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Finding the best of the best
posted by brokotok1974 - 20th of march, 2014
Only a smart person who recognizes himself stupid, Because you want to get the best in life and in a work. And there is no human nature alone exceeds that of his mind. Only people who want to learn that will bring a lasting victory... More...
Found One of My Images
posted by suyerry - 18th of march, 2013
I found one of my first images that I sold on a Christian Website. It was very exciting to find. :) I wanted to let others know that I saw more images from DT on there as well. So you may want to check it out, you just might find... More...
How can i find my selled images on internet?
posted by ishootraw - 4th of august, 2012
I searched for my online picture but i didn't find anything. I was tryed with tineye.com , images.google.com with name@dreamstime I selled just 16 images, maybe this is the reason. Tell me your secret...How do you find your images?... More...
I found my images on internet.
posted by tmarchev - 30th of april, 2012
http://www.ihavesynth.com/video/roland-mc-4/axel-roland-mc-909-4 http://www.launchx.com/features.html http://www.realizingyou.org/philosophy.html http://www.payingattention.net/marketing/... More...
Nice find
posted by cristalloid - 18th of march, 2012
Hi folks, I just found a website that uses many DT-pictures.. NICE FIND I just would like to share... Have a good time :-)
Some Quotes
posted by agcuesta - 6th of march, 2012
Photography is not about emulation. It is about finding yourself and speaking your own voice. I liked this phrase and want to share some Quotes I found out there from those who have done their own thing with the creative process.... More...
Editorial photography turned into stock
posted by ralukatudor - 24th of february, 2012
Hello, this is my first blog , so bear with me . I wanted to share my experience with editorial, street photography turned into stock , since I think very few of us tackle this niche . I did some research and since there are so many... More...
Realistic medical images
posted by cristalloid - 1st of december, 2011
Hi folks! I just browsed the DT database for medical and healthcare associated images. I found that there are two kinds of images: first the hyper-perfect kind of studio-made images and second, realistic images made in an real... More...
I think I should move to the beach
posted by wordplanet - 14th of october, 2011
I was reviewing my portfolios on various sites to see which images were working best for me and clearly it's my nautical images. Lighthouses have been an especially good subject for me, and along with boats and other images of the... More...
days of misunderstanding
posted by eternalfour - 26th of july, 2011
what are we seeing ? and why do we photograph what we see and like ? is it the camera or us that see ? are we doing it for the money or for our pure joy and appreciation of what surrounds ? why do we throb our walls within our homes... More...
My photo on a movie cover
posted by silent47 - 1st of july, 2011
I find one of my photo on several websites and in a movie cover. This is my photo and those are the websites: http://www.amazon.com/Ominous-Sean-Patrick-Flaherty/dp/B004BZ5AQO/ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1309465748&sr=1-1 http:... More...
Easy way to find your sold images......
posted by laqhill - 16th of june, 2011
FYI There is a new EASY way to find out where your "Sold" images are. It is a new little program by Google called "Google Images". It is free to download, then you just right click on one of your images that has sold, and google... More...
Finding your images via Google's new photo search
posted by retina2020 - 15th of june, 2011
I'm not sure if people already know this but google has introduced a new drag your photo and search option in images.google.com. Seems to work pretty good. Try it out and see if you can find your images online. Cheers. Below is... More...
Searching in vain
posted by joezachs - 23rd of may, 2011
I intended to buy some pictures for my external blog and wrote about how I intended to buy it in the Dreamstime message board. To make the message more colourful and illustrative in the above thread, I searched DT for a picture of... More...
Keywords, the never ending story
posted by cristalloid - 18th of may, 2011
Some minutes ago I did a research on "vietnam". I only used this single keyword. And now I would like to share some of my findings: nothing about Vietnam go to Thailand if you would like to visit this historical building... More...
You can find your images ANYWHERE
posted by starblue - 1st of april, 2011
I like the TV show "The Big Bank Theory". It is funny, a little crazy show for a good mood :-) As much as I enjoy the show itself, I like also the song of The Big Bank theory theme. Searching for it in YouTube, I have found a video... More...
Finding your images in use
posted by diavata - 6th of march, 2011
After starting with stock 10 months ago, I just found my 9th image in use: Since many people wonder how to find their pictures in use, here are a couple of suggestions! 1. use www.tineye.com Tineye is a reversed images... More...
Finding your model with a cheap way
posted by 1000wordsimages - 11th of january, 2011
>Finding a model can be easy. You can ask your friends or your family. If you explain how the images will be used most of them will sign you a release. But what if you need some new models? You can pay for expensive professional models... More...
Finding your picture
posted by hugoht - 23rd of december, 2010
So here I was, minding my own business on a restaurant bar ordering food. For some reason I starting shuffling a pile of today's newspapers when I came across one of the inner sections of the most popular newspaper. On the cover... More...
Look into the viewfinder, not through the viewfinder
posted by spectrumstudios - 21st of december, 2010
Below is what I believe to be one of the most important tips for a photographer. Once I was taught this, it totally changed how I take photos The statement is “Look into the viewfinder, not through the viewfinder”. When you... More...
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