty devices that help block haze, reduce light glare and increase contrast in clouds. Its difficult to describe. Some say its like having a set of vertical blinds that you can close part way, blocking... More...
Digitally Simulated GND (Graduated Neutral Density) Filters
posted by espion - 12th of september, 2007
A Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filter is often used in the photography of landscapes. It is also possible to simulate its effect via digital manipulation. One way is something I have called digital GND filters. This was used... More...
Evil face in photoshop
posted by tonygers - 4th of september, 2007
With halloween just around the corner here's a fun photoshop tutorial that will show you how to turn the most beautiful and angelic face into something more dark and evil looking. More...
Using photo filters in photoshop
posted by tonygers - 4th of september, 2007
Here's a very useful photoshop tutorial that will show you how to get great effects using the photo filter effect without the need for adding colour tint filter equipment to your camera collection Try it out, it could be a lot of... More...
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