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A Kick in the Creative Pants
posted by ellenboughn - 2nd of march, 2007
The most important advice I have to offer after my decades in the stock photo business about what images to make is listen to yourself. You know more than anyone about why you want to create imagery. Build on those thoughts... More...
I will savour my first assignment acceptance
posted by sml - 6th of february, 2014
I am not the first or the last to finally get my first image accepted on an assignment, but WOW what a fantastic feeling, overjoyed. I was letting myself get down with rejections and then I thought besides the images I was submitting... More...
State Quarters
posted by indy2320 - 6th of september, 2013
After lots of work my image or illustration of the 50 state quarters was accepted into my portfolio. To create this image and make it appear more like an illustration,i painted every coin with silver spray paint you can buy at any... More...
A Studio Without Walls and Lighting Without Lights
posted by wisconsinart - 11th of june, 2013
The image you see here in my blog is my second Editor's Choice. Creating it was actually very simple and it may be of interest for the amateur stock photographer in how it was done. There are three layers in the image. (1) The dungeon... More...
Imagination and Originality
posted by wisconsinart - 1st of july, 2012
Imagination and Originality As the stock industry over-saturates itself with the same types of images and concepts, it will be key to come up with new ideas in order to stand out and maximize portfolio potential. Using your imagination... More...
Studio lighting.
posted by dgphotographic - 13th of september, 2011
I have a home studio, it is set up in my garage, I have gradually built up my gear. I started off using my camera flash on a remote trigger mounted on my tripod, a secondary flash set on "slave". To give differing lighting set ups.... More...
The Golden Age of Stock is Over but there is Still Gold to be Found
posted by wisconsinart - 20th of august, 2011
Critics of microstock will tell you that the microstock business is a race to the bottom and a waste of time. And you know what? They're right! When microstock first began, it was a boom for those who got in early. Contributors... More...
Imagination is you friend
posted by silent47 - 17th of july, 2011
The Internet is full of information.All you have to do is to find it.I would like to give you some websites full of creativity.I think it will inspire you and take you to other ways in your projects. John Fulton Photography http:... More...
posted by dmccale - 8th of june, 2011
You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. by Mark Twain
Show me something new and creative
posted by silent47 - 1st of june, 2011
The title say all:)) NEW AND CREATIVE
An Approach for Building Your Portfolio
posted by wisconsinart - 14th of july, 2010
It's one thing to sit down and think of ideas to submit for stock, but I see a lot of people taking the same approach as I do: We mainly shoot what we know. Specifically, we work within our comfort level and skillset. I don't have a... More...
When you can't take a photo!
posted by ebamo - 3rd of may, 2010
Are you someone like me who chickens to hire a model, or can't find any sibling or friend to help in that; but you wish you can translate your ideas into images??.... I've fulfilled some of my relish to do so by learning through some... More...
Good Morning It's a Brand New Day - Poem From long ago
posted by knoxvillefm - 12th of april, 2010
Anyone ever been banned from adding comments ? I didnt cuss or anything, just gave some ideas on how to get more recognized by search engines by adding more channels. I can't respond, if you post but just curious. I haven'... More...
out of the ordinary
posted by digitalreflections - 19th of march, 2010
When I shot this photo,I wasn't sure if would have have any commercial value. Thanks to a willing model and good friend,we decided to give it a try. We got some pretty strange looks from people passing by but we didn't let that deter... More...
My first 100 images! Time to start my blog
posted by jarroyo1982 - 5th of january, 2010
When I discovered stock photography many time ago I did not gave it importance. Well, better said, I did not gave all the importance that I give it nowadays. Years have passed by, the agencies have changed their printed catalogues... More...
Use Your Imagination
posted by jsternig - 21st of august, 2009
Have you ever hit a block when behind the lens and just weren't inspired to take a picture of anything around you? Perhaps you shot some really good images but they lacked that certain something that made them "great." Try combining... More...
What do we do when we don't have pictures to upload
posted by nikitu - 28th of may, 2009
Every photographer reaches a dry patch at some point. Lack of inspiration, or a too busy period in his/her life, falling in love, falling out of love, camera broke, not enough light, there are a million reasons a photographer such... More...
Using friend's imagination
posted by mildegard - 29th of november, 2008
Many people in the world have imagination so bright that it's a pity they're not artists. Pictures born in their mind sure could have been amazing when drawn. So, sometimes, when Muse of yours has a long vacation, why not using their... More...
Dreamstime dreamers
posted by papuga2006 - 8th of march, 2008
Night dreams might be a nightmare, wonderful adventure or simple unusual vision. Dreaming gave our mind a repose from all day thinking, also tell us something about what is happening in our lives and same says that even what will happened... More...
Keywording Service
posted by charlesoutcalt - 11th of february, 2008
Taking a tip from another Dreamstimer (thanks, KenneyStudios!), I submitted a few images for full keywording. I was a little skeptical at first, thinking 'How could they know my photos better than I do?' Well, I am officially... More...
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