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  • 1000 Images!!!

    by Preckas | 27th of October, 2008

    Seems like a magic number to reach 1000 images. It took just over a year to get there. Next goal 2000! Thanks to all who have viewed and purchased some of my images and especially to those who showed me where they were used. It is quite gratifying to see your work... More
  • 300th Image uploaded....

    by Jaboardm | 13th of October, 2008

    Just another among many milestones... My 300th image was approved on October 10, 2008. This was recently prolonged a bit as I disabled a few images, but worth the wait... (By the way - Yes, the player in white was carried off the field.) I have had to swallow my pride... More
  • 100 Sales, finally!!

    by Psalm113v9 | 7th of October, 2008

    I have now had 100 ales here on Dreamstime. I have been waiting all month for this! Here is the photo Thanks dreamstime! And thank you to the person who purchased the photo. See Article
  • 100th Download...

    by Jaboardm | 2nd of October, 2008

    Finally hit my 100th download, and just shy of 7 months. Not sure if that's good, bad or about average. Patience... Lots of subscriptions, but all the numbers add up. RPD $0.80 and add the $0.20 per upload averages out to about $1.40 I also feel I am beginning... More
  • Very interesting question! What's your goals in 2008?

    by Sleiselei | 27th of September, 2008

    The goals include the following contents, please answer the following format. 1 current uploads files 2 Upload the number of goals in 2008 3 Current sales 4 sales goals in 2008 5 Current revenue 6 revenue goals in 2008 Here are my answers: 1 4358 2 5000 3... More
  • Around the World on Microstock!

    by Holgs | 25th of September, 2008

    After a few months back in Australia, I’ve set off to face the world again on another global adventure. The difference this time is that I’ll be aiming to fund the trip entirely from micro-stock earnings. The first part of the journey will go through Asia where... More
  • Wishes Coming True

    by Noonie | 23rd of September, 2008

    They do, they really do!! Got #800 while I was dreaming of #1000 last night. I also had another P-EL yesterday, and this last month got my first ever photo accepted for an assignment. I was thrilled to have it accepted and thrilled that it finished in the middle of the... More
  • Wishing

    by Noonie | 22nd of September, 2008

    I wish I may, I wish I might, have 800 tonight. Let's see which one gets me there. With one goal, and many tribulations, I should make it. I've had a very busy day and am on edge. I ate ice cream for supper. I'm excited. I think I will see how close to 1000 I can get... More
  • 500+ online, 50%+, Editor's Choice!

    by Walleyelj | 18th of September, 2008

    Hey All, Big day today! I started the week at 405 photos after two plus years. As of today, I now have 509! In addition, I'm finally over a 50% acceptance ration for the first time. The best part, though, was having this photo selected as an Editor's Choice selection -... More
  • Another photo for the trophy room

    by Dcwcreations | 28th of August, 2008

    As I learn while adding to my portfolio I also have goals I set for myself just like many other folks in the Dreamstime community. Not only is this a very important part of the learning curve that makes us better in what we do, it's fun. And anytime you add fun to the... More
  • 200th Image online....

    by Jaboardm | 27th of August, 2008

    Had my 200th image accepted last night. It was this feeding Northern Shoveler. I was able to accomplish this a little ahead of schedule, and am begining to think I can reach 300 by the end of September. Do have football and soccer starting up next week. Trying to... More
  • Achieved goal I set on Lacrosse images...

    by Jaboardm | 26th of August, 2008

    I Made it!!! and then some... At the beginning of this month I set a personal goal to have 50% of the lacrosse images on this site. Not a large goal for a big company, but as a small contributer it was a little more challenging. I did manage to get a few model... More
  • Another goal down

    by Moonb007 | 13th of August, 2008

    As stated in my last blog, I have been more aggressive with shooting and uploading this summer then I have been in the past. All this has been to push my hobby even further and get a better understanding of the stock industry. As my professors in architectural always told... More
  • 50% of the Lacrosse photo's....

    by Jaboardm | 11th of August, 2008

    I have made it, and still have a few more images under review and several more to submit. Do a search for lacrosse and 50.8% of the actual lacrosse shots are mine. Ok, here's the current breakdown... Lacrosse search results 85 - Nothing... More
  • Finally something other than lacrosse...

    by Jaboardm | 7th of August, 2008

    I was beginning to feel that I would only have my lacrosse photo's downloaded and be known for nothing else. Not that having lots of lacrosse photo's is a bad thing, I would also like to have other talents. Even though I am working on having the largest percentage... More
  • 100th Image approved...

    by Jaboardm | 7th of August, 2008

    I was trying to reach this goal by the end of July, but will have to settle for reaching it on August 1st. Only 1 day off. 100th Image was of an Osprey diving for a fish. Now I have set a goal to upload another 100 in August to reach 200 uploads. Off to a good... More
  • Set your next Dreamstime Milestone

    by Agathabrown | 1st of August, 2008

    We all know goals motivate us, and it feels fab to finally reach one. So what is your next Dreamstime Milestone ? For so long mine has been to get a "people shot" accepted. And of course, like with everything else, i spent way too long perfecting it, before i even submitted... More
  • Setting Goals

    by Lifesazoo | 30th of July, 2008

    I became a member of Dreamstime on May 12, 2008 and did not know what to expect since I had already been turned down by other stock sites for only taking pictures of animals. After my first set of pictures started going through the review process on May 21st I realized that... More
  • 100 In One Month

    by Noonie | 28th of July, 2008

    It just happened--I was trying to get to 100 uploads this month and I made it! I have been going crazy with the summer pictures and I had a chance at 100 so I went for it. It feels good to do something like that and know that I'm progressing. I have invested in a new lens,... More
  • 500th download

    by Ejla | 31st of May, 2008

    I have finally reached my 500th download! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Stil more uploads than downloads.But, I'm improving my acceptance ratio and I'm close to my first goal of 1:1 (dl :upl). or some of those sweeties More

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