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posted by ksierg11 - 12th of november, 2011
I've been uploading more images but the wait is killing me! I'm waiting on about 40 images and I'm hoping that at least 5 get accepted. I no 5 out of 40 doesn't seem like a lot but I want to set a reasonable goal. Anything extra will... More...
Why Going Exclusive with Dreamstime Makes Sense For Me.
posted by vcarmstrong - 1st of november, 2011
I am pretty excited. I was accepted as an exlusive contributor! So photography is more of a part time hobby and I have a full time job. I started out with a competitve agency and soon started using Dreamstime. I found I did not have... More...
From a cotton reel to Muffins
posted by llareggub - 31st of october, 2011
In 117 Sales :D It has been a jolly good weekend for kme here at dreamstime, I had been hovering close to my first payout since last week and what do you know the sales dried up, but this weekend I sold three and broke through that... More...
My first $100!
posted by gbfoto - 24th of october, 2011
I am celebrating today as I have just reached my first $100 in sales on Dreamstime. It has been a 5 month journey and a learning curve to say the least but I know that the next $100 will come in less time. I wish to say a big... More...
300 files on-line
posted by mvogel - 24th of october, 2011
I finally reached my goal of 300 files on-line thanks to a local classic car show that produced a few good editorial pictures for my portfolio. Here is photo number 300. Originally my goal for this year was 300 but since I met that... More...
Goal Accomplished
posted by lowthian - 24th of october, 2011
I have accomplished my latest goal on DT and have reached 500 sales. It's taken a while because of my small portfolio, but I'm happy that I have finally reached it. I'm setting my next one at 1000 sales. Here is the image that got me... More...
400 Images Uploaded
posted by indy2320 - 15th of october, 2011
After almost 4 years on Dreamstime i finally reached the 400 image plateau.It's been 6 months since i last submitted any images for acceptance so i decided to go on another trip to Washington and capture some of the images i usually... More...
Getting More Involved
posted by kml1993 - 28th of september, 2011
I became part of the Dreamstime family 3 years ago, but was like the family member that you only saw at the reunion every couple years. I only got on, maybe, a couple times a year and uploaded even less, but today I decided to start... More...
Just got my third payout
posted by mvogel - 22nd of september, 2011
After 1 year and 7 months on DT I just got my thrid payout and already working on number 4. I am also looking to get 300 images online by next month, sitting at 277 right now.
300 accepted pictures
posted by egonzitter - 21st of september, 2011
300 accepted pictures from today. one hundred more in two and a half month is not so bad for an amateur like me !! ;-)
The future of microstock is bright
posted by mvogel - 8th of september, 2011
I have read a lot of blog posts in the last year and a half since I started doing microstock about how the industry has seen it's better days and it is all down hill from here. From my perspective it is doing just fine. Sure I... More...
posted by elemery - 8th of september, 2011
I finally reached over 100 uploads. After deciding to try hard for a month and spend some time in the studio, ive been slowly increasing my acceptance ratio. With this new momentum, I hope to have at least 200 more photos up by the... More...
Planning September...
posted by llareggub - 2nd of september, 2011
Despite August being another best month ever for me in terms of number of sales and revenue it was a poor month for inspiration and uploads! September is a month for me that signifies the end of the hard work on our little small... More...
100 images on DT - finally! And watch for Iceland...Sweden...Estonia..
posted by wordplanet - 31st of august, 2011
In January I had my 100th sale on DT, got a payout, and had 99 photos on DT. Planned , to easily make it an even 100. Well... I'm getting another payout and had close to 100 more sales here, but I've been so busy I didn't upload... More...
Weekly update
posted by honkamaa - 22nd of august, 2011
5 uploads (65 total now) 0 sale (15 total now) It was a slow week with only 5 new uploads online and no sales. However, for the first time ever I uploaded illustrations and also got some of them approved! In fact, all my 5 uploads... More...
First illustration!
posted by atenuant - 14th of august, 2011
Today was accepted my first illustration! Yey! I am one step closer to reaching my goal : 100 images online :) So, here's the illustration :
Goal reached!
posted by honkamaa - 8th of august, 2011
First of many goals reached! 50 images uploaded any I just applied for exclusivity. Next goals to reach are: - 100 uploads - 25 sales - 1 level 2 image - >50% approval ratio Below is image number 50, a simple but little bit... More...
Last week - closing in on goal 1!
posted by honkamaa - 8th of august, 2011
Last week stats: 10 uploads (48 total now) 2 sale (13 total now) Have 11 photos waiting for approval at the moment. Now its really close to goal number 1 which is 50 files online, probably will happen today or tomorrow! Very... More...
2000 Sales _ Ok, so can I upgrade?
posted by ratmandude - 3rd of august, 2011
It is with great pleasure that I have today marked off another of the BIG milestones that I have been hanging for, for some time now … 2000 sales! Rather fitting that is an image from within the series of images that were... More...
Last week
posted by honkamaa - 1st of august, 2011
Last week was a slow week as I didnt have time for much photography, still managed to get some photos online and close in on my 50 uploads goal. Last week stats: 5 uploads (38 total now) 0 sale (11 total now) Have 7 photos... More...
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