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Chinese staff is too hard
posted by maocheng - 13th of november, 2013
Although the Chinese have made great contributions to the world economy, but the Chinese staff is too hard.33632496 [/imgr]31603998 [/imgr] More...
happy to join DT
posted by simonzhongzzl - 18th of april, 2013
happy to join. Few years ago I planed to join.Today I take the action. upload more exellent pictures and hope you like them. work hard to upload more
So What? Just do it!
posted by jackbluee - 19th of december, 2012
Very few photographers can quit their regular jobs and just sell stock images. We all just making little money from here. If you wanted to make a little more money, then you had to work harder. If you had only 200 or 400 images online... More...
Stock photography, Hit or Miss
posted by linushutz - 10th of december, 2012
Seems like some people are just cruising through the stock photography with ease, and some people like me are really struggling. Is it difficult for you as well? what are the challenges you go through mentally, physically? how... More...
Underwater enterprises: diving for pleasure and business
posted by assignments - 4th of may, 2012
Richard Carey joined our community in 2009 and brought to surface and to our attention a niche yet interesting underwater photography portfolio. A former scuba instructor, Richard may not be the typical microstocker we are all accustomed... More...
Three Years With DreamsTime and Three Milestones
posted by wisconsinart - 8th of january, 2012
I joined DT in February 2009 and after three years and I have recently achieved three milestones in my stock career. Milestone One: 3,000 sales! I think the key from this accomplishment has come from trying different ideas and concepts.... More...
How I keep my digital files organized
posted by gmargittai - 18th of november, 2011
I think this is a good subject to blog about. Capturing a photo these days is very cheap, all it takes is to press the button and a new photo is born. Due to this ease and low cost, the amount of files just keeps piling up. Having... More...
It just takes time
posted by mvogel - 12th of september, 2011
This is for all of the newer DT contributors out there. I know it can be a frustratingly slow process at first. You have to get signed up, figure out how to submit photos, figure out what gets accepted and what does not, and figure... More...
If you fall off a horse...
posted by llareggub - 10th of august, 2011
You should get straight back on, I had a really good month last month on DT with revenue up about 100% on my previous best month and I passed the 300 picture on line mark and got an acceptance rate of 85%. The end of the month certainly... More...
Photography is hard work
posted by klicaqui - 15th of june, 2011
June 10th I went climbimg Pico volcano in the Azores, here goes the story of that day. It all started at 2AM, we started climbing at that hour so that we could see the sunrise. At 1600m high my knee (had surgery) started to give... More...
Dedicated DT staff !
posted by dittoingz - 26th of april, 2011
I am here is 15:30, I was browsing some pictures on DT site and found two pictures that they have passed the audit. Think carefully, now the US time should be 2-3 am, our DT editors are really dedicated still working it, to thank them... More...
200 uploads. My first milstone
posted by miele - 12th of november, 2010
Here I am presenting my first milestone, I decided to dedicate it to my two hundredth photos accepted. Actually this is not a photo, but my first experiment of digital graphics. What better way to start ;-)! More...
Eureka : lessons learned in reaching $1000 today.
posted by davidwatmough - 2nd of november, 2010
This is not a boast although naturally I am pleased that today I reached earnings of $1000 and I haven't withdrawn a cent yet. I joined Dreamstime in the Spring of 2009 and it took a while to get the first image accepted. Then I believed... More...
This, That, or The Other
posted by williamardrey - 17th of september, 2010
I have decided to upgrade my basic equipment by Christmas, but don't know exactly what to do. I currently use an Olympus E-510 DSLR and I love the kinds of pictures it takes. However, the resolution of a lot of the pictures is not... More...
Newest Member of the $1,000 Club: Thoughts on How You Can do it Too
posted by wisconsinart - 20th of august, 2010
Today I have achieved the special milestone at DT of $1,000 in earnings overall. Here are some thoughts on how you can do it, too: First, a look behind the numbers. I joined DT February, 2009. You get excited with your first few... More...
What not to do ... costly reminder
posted by bevanward - 6th of august, 2010
I have for the first time in 20 years of using computers paid dearly for a backing up hiatus! Over 2,000 Australian dollars! I typically do complete backups irregularly to external hard disks prior to overseas travel and do not... More...
What's wrong with me?
posted by jlhope - 3rd of june, 2010
I've joined in DT for almost one and a half month and now 32 uploads but no sale. What's worng with me? Maybe I 'd better work harder and try something new.
Have you backed up your photos lately?
posted by komar - 3rd of january, 2010
Ok, now that the party is over, the headache has gone and the room has stopped spinning, it’s time to get back to work, Yuk! I mean Yay! If you’re like me and never enforce a New Year’s resolution for longer than the time it... More...
When 1-s turn to 0-s
posted by risto40 - 4th of october, 2009
...and today it happened... the thing we afraid most in the digital age - when ones become zeros. In other words - losing data on your hard drive. What happened: i just uninstalled a small program that changed my desktop wallpapers... More...
How do you save your picture?
posted by linqong - 9th of march, 2009
Computer's hard disk is also limited after all, But our image is getting bigger and bigger, more and more...How do you save your picture? Make our picture into the CD?I do not know how long it can keep...Perhaps Mobile harddisk... More...
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