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  • NEW free image approved!

    by Mariaam | 20th of March, 2010

    I think donating images is very important, because it´s always great to get something for free. And, of course, it´s a good promotion for the other images in the portfolio. The new approved image is a set of various three-dimensional icons isolated over white:... More
  • Making a living..

    by Bluwarrior | 25th of February, 2010

    Microstock for the most part of people is a hobby. Or even a way to show some of their photographic work on the net, and additionally having some income from it. Can imagine that to have a permanent flow of earnings ,”you” need to set up a very efficient model , of producing... More
  • Setting My first Goal ...

    by Jdazuelos | 16th of February, 2010

    Hi Folks, I joined DT about 4 months ago. I got the DP virus about 10 years ago but went to DSLR very recently ... and I'm addicted now. Thanks to hard work and learning basic skills I managed to become an exclusive photographer. My next goal is to get 100 pictures... More
  • Im in my Forties Now

    by Chrisrawlins | 27th of January, 2010

    I turned 40 on the 26th January. After years of denying being my age, some people might say lying, I've finally realised that it wasn't a helpful attitude. Life is limited, so get out there and make the most of it. So now I'm going to embrace being forty and use it... More
  • One Photo has been downloaded 50 times in 48 hours

    by Laozhang | 20th of January, 2010

    Within two days, this photo has been downloaded 50 times. Although it is only free image, but I am still very happy because there are a lot of friends like it. I hope that my pictures can be sold such same performance, Ha ha ha ...... See Article
  • Treasure Hunt

    by Littlelion | 15th of January, 2010

    The Treasure Hunt is on now!! Well, I must be humble and admit that different people treasure different things, but since you are here I guess it is not much of a stretch to assume you are interested in vector artwork. (read more...) More
  • I have a dream

    by Liubaohua | 20th of December, 2009

    Long times ago, I became a part-time photographer.I dreamed of becoming a Freelance photographer and a Columnist. then, I can use my camera and pen to tell the world, What happened next to me. See Article
  • Promotion

    by Maigi | 17th of December, 2009

    Just a simple question: do you, guys, have some ideas, how or where to promote yourself to get the job as a freelance photo manipulator, web designer, photographer and/or digital designer? Did I say "simple" question? Well, not for me. But I thought there are lots of freelancers... More
  • Free images...

    by Dreamzdesigner | 21st of October, 2009

    Some free images from my portfolio..including christmas , halloween, valentines day designs.. :) See Article
  • With a Little Help from My friends

    by Amitai | 19th of October, 2009

    In my previous post I spoke about egaging family members in the stock photography business. Now I want to talk about other forms of help that is available to use, with little effort. Friends, are a valuable asset to use. The picture on top and this one- are shots of... More
  • Free Images -- Success And A Question

    by Karenkh | 18th of October, 2009

    About six days ago I donated three older photos to DT's free images. The three photos have been on-line for a year with no sales. They were some of my first photos and not my best stuff. Now they have become my most popular photos with 20 downloads each for the volleyball... More
  • More advantage of donating free images

    by Julia161 | 14th of October, 2009

    Hi, Friends. I already wrote about my experiments with free images in this article and since then I moved a bit further ;) - donated few more pictures and noticed that most of my new sales became n/a, many of which were the pictures showed when viewing the free ones. So,... More
  • World photography awards

    by Jordanrusev | 24th of September, 2009

    The competition is free to enter and both Professional and Amateur categories open for entries on the 1st June 2009. Browse the galleries and enjoy the wonderful photography on show, taken by photographers from around the world. Official page http://www.worldphotographyawards.... More
  • Free images - donate or not?

    by Julia161 | 6th of September, 2009

    After some of my portfolio images became one year old I decided to try this option. Some people wrote on message board this can be useful for sales, others objected, but you never know untill you see it with your own eyes. So, my first donation was this image , which... More
  • Free 10-Week Digital Photography Course!

    by Indianeye | 2nd of September, 2009

    I came across Free Online Classes that I thought some of you might be interested in! Please tell them the KC Camera Club sent you! During the 10-week structure of the course, students will learn digital photography while working at their own individual skill level. Using... More
  • "free images" doesn't help much

    by Suntrekker | 26th of August, 2009

    First of foremost,this is not a thread that complaining the DT's policy.This "free images" might help a lot of photographers,but it doesn't seem helpful to me. After giving out free images,downloads increased but sales doesn't. I had a few images uploaded simultaneously... More
  • Bring photos for free ... Yes or no?

    by Claudiofichera | 19th of August, 2009

    A week ago I put a photo for free. Many questions about donating, position among the other, etc. The data is this: 1)My photos are not bad. It had no discharge, On the second day had 33 downloads! Today 52 dls! 2)No one has left a comment 3)The next day I sold 4 other... More
  • Photo for free?

    by Saniphoto | 11th of August, 2009

    In my blog I recently posted about the photo for free strategy. Here in Dreamstime, as in other agencies, is quite popular the marketing technique to give a photo (or more photos) for free in exchange for portfolio visibility and possibly future sales. My point was to... More
  • Summer

    by Kasienka | 7th of August, 2009

    Summer is all around! It is fantastic warm and sunny! Most of you have a summer break traveling here and there. Europe, United States, Nordic countries there is so many great places to see. Great for you! I have to stay at work and keep thinking about physics. Physics... More
  • Free Webhosting Yes its totally free.

    by Creativei | 17th of July, 2009

    Finally my promise to offer free website to dreamstime users is here. It took quite a long time to deliver my promise, but finally I managed to deliver it. Well I have noticed many dreamstime contributors doesn't have their own site. Having your personal site brings in... More

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