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Some Quotes
posted by agcuesta - 6th of march, 2012
Photography is not about emulation. It is about finding yourself and speaking your own voice. I liked this phrase and want to share some Quotes I found out there from those who have done their own thing with the creative process.... More...
Realistic medical images
posted by cristalloid - 1st of december, 2011
Hi folks! I just browsed the DT database for medical and healthcare associated images. I found that there are two kinds of images: first the hyper-perfect kind of studio-made images and second, realistic images made in an real... More...
My photo on a movie cover
posted by silent47 - 1st of july, 2011
I find one of my photo on several websites and in a movie cover. This is my photo and those are the websites: http://www.amazon.com/Ominous-Sean-Patrick-Flaherty/dp/B004BZ5AQO/ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1309465748&sr=1-1 http:... More...
Keywords, the never ending story
posted by cristalloid - 18th of may, 2011
Some minutes ago I did a research on "vietnam". I only used this single keyword. And now I would like to share some of my findings: nothing about Vietnam go to Thailand if you would like to visit this historical building... More...
Have a look
posted by cristalloid - 28th of november, 2010
I have found two websites where there one can find images of many DT-contributors: Site ONE and Site TWO More...
List of comments
posted by cristalloid - 22nd of november, 2010
From time to time I get noticed in the management-area that I have new comments.... if I click onto this button the list of comments occurs... but I can't see which comment is new, especially which comment I haven't read already...... More...
Images online
posted by cristalloid - 19th of july, 2010
Hi folks, under the following URL http://www.schweiz-hund.net/ I have found some images of DT-contributors... Thanks to the customer!
I wish I could...
posted by mariaam - 28th of april, 2010
...find my images in use on the internet; on websites, in articles, anywhere- I don´t mind! But I can´t find them! I already tried the keywords "mariaam", "dreamstime mariaam", "rainbow", "cartoons" and many others. Nothing! :(... More...
posted by cristalloid - 23rd of april, 2010
I just found one of my images on the web http://www.edebe.biz/docs/educacion/difusion-catalogo-aleman-2010.pdf Have a look at page 7/20... This day starts good with this news... and it will even be better, because now I am... More...
To find and to be found
posted by cristalloid - 9th of march, 2010
The shown image was just downloaded. It was found using the word "mountain" only. If I use this keyword I get nearly 10000 findings, and I can not find my image because the search is limited to 4000 pictures; I am adviced to refine... More...
Finding used images
posted by cristalloid - 15th of february, 2010
Recently some of my images were downloaded. But, via tineye.com, I can't find any of them in use. For me it is a little bit frustrating to know that my images are used but not being able to find where and what they are used for. Is... More...
Where to find models
posted by azurelaroux - 15th of august, 2009
This is a common question amoung stock photographers. We are all told that images with models are better than images without. Being relatively shy about asking people to pose for us we often start with family and friends. Eventually... More...
Where to find models (focus on Belgium)
posted by miklav - 26th of february, 2009
There are several ways to find models. Relatives and friends might be easy to access, but they are not necessarily good models. Another possibility is to use special web sites where models and photographers find each other. Make-up... More...
Found my first photo in action!
posted by retina2020 - 15th of august, 2008
After many searches on search engines like google over the months and not finding my photos, I pretty much gave up looking for my photos. But today, I thought I would give it another try. And finally I found one of my photos. I am... More...
Finding images in use on the web.
posted by irisangel - 11th of may, 2008
I know I would be interested in knowing how and where my images are being used. I thought many of you might also be interested. I have found that if you run a search for: "Photo courtesy of Dreamstime" (In quotes) you will find quite... More...
Finding Inspiration (Part 2)
posted by petarneychev - 15th of july, 2007
One of the toughest barriers before a photographer could be the fear of exploring new grounds... new themes, new subjects. In this second part of my search for inspiration I'll give more attention to the issue of what I call one's comfort... More...
Finding Inspiration (Part 1)
posted by petarneychev - 2nd of july, 2007
Whether we talk about stock photography, graphical design, or simple everyday family photography it seems that the issue of inspiration never leaves us. Thinking about this issue seems to be more and more at the front of my photography... More...
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