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Magazine Photographer - good exposure
posted by imdan - 2nd of october, 2010
Hi Gang! I'm freelance, but I also shoot events for a print/online lifestyles magazine in Arizona, USA. Shooting for the magazine allows me to meet new prospects, meet a celebrity or two, see new sites and it gains me admission... More...
Free stuff
posted by robertosch - 1st of october, 2010
I've been here from more than one year, today I added some free stuff to Dreamstime, I hope that someone will like them. I will add some more files soon. Enjoy downloading. Here they are: Thank you, Dreamstime. More...
first time my free image approved!
posted by huating - 15th of september, 2010
I think donating images is very important, it´s a good promotion for the other images in the portfolio. it is the first time here my free image approved! these two pic taken on a market when i back hometown on Oct. 2009 holiday!... More...
Scooters and Mopeds, We love them!
posted by chrisrawlins - 13th of september, 2010
Hi everyone Just to let you know that there's a new scooter collection of very affordable pictures at Dreamstime. In this collection we have lots of colorful images of scooters Most of them are parked... More...
Free Images Q&A
posted by mani33 - 11th of august, 2010
Many questions & opinions are going around the fact that there is a Free Section on DT & the fact that photographers are not paid any minimum cents by giving for free...! I wanted to answer the question made in a recent blog & I... More...
Is the free section killing the market?
posted by bobsphotography - 10th of august, 2010
For over a year I am a contributor to DT and after that year, I did put some pictures in the free section that were not even looked at. To my surprise these images are now the best downloaded ones of my portfolio. There are more... More...
How it`s possible?
posted by krneticv - 6th of august, 2010
I have wondering how it`s possible that anyone can download photos from dreamstime, shu.tterstock, and other stock sites, free from sites like heroturko.com and other similar sites????
Freedom from traffic jam
posted by billysiew - 3rd of august, 2010
We all realised that traffic jam is getting more serious in our city. It really affects our life..Have you ever counting how long we stucked in the traffic jam per day? 1 hour, 2 hours,... We want to be free from traffic jam, isn't... More...
free section
posted by renamed - 10th of july, 2010
I'm wondering - why has some of the images ended up in the free section - i've seen alot of very nice strawberry pictures that has been downloaded quite alot - Dreamstimes loses money per free download - but do they gain interest instead,... More...
Royalty Free Clipart v. Hiring a Freelance Artist
posted by moneca1 - 21st of may, 2010
Royalty Free Clipart is great on: - most personal and promotional uses; - website and blog headers, magazine articles; - promotional greeting and postcards; - flyers, brochures; - banner ads. Is best to hire a freelance... More...
Free images to promote portfolio
posted by charlydamart - 4th of may, 2010
Last months I've tried to promote my portfolio uploading all my images sellecting the point "If this submission doesn't qualify for the commercial stock section, I agree to make it available within the free section (RF-LL license)"... More...
Are they honest
posted by bobsphotography - 22nd of april, 2010
I was just thinking how DT is controling the usage of a picture. If for instance a picture is bought by subscription as royalty free, but the buyer makes 50.000 creeting cards with it, who is checking that? If he sells these cards... More...
See it, Shoot it, Move On
posted by krey - 17th of april, 2010
The other day I decided to try an exercise, (not a physical one, though I desperately need that too) but rather an exercise in photography. I am one of those creative people who cannot just do. I must hem and haw and ponder and over-... More...
My free images! Welcome to download! :)
posted by youths - 7th of april, 2010
^@^ Dear friends: Welcome to download my free images! :) These free images are about the spring, I like spring, spring is the season of their vitality, the Chinese saying goes: the spring, spring is the good start the... More...
NEW free image approved!
posted by mariaam - 20th of march, 2010
I think donating images is very important, because it´s always great to get something for free. And, of course, it´s a good promotion for the other images in the portfolio. The new approved image is a set of various three-dimensional... More...
Making a living..
posted by bluwarrior - 25th of february, 2010
Microstock for the most part of people is a hobby. Or even a way to show some of their photographic work on the net, and additionally having some income from it. Can imagine that to have a permanent flow of earnings ,”you” need... More...
Setting My first Goal ...
posted by jdazuelos - 16th of february, 2010
Hi Folks, I joined DT about 4 months ago. I got the DP virus about 10 years ago but went to DSLR very recently ... and I'm addicted now. Thanks to hard work and learning basic skills I managed to become an exclusive photographer.... More...
Im in my Forties Now
posted by chrisrawlins - 27th of january, 2010
I turned 40 on the 26th January. After years of denying being my age, some people might say lying, I've finally realised that it wasn't a helpful attitude. Life is limited, so get out there and make the most of it. So now I'm... More...
One Photo has been downloaded 50 times in 48 hours
posted by laozhang - 20th of january, 2010
Within two days, this photo has been downloaded 50 times. Although it is only free image, but I am still very happy because there are a lot of friends like it. I hope that my pictures can be sold such same performance, Ha ha ha ..... More...
Treasure Hunt
posted by littlelion - 15th of january, 2010
The Treasure Hunt is on now!! Well, I must be humble and admit that different people treasure different things, but since you are here I guess it is not much of a stretch to assume you are interested in vector artwork. (read more...... More...
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