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  • Christmas

    by Ulisse | 11th of November, 2007

    christmas 2008, gifts colors and the warm light of the red candles in the black background i like this festivity. The flame of the candle produces heat and relax, it creates the just atmosphere in order to think in tranquility. To Christmas the candles they are used also... More
  • Ready for christmas!

    by One8edegre | 29th of October, 2007

    Here we are christmas in uproaching , banners and magazine , greetings and brochures , working on artwork. Though i am a muslim , but i wont sit back and let others only enjoy a spiritful and joyful event , so i rolled up my sleved and got my portfolio ready for it Are you... More
  • Sky and clouds....

    by Torie508 | 20th of October, 2007

    I don't know about you, but I love taking pictures of the sky and clouds. It is a powerful and pretty part of nature. I haven't taken a bunch, but I have seen some very, very nice ones here on dreamstime. Anyway, clouds and skies make great backdrops for other subjects, whether... More
  • Plain background in pictures

    by Northman | 19th of October, 2007

    Hey all, I have been searching on the internet for a way to make nice pictures from objects. I have found a way that quite amazed me, it was easy and handy. Just take a big plate of whatever material and put it behind the object you want to photohrap. Take... More
  • Rainy day backgrounds

    by Dcwcreations | 18th of October, 2007

    We have had some rainy weather for several days in a row. This really cuts down on the outside photo's other than the rainy shots. But it does open up the opportunity to take some indoor shots. Backgrounds are as open a category as your imagination. Colors, shapes,... More
  • Abstracts

    by Bluerabbit | 8th of October, 2007

    Yesterday, I participated in a studio tour in our town, not as a photographer, but as a painter. Though my work has passed through many phases, I now find the most creative satisfaction through a very personal brand of expressionist abstraction. Because my father was also... More
  • A Helping Hand for Tonygers....

    by Torie508 | 19th of September, 2007

    I think tonygers is an excellent photographer! I bought one of his pictures tonight. I would like to share it, and two of my other favorites with you... This is the one I bought. I like it because it has so many uses. It could be used as a background for Easter cards, or... More
  • Changing color to sell pics 2....

    by Torie508 | 19th of September, 2007

    Here is another example of how I used photoshop to change the color of a picture to make it more interesting. See Article
  • Changing color to sell more pics...

    by Torie508 | 19th of September, 2007

    I took a picture of the mini blinds hanging in my office the other day. They were a very plain ivory color and it didn't really look like a picture that would sell. So, I went into photoshop and changed the color of them several times. The blue one has sold 2 copies so far.... More
  • How do I get the BG in a image to blur a bit?

    by Northman | 18th of September, 2007

    I have seen some photo's that have something like a blur in the BG (background). I was wondering how I could get this effect with my camera couse its a pretty cool way to get the focus on the main object. hope someone can help me out with that lot of thnx More
  • Exposure, Shutter, Aperture and Background

    by Aryanimagery | 14th of September, 2007

    Lot of time we face problems while taking picture because of cluttered background and bokeh lights. I have devised for myself few rules that help me to get rid of these things, 1. Depending upon the light, I narrow the aperture that is increase the f number and also sometime... More
  • Blogging for free credits....

    by Torie508 | 13th of September, 2007

    I am hoping to use my free credits to purchase some good digital backgrounds for my portrait studio. I take family, children, seniors, and pet portraits. Please let me know if anyone has any good backgrounds for me to use. Thanks. See Article
  • My first exclusive sale

    by Photoboykane | 4th of September, 2007

    After shooting professionally for thirty years and billing as much as $7,500 for a single photo, it's fairly amusing that I'm excited about netting $1.20 for this photo. However, the days of big budget, large format, highly designed, heavily art-directed, intricately styled... More
  • Cool abstract background

    by Tonygers | 23rd of August, 2007

    Every stock portfolio should have at least a couple of these kinds of images - because they are so popular. With the help of this nifty little Photoshop Tutorial you can get your own collection up and running. Hope you enjoy this tutorial and please leave comments.... More
  • Lessons in Model studio shots Part 2: Backgrounds

    by Dnf-style | 15th of August, 2007

    Part 1: Introduction can be found here Why oh why did I start the previous blog with part 1. Now I will have to start a part 2 to not look like the blabbermouth I am. ;-) Which I am not, I beg you pardon. Good, enough rubbish, time for part 2. Normally when we give... More
  • What do you think about black background?

    by Starblue | 13th of August, 2007

    Recently I have read several materials about using black background. Not a long time ago, I have tried to take photos with black background. For example in case of this image of childrenĀ“s hand protected by motherĀ“s hand. What I like about the black background... More
  • Paper

    by Wimdaniels | 10th of August, 2007

    As I buyer, I've really enjoyed discovering Dreamstime. I don't do desktop publishing fulltime, but will usually do my own brochures and print materials every now and then. I've bought inexpensive photo libraries and I've bought some very expensive stuff as well. While... More
  • Clay Studio Wall

    by Elenaray | 7th of August, 2007

    As I continue to go in a counter direction of most professionally oriented contributors in microstock, I have decided to forgo the sensible white studio wall and turn my space into what I call a "living" studio. My "studio" is actually our empty master bedroom It's a fairly... More
  • Beginnings

    by Avion49 | 16th of July, 2007

    And so with a bit of a bang I'll begin this blog. To give a little background on myself, DH is on disability so I don't work. Photography started out as a bit of a lark for me, but I don't really have the equipment to keep up with some of the others here on the... More

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