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Announcing My Newly Started NYC Collection
posted by cmoulton - 20th of august, 2013
As an east coast girl (USA), one of my very favorite places within a few hours driving distance to go play around for a day is New York City. There's no other place like it, I'm sure, and I have the most amazing time whenever I go there.... More...
Why I love mountains
posted by mangroove - 13th of august, 2013
Hello dreamtimers, What are Mountains? A mountain is a large landform that stretches above the surrounding land in a limited area, usually in the form of a peak. Ok So? What is so beautiful about those landforms? Why so many people... More...
You always need to get a model release don't you ?
posted by davidwatmough - 7th of august, 2013
I wish when I started here as a newbie that I understood the answer to this question. I didn't know for a long time about Editorial pictures. It certainly slowed me down trying to avoid getting people in my images. Clearly you cannot... More...
My first $100 *smile*
posted by cglightning - 23rd of june, 2012
(sorry for my english, i hope you will understand my writing *g* ;o) ) i have only 40 uploads in my Portfolio, because i do 3D-Grafics and that needs lots of time. My first pictures are uploaded 12/12/2010 and it is allways a... More...
HDR Cookbook, how to and Topaz Labs
posted by bitesize - 4th of april, 2012
I heard about HDR, High Dynamic Range while at a seminar. Some photographers favoured this technique, while others didn't. I like HDR more for the creative scene than for general photography and decided to give it a try. I... More...
A different way to sharpen
posted by birksphotography - 25th of january, 2012
There are several ways to sharpen your images. Some of these techniques re good and others not so much. I have found that using the unsharp mask filter is ok but can lead to an even more noisy image if overdone. So after doing a little... More...
Splash Photography — How To Shoot A Splash Scene
posted by midosemsem - 14th of november, 2011
Splash photography is challenging and a lot of fun. The reason – it requires some precise coordination, the results are wonderful and you are going to have a lot of fun practicing some coordination... More...
Get High to Change Your Point of View!
posted by deniskelly - 14th of june, 2011
Want to see the world from a different point of view? Then get high! I'm not referring to using psychoactive substances, but to the simple act of climbing to somewhere high so that you can look down on the world. To get these pictures... More...
From BME to bust in 2 short weeks
posted by mvogel - 11th of june, 2011
Last month was my BME in terms of sales and revenue so I ended the month on a high. Two weeks later I am once again holding my head in my hands as my sales have disappeared. Oh the ups and downs of the business. Hopefully the second... More...
New collections of HDR photos
posted by patl - 25th of april, 2011
I have been shooting a loy f HDR latley. It is fun and fasinating, I Have created a new clooection. Check it out and let me know what you think,,,, HDR collection More...
4th year off to a great bang
posted by ratmandude - 31st of march, 2011
Ok so it's a little less than a month since my last post, and I am happy to announce yet another milestone has been realized. In November last year when I hit the sales mark of my highest level ever, I thought, that would be a long... More...
How to get a perfect dynamic range (Exposure Blending)
posted by deechhom - 16th of march, 2011
Here I am going to explain a method which can give you a perfect Dynamic Range. I am going to focus on exposure blending. Why this method? "Because this method gives me the most accurate color rendition which I saw on the actual... More...
High speed photography
posted by diavata - 10th of march, 2011
About one year ago, I came across a website with beautiful images of splashes. I immediately knew I wanted to do this too! However, I was a macro photographer, withy zero experience of studio and/or flash photography. So, I had no... More...
List of comments
posted by cristalloid - 22nd of november, 2010
From time to time I get noticed in the management-area that I have new comments.... if I click onto this button the list of comments occurs... but I can't see which comment is new, especially which comment I haven't read already...... More...
Best month by far...
posted by fultonsphoto - 1st of november, 2010
October was by far my best month since joining DT. I had a number of sales of the same image which took it to level 5, with a total number of 73 sales for the month and revenue of $134.14 this was by far my bumper month so far. Thanks... More...
White Backgrounds-Here's another quick way to do it!
posted by nansaidh - 7th of april, 2010
You've photographed your subject against a white background, but it still isn't quite as white as it needs to be, here's what you do. In photoshop go to Image adjust>Curves>when the box pops up go to the top right hand side and... More...
lucky 888
posted by defun - 9th of march, 2010
7, is a lucky number of some western countries, but in China, many people like 8 more than 7. '8' means 'make a fortune' in China. Today, my uploads reach a lucky number, 888. And it is really lucky that I just got... More...
My highest revenue for a sale! :)
posted by annieyek - 9th of march, 2010
Today I am so happy to have a sale with the highest revenue! (Tiff version, 20 credits, $12.00). Here is the image: What is your highest revenue for a sale? Thanks all who likes my images.
One shot from last year
posted by cristalloid - 26th of february, 2010
Recently I got the MR for the shown image. My friend and I were mountaineering in the Bernese Highlands in Switzerland. This shot was done about 150 meters away from the summit of Monch, a 4000-meter-peak, we are standing on the last... More...
and..... ACTION!!
posted by amilevin - 1st of july, 2009
Hi, In the last few monthes I found myself another interesting subject to shoot and thas is sports. I took my camera to two events so far - a marathon run and a triathlon race. Seeing the effort that these athlets are putting is... More...
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