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Focus on Wolves
posted by ellenboughn - 6th of november, 2007
I spent last Sunday afternoon listening to Jim and Jamie Dutcher speak about the six years they spent living with a pack of wolves in the Idaho wilderness. Those years have been documented in their still photography, films and books.... More...
posted by tammarpre - 21st of january, 2014
The way we all should live our lifes: Life is like a camera focus on what's important capture the good times develop from the negatives and if things don't work out take another shot. Author: Unknown
Creature's eyes
posted by tempestz - 1st of december, 2013
One of the items I learned about shooting images of creatures is to make sure the eyes are sharp. These eyes will draw you in and provide a visually striking image. While the rest of the image can be out of focus, it's important... More...
How To Get Perfect Focus Every Time
posted by gwhughes - 22nd of may, 2013
Click here for the Video for this article: Some of the most interesting scenes are seascapes or landscapes that are tack sharp from right at your feet to the distant horizon. Here's how you can do it every time. First of all you... More...
The hunt for mood in photography
posted by lifeontheside - 1st of february, 2013
Hi everyone, This is my first blog. I have been unable to do one up until now, but I am excited to join the Dreamstime community. I have been a photographer with Dreamstime now since August last year and I am continually inspired by... More...
First $100
posted by tidusx - 25th of january, 2013
I am very excited to say that i have earned my first hundred today with 38 downloads. I will try my very best to earn the second :P , cheers Thank you for the buyer who downloading my work :) This is my first hundred one:P... More...
Two ways to use shallow DOF when posing groups
posted by chanevy - 6th of october, 2012
With eyes at or close to the same distance from camera to achieve equal focus on subjects. This gives each person equal importance to the image. Works well for families. Allow one to be in focus and the others to be out of... More...
3 Things You Must Get Right to Get Your Photos Online
posted by chanevy - 9th of june, 2012
This photo uses the line of cheese wheels to draw the viewer's eye into the image. It may not be easy, but it is simple. The three most important things to nail down if you want to get your photos accepted at this, or any, stock... More...
AF Micro Adjustments- Handy Tool
posted by asakalaskas - 11th of april, 2012
This simple tool will help to assist in the procedure of micro adjustments, and you can download it here here. It should be displayed on an LCD screen a 100% zoom setting, so at native size. It works by exploiting the interference... More...
My first focus stacked image
posted by risto40 - 6th of march, 2012
Sometimes, especially in macro world, we want to take a picture of something so that the background is soft or blurry but the main subject is completely in focus. Then we use wide apertures to get that effect. But with wide aperture,... More...
Shallow DOF for stock
posted by bradcalkins - 30th of november, 2011
One of my latest images just sold, and it occured to me that I have very few images with shallow depth of field as a key feature. In some closeups it is enevitable, but I rarely use it as a 'focus' of my stock images. There are a... More...
Manual focusing - increases purely accepted works!
posted by lobe - 31st of august, 2011
Nine arguments in favor of manual focusing: 1. Macro Doing macro-shooting lens it is usually located very close to subject. And consequently the auto-focus mechanism can precisely find out not always that place which is important... More...
Going Manual
posted by mlhead - 25th of july, 2011
I started shooting pictures in college back in the day when you used a light meter, everything on the camera was manual and post processing consisted of a bit of dodging and burning on the enlarger. Needless to say the move to digital... More...
A Revolutionary Camera
posted by thefinalmiracle - 22nd of june, 2011
Digital Photography is about to transform itself very very soon. This new camera or rather the technology is going to change all that we think about focusing and composition. http://www.pcworld.com/article/230867/camera_startup_lytro_... More...
posted by dmccale - 8th of june, 2011
You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. by Mark Twain
Editorial - my market for the future?
posted by verdelho - 22nd of may, 2011
The more I get into this game the more I become convinced that editorial images are where my future is. Not for the money of course. Commercial is certainly going to provide a much greater RPI that most Editorial portfolios. I have... More...
Finding your Niche
posted by photojay - 5th of january, 2011
Since I started contributing to Dreamstime almost five years ago, I have learned a few things about RF Stock. 1. The internet has made it more convenient for buyers to connect with photographers, but it has also made RF stock more... More...
Making A Focus...
posted by propagandruw - 2nd of december, 2010
It's only been a few hours into the 2nd day of December and already I've made 5 sales this month. Easily my best month by far. The tiny but recent surge in sales can be contributed to the fact that my focus the last while has been... More...
Going exclusive = more work focus
posted by artaniss8 - 24th of november, 2010
I'm registered (or was) to many micro-stock agencies (7 or more) and it gets really difficult to manage all these micro stock criteria opposing to using one agency. So I had to decide to put all my eggs in one basket because... More...
Experimenting with out of focus subjects
posted by annaskahill - 27th of october, 2010
I tried this photo the other day when i brought a container of fresh blackberries from a farm stand. They were the sweetest, juiciest, most mouthwatering little pockets of goodness that i had ever tasted. They were so beautiful that... More...
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