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Go where the action is
posted by inyrdreams - 26th of january, 2014
Stock photography is used in so many applications, we see images everywhere we look. For those of us in the business, we can hire models, have state of the art studios, or travel all over the world. or... we can go where the action... More...
Photo Market
posted by lenutaidi - 12th of august, 2013
Hi!! Yeah.....Lately I have seen increasingly more photographers who want to earn money from their passion for photography and want to try to sell stock images. Thank you,DT for this opportunity to increase my income! Which photos... More...
The Day After Today
posted by laviart - 6th of november, 2012
Big day in USA! People are voting for their new president. They had a long term campaign, big natural disasters, and still facing this economic crisis. Even so, I'm pretty sure, there will be a consistent presence to vote. Who'... More...
What is Dreamstime
posted by gong777 - 8th of april, 2012
For me Dreamstime is now the unique point of getting money after i lost my job ! now all my attention is focused on it! but i dont feel im alone when i login my dreamstime account! dreamstime is my second family... my only approved... More...
Photography as a career?
posted by fultonsphoto - 15th of march, 2012
I have recently been retrenched from my job after 23 years in the IT industry. I have gone for numerous job interviews but as yet have had no success in finding another job, this being due to age, job market congestion etc etc…As... More...
posted by sarkao - 22nd of february, 2012
I responded too many changes in my live in the last month. My vital and too young dad died unxceptedly. And I became freelancer photographer until one week. I moved to my own photostudio and bought studio flash lights (thanks to... More...
Rest in Piece Steve Jobs, thank YOU for the Apples!!
posted by epstock - 6th of october, 2011
Rest in Piece Steve, thank YOU for the Apples.
It’s Not Just a Job….It’s , Oh Wait It IS A JOB!
posted by livingstonatlarge - 26th of september, 2011
How to deal with burn-out…. Hi everyone…miss me? There comes that day when all the fire and fun, just goes. For me, it came last week after I came home from a cruise to Alaska with seven folders of photos to process.... More...
Unforseen Proposition!
posted by digikhmer - 25th of august, 2011
It is a curious thing happened to me right now. I have a degree in photography. It is a fact or I would not be here writing this article. I hold a job that is unrelated to photography. Occasionally, I endorse unofficial photographer... More...
New job
posted by sarkao - 16th of may, 2011
I began to work for one estate agency like photographer. I see many flats and houses (most of them is nice) and I can make some photos "for me". I'll visit film ateliers tomorrow for example :) Here is some pictures.. More...
Other job
posted by captainzz - 14th of april, 2011
Do you work another other job except stock? I work as a dispatcher at a coal mine :-)
New photography job?
posted by sarkao - 9th of april, 2011
I had personal interview in one estate agency yesterday for photographer position. I had birthday (I am 24 now), so I knew, that it will be OK :). There was around 10 people in short selection, I was only one woman. In the end there... More...
I found a new job :)
posted by thanatonautii - 2nd of march, 2011
Finally I found a new job! :)) For the moment I still work at the same small company that I was working in the past 3 years. I work as a draughtsman, that means that I make the drawings in AutoCAD of the projects that an architect... More...
Sad Facts can be a collection!
posted by mani33 - 26th of october, 2010
Some unpleasant happenings in the world are taking part of our daily life & of course they affect some of our creativity & imagination! Reading or listening to the news is not so cheerful now a days, but still it might inspire us... More...
How did your interview go?
posted by mani33 - 6th of september, 2010
Unfortunately with the unemployment making records around the world, it's a kind of luck to have interviews to catch a job! Just a little experience I had, before I take a decision for my life! Cheers! More...
What to do after first selling????
posted by mjak - 24th of april, 2010
What to do after first selling? Maybe you already asked yourself exactly this? My congratulations, dear submitter! You are already sold your first picture, well done!!! I remember myself in this sweet time, my feelings, my emotions,... More...
The BUSYness Perspective
posted by thefinalmiracle - 25th of march, 2010
About 10 years ago, I had an argument with a close friend of mine over the kind of life I was imagining ahead. While talking about career, routine and then personal life together, she was teaching me of how a normal and good life is... More...
posted by maigi - 17th of december, 2009
Just a simple question: do you, guys, have some ideas, how or where to promote yourself to get the job as a freelance photo manipulator, web designer, photographer and/or digital designer? Did I say "simple" question? Well, not for... More...
Success in Balance
posted by jalama1 - 18th of september, 2009
How many hats do you wear? Myself, I wear many. I am a wife, a sister, a student, a teacher, a friend. Somedays I leave home at 8:00 am and don't return until 11:00 pm. There are seminars, classes, workshops, and teaching presentations,... More...
Back from holiday
posted by aitan75 - 10th of september, 2009
This is the worst part of all holidays: the return from holiday! How to deal with this stress? From my point of view, the first thing I did was to upload photos of my holiday on Dreamstime! These are some examples: In this... More...
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