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DTemoticon or things you did not know about the DT staff
posted by tangie - 25th of july, 2012
One of my colleagues posted an emoticon image on the Dreamstime Facebook wall a couple of days ago. When I saw it, I started thinking about emoticons and what is so special about them. We all know that as most conversations have migrated... More...
So this is how they're using my images?!
posted by alamourus - 25th of december, 2013
I've always been curious (and maybe a little apprehensive) about where and how the photographs I've submitted to Dreamstime are being used-- and now with reverse image search functionality in Google (Google reverse image search) (and... More...
On a MP3-Cover *lol*
posted by cglightning - 23rd of may, 2013
i was on a "shopping-Tour" on a big Internet-Shop, which also sell`s MP3`s, when i noticed a MP3-Cover with an Picture, i know very well ;o) (you can find it with googles help too, when you use the keywords shiloh and antigen... More...
How can i find my selled images on internet?
posted by ishootraw - 4th of august, 2012
I searched for my online picture but i didn't find anything. I was tryed with tineye.com , images.google.com with name@dreamstime I selled just 16 images, maybe this is the reason. Tell me your secret...How do you find your images?... More...
I found my images on internet.
posted by tmarchev - 30th of april, 2012
http://www.ihavesynth.com/video/roland-mc-4/axel-roland-mc-909-4 http://www.launchx.com/features.html http://www.realizingyou.org/philosophy.html http://www.payingattention.net/marketing/... More...
Your Internet Privacy : Act Before its Too Late!
posted by thefinalmiracle - 20th of april, 2012
(WARNING A LONG BUT IMPORTANT BLOG) Time and again we read news about leading websites playing with our personal data and violating the boundaries of our private life. They misuse the data sometimes for marketing and sometimes they... More...
Our photo in internet !!!
posted by marpit - 16th of march, 2012
I found my photos of these flyers online. Besides there are other photos of my users dreamstime, I hope that you will find your own! http://www.idfa.org/files/gdcprogramme_230112.pdf http://jakiairtravel.com/ http:... More...
Your Thoughts on PIPA and SOPA?
posted by jsternig - 20th of january, 2012
For those of you Dreamstimers living in the United States, you've most certainly heard of PIPA and SOPA by now, either through the news or through the blackout of your favorite website this past week. Perhaps you've even pondered how... More...
A call for "Computer and Internet Concept" Collection.
posted by kharyadi - 5th of january, 2012
I'm creating a new collection "Computer and Internet Concept". I would like to add images/illustrations from other Contributors into the Collection, if you have images/illustrations with "Computer and Internet Concept" post your... More...
Italian Wikipedia Closed
posted by roberto1977 - 5th of october, 2011
This is the motivation. Another brilliant idea of ​​our esteemed Prime Minister...
Advertising and promotion question
posted by marugod83 - 24th of august, 2011
I wonder if anybody tried to contact different internet sites (for ex. tourism offices, cities town hall, etc) for presenting yours/others members photos posted here on DT. Naturally, I'm talking here about the travel photography... More...
posted by actionsports - 19th of june, 2011
I wanted to share a website that helps with keywords. http://arcurs.com/keywording/ is a great site that will help you keyword your images. I have found the more precise you can be with your keywords, the better your sales will be.... More...
Found images online
posted by egomezta - 25th of may, 2011
From time to time I like to search the web to see which of my images are online. I use tineye most of the time, but today I used Goggle and I was happy to find these images in use: this is my best seeling image and I found it... More...
I found one of my photos on the web!! And what a strange article!
posted by snookless - 14th of april, 2011
So I accidentally found one of my stock photos on a website while trying to identify a spider. I did a google image search and....well there it was. But what I found amusing was the article! Take a look! http://kwikblog.kwikmed.... More...
Incredibly Networked
posted by thefinalmiracle - 14th of april, 2011
Today I was sitting down wondering what to do from tomorrow. Well for some reason the co-incidence was that it is a kind of a new year for us. A festival called Gudi Padwa. I said why not think about a work reform seriously. The first... More...
Pictures in use #3
posted by rzs - 11th of march, 2011
I was lucky again, because I was looking for any of my photos from my small portfolio and I found out that one of them were used in two different websites. Website 1 Website 2 This time I found these sites thanks to writing... More...
Finding your images in use
posted by diavata - 6th of march, 2011
After starting with stock 10 months ago, I just found my 9th image in use: Since many people wonder how to find their pictures in use, here are a couple of suggestions! 1. use www.tineye.com Tineye is a reversed images... More...
Picture in use #2
posted by rzs - 5th of march, 2011
What a nice surprise:) A few hours ago, I found another picture from my portfolio published on the internet. They used my picture in a Photoshop tutorial (wow!). Here is the link I'd like to share, if you want to see: Photoshop CS5:... More...
Featured Photographer
posted by actionsports - 29th of january, 2011
I just wanted to take a moment and thank the staff at Dreamstime for allowing me to be the featured photographer for these short seven days. I get so much inspiration from these featured photographers every week and I'm honored and... More...
My first photo found on web
posted by frackowiak1 - 25th of november, 2010
I found my photography on the website : Neopodia.com If you want to find you photos in internet, I can advise you to use website: www.pipl.com Try to type your name from deamstime in 2 variation as an example i show you... More...
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