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Reed Flute Caves - China
posted by nikitu - 8th of april, 2014
This week we stay in China but move to the Guilin region to visit the Reed Flute Caves, Ludi Yan. The cave got its name from the verdant reeds growing outside it, with which people make flutes. Inside this water-eroded cave is a spectacular... More...
Interrupted start with DT
posted by vilaimages - 17th of january, 2011
Hello, just like to share my story so far with DT since I never came across anybody that started here the way I did. I've been interested in stock photography since around the mid '90s but could never get serious into it because... More...
Cutie smile - do you like it?
posted by amybbb - 6th of march, 2010
I took this sweetie last week along the seaside and I love it very much, she looked so happy though it's so hot that day and she's so lazy that she's lying flat on the ground and not wanting to move an inch no matter how her master... More...
The influences of personal vision
posted by wildmac - 9th of january, 2010
Reading through some things on facebook today I came across this article by Brenda Tharp. It got me thinking about what places, people, books,music or other works have influenced me in my work. I thought that maybe you would find it... More...
Taking the Swine Flu Vaccine: YES or NO?!
posted by mani33 - 31st of october, 2009
Hi everyone! I know this is not a photography issue but it concerns people all over the world & from all sectors! Recently it's passing on the news contradicted information about the swine flu vaccine! I still can not take a... More...
Flu Season Ahead
posted by dcwcreations - 22nd of september, 2009
The Flu season comes along almost as predictable as fall, spring, and summer. Although we are paying much closer attention to this year than most. The H1N1 has the potential to be a different kind of beast. Some say it's... More...
A Brush with Swine Flu
posted by thefinalmiracle - 17th of august, 2009
Everyone must have noticed that after 2nd August (mom’s 50th b’day) I had disappeared for about 10 days from chats, forums, blogs, everywhere! That was very unusual on my part since no matter how ill I am, I am on the web. But then... More...
Swine Flu !
posted by frantab01 - 5th of july, 2009
Swine Flu has reached our tiny island of Malta just last week - we have about 9 confirmed cases till now - Authorities have said it was a matter of when and not if the disease will arrive to our tiny island. What are your views about... More...
Flu bug
posted by dcwcreations - 28th of april, 2009
Before I get any further I want to give one little bit of advice. Wash your hands. Because this strain of Flu has never been seen before and because it has gotten the attention of the CDC, it is the news topic of week. What... More...
Flu Season
posted by dcwcreations - 16th of march, 2009
It seems that this year the northern half of the United States is getting a late run of the Flu season. It's bad enough when we as adults get sick because aside from trying to get well again it seems almost impossible to do anything... More...
Oh no! Flu catches me!
posted by mariv - 10th of january, 2009
Finaly when I was on the role flue attacked me. I was innocent. Just minding my own, eating cakes, drinking coffee, chilling, .... And the flu attacked me. How rude! And from one happy man I become sick man. Very sick. High temperature,... More...
Express myself
posted by dani74 - 11th of december, 2008
Many of my photos submitted, are rejected for various reasons, but this time, the image of my old flute was accepted immediately... perhaps I'm starting really understand what is meant for "images that exceed the technical quality... More...
At doctor
posted by justmeyo - 14th of november, 2008
Yesterday it was a terrible day,i had flu with temperature and headache and i thinking to go at doctor.So,in the morning i was at hospital. The doctor was very nice with me :"-Good morning,how can i help you?" "-Oh,... More...
You will get a shot.
posted by dcwcreations - 28th of february, 2008
I by my own admission am not a very trusting soul. And I have a small authority problem, but I'm not on meds for any thing so I think I'm o.k. The problem I'm having is that I don't like the idea of any person or government... More...
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