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Milestone 100 sales!
posted by vcarmstrong - 19th of april, 2012
Many people in the Dreamstime community repeat the wisdom "Keep uploading, the sale will come!". It really is true, slowly but steadily I see my sales increasing and as I continue to learn and try to produce more concept photos... More...
7 months, 300 images on line
posted by vcarmstrong - 4th of april, 2012
After 7 months of Dreamstime, I met a milestone of 300 images with this photo. It is encouraging to meet another milestone. If you just keep plugging away, you will reach goals and milestones. The trick is, don't give up and keep... More...
Finding Inspiration
posted by mvogel - 20th of february, 2012
Recently I have been looking for inspiration. Everywhere I go I see things that inspire me to create an illustration. Currently my list of projects is much longer that the time that I have available but I like always having something... More...
300 images
posted by monysasi - 16th of february, 2012
Hello! I'm very pleased wit DT. Of course I'm not an expert photographer but I really wat to learn and improve. Now my next goal is to have 500 images online before the summer if it is possible. Best wishes More...
2 years and 400 online
posted by mvogel - 8th of february, 2012
After 2 years with DT I finally have 400 images online. I hope to reach 700 online by the end of this year.
2 Milestones at the same time! 200 uploads, $100.00
posted by vcarmstrong - 22nd of january, 2012
Five months into Microstock at Dreamstime, I hit two milestones on the same night with this photo. Next milestone .... a level 2 image. One thing I like about Dreamstime and microstock is that I don't know where I will end up, but... More...
Milestone - $100
posted by honkamaa - 14th of january, 2012
Wohoo! Reached the huge milestone that I guess is the main goal for all beginners here at Dreamstime, $100 of sales! I've been a member for I think about two years but during first 1,5 years I only had 10 photos online and made about... More...
Goals for 2012
posted by mvogel - 30th of december, 2011
It is always a good idea to set goals for yourself and write them down so you can look back at the end of the year and judge how well you did. So here are my goals for 2012: 1. Lose 20 pounds 2. Double the size of my portfolio.... More...
posted by angelaostafichuk - 29th of december, 2011
Thank you to all the buyers who bought and used my photography in their work this year. My goal was to be up to 350 photos sold by the end of the year, but I ended up getting to 627. Almost 300 more then expected. I hope everyone... More...
total 400 pictures accepted in 2011 !!
posted by egonzitter - 22nd of december, 2011
I reached my goal to have a total of 400 pictures accepted at Dreamstime in 2011 !! Merry christmas to you all and a happy new year !! My next goal is to change from Sony to Nikon in 2012 !! and much more pictures accepted and... More...
My first 50 - SOLD
posted by streager - 19th of december, 2011
So, as already the title says, I reached 50 units sold, which was my first goal. Approaching the magic limit of 100 dollars, which is my second goal. I will not request money, because my next goal is, to earn 200, 300 and so on, up... More...
200 sales!
posted by wordplanet - 8th of december, 2011
I was reviewing my stats for November and realized my first sale last month was my 200th sale on Dreamstime. A few nautical images among last month's sales (lately my best-selling category) including these: but seasonal photos... More...
Breaking the first $100 and first P-EL
posted by kharyadi - 2nd of december, 2011
Today is my lucky day, I finally reach $100 after about 8 months in DT. Another interesting fact was the limit breaker was downloaded for a P-EL license. It was just a few more cents to go to reach $100, and then BOOOMMMM!!! One... More...
posted by honkamaa - 1st of december, 2011
Sell number 50! My first sell of December also became sell number 50, hoping on great numbers in December now, have improving sales the last 5 months: June = 0 sells July = 1 sells August = 4 sells September = 8 sells October... More...
New milestone - $400 in sales
posted by mvogel - 22nd of november, 2011
I reached a new milestone today. $400 in sales. This is the image that put me over the top. The only bad part is that I am $0.18 away from a payout, anyone have a spare credit laying around? I really hate it when that happens.... More...
posted by honkamaa - 20th of november, 2011
Last time I wrote on the blog was when I reached the milestone 100 uploads. Then I had 23 sells and 0 level 2 images. It was almost two months ago. I have not been uploading alot lately but I have reached another milestone which... More...
300 uploads
posted by libux77 - 17th of november, 2011
Finally 300 uploads and nevertheless sales are really poor. I dont' know if the reason is due to the low quality of my portfolio or to the lacks of a lot of subjects. Eight days have passed without any sales. Let's hope... More...
Another blog
posted by matijakeber - 17th of november, 2011
Hi! I know you might be tired of reading blogs of personal achievements but I'm bored and I thought I would write it. So I reached 50 downloads recently, I have 94 uploads and few in pending. I'm pretty satisfied with my uploads/... More...
Another DT Milestone!
posted by leesniderphotoimages - 14th of november, 2011
Effective 15 November I now have 3,000 online images at DREAMSTIME - suffice it to say, this is a very fulfilling and satisfying moment for me. It's taken 2 1/2 years to achieve this goal and at last it's a fact; now on to the 4,... More...
Drinks Are On Me!!
posted by timhesterphotography - 14th of november, 2011
Well no, not really. But now that you're reading... :) So after finally getting my act together about 18 months ago (after talking about it for the previous few years!) I entered the world of Microstock, including Dreamstime as... More...
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