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How to Photograph a Beer Glass
posted by gwhughes - 2nd of april, 2013
Here's a short video on how to photograph shiny glass objects, like this golfer beer glass, without getting the glare on the front. Click here to view the video: How to Photograph a Beer Glass • Use a piece of white... More...
Sigma 50mm DG macgro
posted by thammarsten - 8th of march, 2013
Very happy with my lens sigma dg macro. My picture of raspberries and blueberries in the glass, I was pleased with do you agree?
Reinventing a wheel
posted by zenonk - 24th of november, 2011
Well there are lot of glass images on DT, and big hunk of them are 'glass with whisky' images. You would say that it's very well covered topic, but every topic can be rediscovered. Here's my picture, after 1 day it already has 38... More...
Flashlight did the job
posted by risto40 - 29th of october, 2011
It's just amazing what a single small pocket flashlight can do with images, instead of using onboard flash. One evening I was taking pictures in a dark room. My "model" was a small alcohol glass. When I shoot on tripod, I always use... More...
How to make interesting fruit backgrounds
posted by matijakeber - 21st of april, 2011
I tried a new thing this afternoon and I thought i should share it. So the idea was to make close up of juicy, translucent fruit. So here's what I did: 1. I chopped a lemon, 2. put the pieces on a piece of glass, that was near the... More...
Alas! My first Level 2
posted by cmoulton - 5th of april, 2011
While it may not seem like much to the pros here, with thousands of images online and even more downloads than that, or to the contributors who seem to learn much faster than me, tonight I celebrate! And I also give great thanks to... More...
My first TIFF sale
posted by archangel72 - 28th of december, 2010
Hellou to everyone. I just wanted to share my happiness with you. My first TIFF purchase on Dreamstime. I know it's not a such a big deal, but, it pulled a little smile on my face today. Here is the lucky one... Archangel72 More...
Sunglasses fashion
posted by dark3y3s - 5th of december, 2010
Hello! Just wanted to share with you some of my latest work :) Hope you like it and let me know what you think :)
50 images online! Celebrate!
posted by kethan - 26th of november, 2010
Today i reached 50 online uploads. That 's a milestone for me! It means i am can be a photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime .I am so happy,and i will keep learning, working hard to make more photos accepted. And I want... More...
How to picture glass
posted by raindrop - 21st of july, 2010
Picturing glass was one of my first works in studio, actually it's not so hard if you have glass only on tabletop but if you have something from steel or some other material it can be difficult. There are two types of picturing glass.... More...
The magic marble
posted by joezachs - 6th of may, 2010
Born and bred in the city, as a child I was always fascinated by these Soda bottles when ever we went to the countryside down south. When I saw these bottles, my first reaction was “how did they put the marble inside?” So whenever... More...
How to create a good glass engraving pattern
posted by lesnivila - 24th of march, 2010
Hello, I am always searching for good glass engraving patterns. But what is necessary, to make a good glass engraving pattern? It does not really help the engraver if he or she has a photography of an engraved glass object. Great... More...
Looking good; seeing better
posted by antoinettew - 10th of february, 2010
Do you suffer from bad eyes when reading? I do! That is why I keep some reading glasses in every corner of my house. The other day I searched for them and I saw that putting (some of) them in a row it would make some nice pictures.... More...
Turkish tea
posted by davulcu - 28th of january, 2010
If you ever visited Turkey, I bet you have witnessed this scene somewhere. Tea in a traditional glass is almost available everywhere and it is offered for free usually as a hospitality. Thanks to my gorgeous model, this image... More...
posted by sylvaindeutsch - 4th of december, 2009
let's have an aperitif, i made a scene with some nice glass! enjoy it:)
Not only warmly hands
posted by joe1971 - 11th of october, 2009
It's not just about warmly hands or a younger beautiful girl or nice sunshine.It's the whole spring! It's the wonderful life of my friends and I. Not everyone understand Chinese Thinking.But we should know the Chinese Tea. Perfect... More...
Wine Photography
posted by flowerpistol - 14th of july, 2009
Having worked in the wine industry for a number of years, I am constantly searching for good wine stock photography. We are fortunate to hire professional photographers for many projects, but when the budget does not allow this, I turn... More...
Reuse of glass containers!!!
posted by alexdoc - 21st of january, 2009
Reuse of glass containers is preferable to recycling according to the waste hierarchy. Refillable bottles are used extensively in many European countries. Glass is an ideal material for recycling and where it is used for new glass... More...
one of most popular immage of mine
posted by morgancapasso - 1st of december, 2008
This one is the immage of mine as sold most so fare and is ready to pase at level two im am very proud morgan wine glass and wine More...
Making a glass ball in photoshop
posted by tonygers - 16th of august, 2007
Add a new dimension to one of your existing images by creating a glass ball over your image with realistic reflections and distortions. This challenging, demanding yet simple tutorial will give you results you will be proud of.... More...
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