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Let me introduce myself :)
posted by elisamoriconi - 16th of november, 2010
Hello, My name is Elisa Moriconi and I am a free lance illustrator. For starters let me say to all ... nice to meet you. Initially I started using dreamstime just curious to see how it was and now I know, it's... More...
411 images and begininng of my gothic line
posted by gheburaseye - 15th of november, 2010
I crossed the line of the 400 images: today, my portfolio has gone up to 411 images. A great achievement for me. The images are approved this week, at the time, 20: I have a lot to do to send the eps (I'm a little 'cautious about sending... More...
My First Illustration.
posted by arim44 - 10th of november, 2010
I'm happy to share with you that my first illustration of bedbugs was accepted today, thanks D.T. Two more images to my first milestone of 50.
Discovering the world of stock illustration
posted by alexhor - 5th of november, 2010
Well, even I started here as a photographer, illustrations are my very new interest. I was a bit surprised by myself since I work for years in graphic design. How did I never thought of making illustrations for sale? Maybe because... More...
referrals activities
posted by robertosch - 5th of november, 2010
Hi everybody, I am very proud to announce that a new member arrived here, on Dreamstime. It happened to be an old friend of mine, and here you can see the work: I hope you like them, I think they are great.... More...
Illustrator Tutorial: Vector Laptop
posted by robisklp - 3rd of november, 2010
Hello everyone, Finaly i have quit my day job and started to work with microstock full time. And i'm happy about it. Incredibly! I also started my own blog where i will put vector tutorials. These will be corel draw and adobe... More...
Flash illustrations
posted by alexhor - 2nd of november, 2010
Although there are many tools for expressing creativity through illustration, I noticed that some people are most comfortable using Flash from Adobe Creative Suite collection. It is true that once you get used to Flash drawing tools... More...
My first assignment
posted by mythja - 1st of november, 2010
I just got approved for my first assignment. Here is the illustration. I'm so glad. :)
Halloween is upon us
posted by mvogel - 25th of october, 2010
Halloween is almost upon us. To commemorate the occasion I created my first holiday themed illustration.
finally 100 sales!
posted by alionaz - 20th of october, 2010
on DT I'm from december 2009 and finally I have 100 sales and 241 uploads. I'm happy for my milestone becouse at first I never dreamed I'll so many images . A must of you have fun on me, but beginners know what I mean. I whant to... More...
I and stock
posted by yuran - 19th of october, 2010
My name is Yuriy. I was born and live in Kazakhstan. Love the vector illustration. Since 2007 began to draw the illustrations for stocks. Work with stock is my hobby, which brings the additional finance.)) Dreamstime is one of the... More...
Rich and poor
posted by cristalloid - 14th of october, 2010
In Germany actually there is a political discussion on issues of rich and poor people, who should get the money, how much money, who has to pay for this, what is enough money and so on... this discussion has been growing over the last... More...
ideas !!!
posted by swamin - 11th of october, 2010
Need Ideas about what kind of illustration sells. where can one find ideas. I am new to Illustrator. thanks
Free stuff
posted by robertosch - 1st of october, 2010
I've been here from more than one year, today I added some free stuff to Dreamstime, I hope that someone will like them. I will add some more files soon. Enjoy downloading. Here they are: Thank you, Dreamstime. More...
Symbol Sprayer ...
posted by davulcu - 25th of september, 2010
I decided to share an Illustrator tip with you . For repetitive figures Symbol Sprayer is a great tool. Just try this; From the tools menu choose star tool ( it is in the same section with rectangle tool ) Draw a star to... More...
vector silhouettes tutorial
posted by alionaz - 24th of september, 2010
Hi everyone! Today I will discover the secret "how to make vector silhouettes". Let's start: 1.Open your image on photoshop. 2. With quick mask or other tool select the object or silhouette. 3. Create new layer without diselect... More...
My first additional format!
posted by trottola - 22nd of september, 2010
Yesterday I've sold my first additional format... it's an ".ai" extension for a vector image. Unluckly it has been sold has a subscription, so I only earned 0,42$, not much... but I'm happy to know that the time spent to save... More...
My First Level 5!
posted by cteconsulting - 20th of september, 2010
Hooray! After 16 months here at DT, I finally have my first LEVEL 5 image! I honestly have no idea what makes this image so special compared to others in my portfolio. I even have similar swirl shapes like this, but for some... More...
Using Inkscape and GIMP to make illustrations
posted by mvogel - 19th of september, 2010
Being that I am cheap and poor, I use GIMP to edit all of my photos. When I decided that I wanted to give illustrations a go I found Inkscape, which is free like GIMP. Once I figured out how to use Inkscape I noticed that you... More...
Halloween ;-)
posted by milsiart - 13th of september, 2010
My new Halloween illustrations with Blinky cartoon character: More to come... I Hope you like them. More...
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