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999 sales
posted by pajche - 27th of july, 2011
999 sale :) Thank`s to all, buyers, designers, photographers .... Hope that next similar post will be 9999 sales update: 1.000 is
My First TIFF sale.
posted by solidsdman - 26th of july, 2011
It's a rewarding experience to know a designer bought one of my images as a TIFF. I assume that it will be used in some type of print publication. It's days like today that excites and motivates me to be a stock photographer and contributor... More...
My First Tiff Format Sale!
posted by pascalinaclaudiu - 23rd of july, 2011
Hi everyone, I sold my first image in TIFF format.I was very surprised.The image sold for 11 credits or $5.74 in U.S. That is really cool. I'm so happy!!!
135 years
posted by vogonify - 21st of july, 2011
When I turned my computer on this morning, the first thing I went to see was what had happened to my image that was under review the day before. Like normal, it'd got rejected. I was about to click on my profile to check the ever-falling... More...
First sale in the first month
posted by lucianox - 20th of july, 2011
Hi there, Happy to report I just had my first sale with an old picture I took in Granada, Spain, when learning to use my beloved Nikon D40. It's a great feeling not only for the monetary reward but somehow seeing someone appreciates... More...
my first blog here, i am so happy
posted by ancello - 19th of july, 2011
hello , i was the first time very quite, because i don't know how to blog here. but yesterday was the best time on dreamstime ever, i sold 7 print-licenses. many thanks for the costumer. I want to show you the pictures...... More...
First sale of new era!
posted by honkamaa - 19th of july, 2011
Got my first sale since deciding to making a better effort here on DT. The photo had only been online for less than 3 days and I dont think its been visible in search result for very many hours. Its also my first exclusive image... More...
Finally 100 $ :)
posted by ferro - 18th of july, 2011
Today I reached my first $100! 70 online and 93 sold images = 104.36$. It was a long, long journey... My most popular images: More...
First sales?
posted by williamardrey - 17th of july, 2011
Somebody actually downloaded two of my images! I can't believe it! I'm so happy I don't know what to do! This will boost my creativity even more.
Just sold my 1st picture
posted by fotosenmeer - 14th of july, 2011
Just sold my 1st picture via stock ever. THX.... anonymous buyer. THX.... Dreamstime. The photo is hardly 24 hours visible on-line. After being with stock just only 1 month. I almost feel like the famous super rich duck... More...
My first sale!!!
posted by mysterion - 14th of july, 2011
It is my first sale! My first sale in my life! Thank you, Dreamstime! Thank you, anonymous buyer!
Officially a photographer! (well sort of...)
posted by amlyd - 4th of july, 2011
Today I had my first photo accepted on here - I dabble in digital art. I never thought it could happen but am so pleased it has. My model was so co-operative; "sit" said I, "neigh" said she. "for a carrot said I"? and down she went.... More...
My first editorial sale!!!
posted by hunor83 - 29th of june, 2011
Hello Everybody! I have already a few editorial images and the first one of these sold was this picture shot on our winter holiday in Austria. I'll be very gratefull for your comments.
Great!That's the first time.
posted by janeedward - 28th of june, 2011
It's really a good day today,right? That's the first time that all of my ten pictures were accepted in once upload. But there is still some problem.My photos before are not so good that my approval ratio is just 26.4% until now.... More...
First sale
posted by missdvm - 23rd of june, 2011
I got my first sale today! I'm sooo excited! :) I just started on DT last week, and 21 images out of 40 got accepted... I definitely wasn't expecting it! This image didn't even get any views! First view today and first sale! I am definitely... More...
First tiff sale
posted by halient - 21st of june, 2011
I just wanted to say thank you to whoever gave me my first .tiff sale, Its kind of ironic that I move 3400 miles away from the beach and a shot I took randomly down the street from the house is my first tiff. Here is the shot... More...
first TIFF sale
posted by jlhope - 20th of june, 2011
Today, i'm so excited about my first TIFF sale coming . Morn than one year and a half with DT ,I've learn a lot from here. Thanks to DT. Thankd to buyers.
My First Image on DT assignment
posted by teguhonly - 17th of june, 2011
This is my first image that has been accepted in Magical Moment. I don't wish a lot to be a winner because many images better than mine. I just feel happy could contribute in this assignment.
One month on dreamstime:)
posted by chrwincan5dm2 - 17th of june, 2011
Hey guys it's been one month now, that I am uploading to dreamstime and this is reason enough for me to share my success with you:) I by now have around 700 views and 2 sales while having 34 images online. My goal is to reach 100... More...
First sale - chemical
posted by pa2011 - 17th of june, 2011
The first picture online after the two weeks, I had my first sale $0.52, very happy today, thank you DT! first on line pic and first sale pic:
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