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How to isolate a picture in 5 minutes! (Including hair)
posted by parkinsonsniper - 4th of may, 2012
Hi everyone, Ok I accept that I have a little exagerration in the title but believe me or not, I isolated the image on right in 2 minutes! so this is worth to read :) Ok here we go... We are going to use: - BW dialog... More...
Perfect High Key Images
posted by photoshow - 24th of december, 2011
I have put up a New Article on my Personal Blog Lighting The Pixel Perfect Isolation about how to set up and control your lighting in the studio to obtain a perfect white background. It is not a light read but if you are interested... More...
posted by elemery - 8th of september, 2011
I finally reached over 100 uploads. After deciding to try hard for a month and spend some time in the studio, ive been slowly increasing my acceptance ratio. With this new momentum, I hope to have at least 200 more photos up by the... More...
Isolated in Stock Language
posted by dudau - 27th of july, 2011
I'm not a big fan of photographing isolated objects, but from my experience as a buyer for three years, I feel pretty qualified for writing on this subject. So here it is: "Isolated" in Microstock Language means plain, shadowless,... More...
An easy way to remove stray pixels in Photoshop
posted by alistaircotton - 30th of january, 2011
We all hate rejection. No matter how thick my skin gets I still hate getting images rejected by stock agencies. Sometimes though, it’s all for a good reason and something great comes out of the whole learning experience. Yesterday... More...
How long does it take you to isolate? (Thinking after master-class)
posted by julia161 - 11th of july, 2010
Hi, Friends. I usually spend crazy amount of time on isolation (about 40 minutes). Yesterday I saw on youtube a master-class where the photographer said he spends on it 3 minutes only. I put down his method and tried. Same 40 minutes,... More...
The Isolations Soundtrack
posted by theohrm - 1st of march, 2010
Although they can be fiddly to create, many of us recognise that the return on a properly isolated image makes it worth the extra time we need to spend on our computers. While some of us have lights and backgrounds, I’m confident... More...
A quickie on object isolation
posted by arielmartin - 5th of february, 2010
A couple of quick tips: To have an object isolated fast and easy (as it can possibly be) first you need to shoot with that in mind. Use white background and get a light between your subject and the background. Just experiment until... More...
The clouds dim my inspiration.
posted by porjii - 17th of january, 2010
I am stumped on what I can do in terms of photography. I have taken every possible photo of isolation I can with my cornflakes box. I have to wait until summer to actually get out side, only because my camera freezes below -1. It has... More...
Not-frozen frozen apples
posted by julia161 - 28th of september, 2009
Recently I decided to train isolation technique and for this made a lot of everyday object images. Including apples, which charmed me at first sight when I found them in the market – so fresh and perfect in shape. In few hours my... More...
Freshwater fish isolations
posted by dcwcreations - 9th of september, 2009
I decided that I wanted to add to my portfolio some freshwater fish isolations for buyers looking for fish identification or as an insert to some projects they may be working on. Some little tips and tricks I have learned as... More...
Improvised Home Studio
posted by lupideloop - 4th of september, 2009
Many stock photos are of isolated objects.... isolated either on white or some other neutral background. This isolation I believe... I may be wrong so if I am please correct me - happens at source. i.e. The Image is placed against... More...
Isolating objects
posted by spitfirebbmf - 21st of july, 2009
I was looking through some of my old photos I had on my hard drive and found some of a classic car show and traffic on a road, the images of the cars were ok but the composition and background were terrible. I thought how could i... More...
What's the best isolation method?
posted by dcwcreations - 4th of march, 2009
If you hang around long enough in stock photography sooner or later you will start to get some isolated shots to add to your portfolio. I have read some very interesting methods that people use and many of them have excellent results.... More...
Isolation and magnification
posted by dcwcreations - 18th of november, 2008
I have learned a great deal from a lot of the Dreamstime folks that are willing to share information. One thing I really struggled with was how to isolate a subject. If you read the blogs you will find many ways to do this and... More...
Why is isolation a key to success ?
posted by artaniss8 - 25th of october, 2008
What is ISOLATION. It reffers to isolated objects in a photo or illustration. Isolated images get more views and more sales. Why ? Let us remember that most of the buyers are designers. Most designers probably put your downloaded... More...
Full Body Isolation - A Quick Tutorial
posted by photoshow - 16th of october, 2008
So anyone who has submitted to microstock for more then a couple weeks already knows that one of the most popular styles of imagery offered here is the Isolated Model over white. While it is not horribly difficult it does take... More...
Trying something new
posted by marilyngould - 2nd of october, 2008
After recent success in adding some new types of images to my portfolio -- signing up two golf models, I attempted to take some of these images and isolate the golfers onto a white background thus furthering the diversification... More...
Isolating still life!
posted by titania1980 - 4th of august, 2008
One of the subjects I've learned more from is about isolating objects, still life... I always try to get daylight or good light. Since I'm not a pro and I don't have a photography studio, I do what I can. I got a large pure white... More...
Getting the perfect white background Isolation in SECONDS
posted by retina2020 - 14th of july, 2008
I've always found it very time consuming to get the perfect white background isolation even when I shot the object with a white background. But I've found a great instructional video online that will go over two simple steps to get... More...
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