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8000 sales!
posted by bradcalkins - 29th of november, 2010
Well, I was going to wait until 10,000 to do a blog, but it takes a while to get 10,000 sales :) Here is my sale #8,000 from today: It has been an interesting 2 and a half years here on Dreamstime. It is obviously my favorite... More...
Hurrey !!! Target Achieved.
posted by ziprashantzi - 28th of november, 2010
Hello My DT Family, Its a great pleasure for me to share my happiness with you that today I have achieved my target for this month November (1) +800 images online (I promised to all of you along with myself in my last blog... More...
+700 images Online
posted by ziprashantzi - 5th of november, 2010
Hello DT Family, Its a great pleasure for me to share my happiness with you that today I have completed successfully my target of +700 images. My first and last images of this upload batch are shown below . Now as I am becoming more... More...
My first TIFF sale and 3rd level 2
posted by mvogel - 4th of november, 2010
I got my first TIFF sale today. I wish I could get 10-20 of those a day! This sale was also my 3rd level 2 image. Slow and steady.
13th October
posted by almotional - 13th of october, 2010
Even if number 13th is not so good as we want to see, but for me is a lucky day. Today I've reached my first 100$ on DT. After 1 year and 2 weeks :) Thanks to all buyers and also to Dreamstime community. It was first goal but not... More...
Second level!
posted by kodols - 30th of september, 2010
Yes, finally i made it! I have my first second level image! September has been my best month, because of many accepted images, getting exclusive, highest earnings and mountain of motivation. Thans DT for chance to improve myself.... More...
My first level 3
posted by mvogel - 27th of september, 2010
I finally got a level 3 image today. I can not wait for level 4 status.
Difference between expectation and reality
posted by gussmann - 21st of september, 2010
Now I have reached my personal first goal in DT. More than 50 photos were accepted. Of the more than 120 photos reject, we want not to talk to them now. But the rate of accepted photos increases. This is most definitely the right... More...
Another goal
posted by cristalloid - 19th of september, 2010
In the next days DT will reach another goal: 100000 photographers! Congratulations!! P.S: Actually there are 99,969 contributors
I made it to 100 photos online!
posted by mvogel - 17th of september, 2010
I finally made it to 100 images online today with this picture. It took a lot of work and I learned a ton on the way. Thanks to everyone for your help, encouragement, and support. Now it is on to the next 100 images. More...
$ 100.00 Payment
posted by zenpix - 13th of september, 2010
Yesss, I finally meet the $100 minimum for payment as of this morning. Remember me, a couple of weeks ago i was asking (ahem, ok panhandling) people to buy from me so i can make the $2.91 I needed to reach the payout amt. Well i... More...
New milestones achieved
posted by mvogel - 11th of september, 2010
This month I have achieved some new milestones. Is is funny how many milestones you achieve when you are new to this. First I set a new personal record for uploads and acceptance. 26 uploads and a monthly average of 76.2. Last... More...
A Watched Pot Never Boils!
posted by jeniicorv8 - 9th of september, 2010
Well, mine finally did. Two days of watching... two days of being only $0.32 away from a next paycheck... this image did it, at 4 credits = $0.32+++++! I chuckled at my kids' and husband's reaction when I turned on the pc and... More...
Milestone of 1.100 images finally reached
posted by fotodesignjegg - 5th of september, 2010
Dear DT Photographers, now I reached my goal of 1.100 images. I head now for 1.200 images and hope to reach it at least in Oktober 2010. How about you? How many images do you have online and when did you hit your last milestone?... More...
New goal, 100 images online
posted by mvogel - 4th of september, 2010
It has been said that setting goals is one of the keys to success. How else can you know when you have succeeded if you have no goal to measure you progress by. My first goal was to get started when I did in February of this year... More...
My first goal met!
posted by onedayoneimage - 19th of august, 2010
I have reached my first milestone... 50 uploads! Thank you to the Dreamstime staff and all the photographers on this site who so generously share their knowledge and experience. Here are the two images that helped me get there:... More...
300 milestones
posted by egomezta - 12th of august, 2010
Last week I had the opportunity to go to Manzanillo and Guadalajara (Mexico) and as always I carry my camera thinking what to shoot to upload at Dreamstime, this week with those uploads I reached 300 images online, for me it is great... More...
2300 images approved
posted by irisangel - 8th of august, 2010
Well, it's been about 2 and a half years since I signed up here at DT and I am very happy to say that my 2,300th image was approved this week. It is especially gratifying that one of the last images accepted was actually a new type... More...
Milestone of 1000 online images reached. How about you?
posted by fotodesignjegg - 26th of july, 2010
Dear DT Photographers, maybe a lot of you already have 1.000 or more images online, but I managed it today. I am happy and hope the next 1.000 images will be more quickly published. How many images do you have online?... More...
I made it to 50!
posted by mvogel - 21st of july, 2010
Here is the image that put me over the top. I have already applied for Exclusivity and set my new goal at 100 uploads.
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