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Stock image ranking game suggestion
posted by goodcontent - 6th of september, 2009
Hi I am suggesting that there be one option the player could check when playing the game. It would be for illustrations on or off, then we could compare apples to apples (photographs to photographs) only, rather then... More...
2000 Games - Lessons
posted by mani33 - 8th of july, 2009
Hi everybody, I just finished playing 2000 games, 2nd ranking at the moment, but the issue is not about a competition but what we learn from DT's mini school! I'm an illustrator not a photographer (Unfortunately!) but I also had... More...
Masuria - did You vote for Worlds Seven Wonders of Nature?
posted by rangpl - 2nd of july, 2009
About 5 days left so if You have own candidates You better hurry. I did already my selection, also added article about that short process. You can see there what was my favourite 7. But my first 3 was Masuria Lakeland - Poland,... More...
Solar Cooking
posted by psalm113v9 - 1st of july, 2009
We just bought two solar ovens, and we love then. In one good really sunny day we can cook enough meals for our family of 10 for three days and them we make three gallons of tea as well. So now we only cook every third day if the... More...
Twittering Around!
posted by laroach - 27th of june, 2009
I'm in love with Twitter! It's a fantastic marketing tool for microstock photographers that appears deceptively simple - but has many nuances to discover. What a great way to connect with web designers, publishers, and just about anyone... More...
Assignment favorites
posted by matabraham - 19th of june, 2009
The assignment submissions this time has a large number of images with children in focus. Its bound to be cute when kids are involved and these images speak for the innate wish of us all to create something good from what we have got... More...
My assignment cooks - accepted and rejected
posted by mildegard - 3rd of june, 2009
I tried not to be boring, really. I don't think I'm able to win the assignment. I compete with myself trying to do my best and - that's what is important - to surprise others. That's a nice goal worth of hours to draw. So I drew... More...
Off Topic: My Week Of Glory
posted by ptoone - 25th of may, 2009
My Week Of Glory To any confirmed smoker, the thought of stopping the dependency of nicotine scares them to half to death. "Will I ever be the same again?" It is as if the poor smoker fears quitting like losing a limb. I was the... More...
Reconnecting With Family
posted by noonie - 16th of may, 2009
I guess it happens to most of us, as we work and have our own families we lose touch with others in the family. Life is hectic, we're pulled in a million different directions all at once! We wonder if we'll ever have the time to... More...
My new behind the scenes video
posted by toshimself - 3rd of may, 2009
Hi there, couple days ago we've tried to produce "jump" photos against a dramatic sky. Here is the result: just short video behind the scenes, about 1 minute, so have a nice watching!) More...
My first video Behind the scenes
posted by toshimself - 8th of april, 2009
Hello guys, yesterday I've tried to create my first "behind the scenes" test-video, actually to attract new potential models for my portfolio.. This video just showing the process making of photos in the green meadow, with some hint... More...
Prized Catch, Dubai King in my Editorial Images
posted by creativei - 10th of march, 2009
Dear All, Well apologies for not being active, and I was glad to know that DT mates do observe us. I was really overwhelmed when our own contributor Warren (Fultonsphoto) send me a note asking if everything was ok and why I wasn'... More...
Looking forward to Valentine's Day.
posted by linqong - 11th of february, 2009
Romantic Valentine's Day is coming, do you get rose and present ready?
Taking Photos of Children
posted by iriks - 5th of february, 2009
Children are a favorite subject for many photographers. Advertisers know a photo of an adorable child will grab people’s attention. Fundraisers know an image of a sick, wounded, or sad child will bring in donations. And parents... More...
Taking chances
posted by bradcalkins - 4th of february, 2009
Sometimes with stock photography it pays to 'play it safe' and add to your portfolio with similar images to what you have done in the past. Ultimately, though, I suspect that growing your portfolio in new ways helps a lot. Mostly... More...
Amazing Stock Tracking Tool
posted by jsternig - 29th of january, 2009
Hey fellow Dreamstimers! I found a new tool that allows you to easily track your sales from multiple sites, by image, automatically. I've been using this tool for some time and it really is great as it provides charts comparing... More...
I reached the summit!
posted by zqfotography - 7th of january, 2009
Some time ago i posted a blog here saying that i am going to climb mount kinabalu... now i have returned back to singapore with the certification that i have reached the summit - low's peak! Mt Kinabalu is 4095.3m high and is known... More...
Merry Christmas to all freinds of dreamstime
posted by yaking - 23rd of december, 2008
Tomorrow is Christmas, this is my shot of Christmas photos in a nightclub in China , I wish you have a good time in Christmas! enjoy yourself!put down you work,holidy is coming! by the way,help yourself to some Chinese cooking!... More...
First time for Everything!!!
posted by psalm113v9 - 14th of november, 2008
I am really into Digital Scrapboking so I thought i would try a few backgrounds for myself in Photoshopand I was really pleased with the results. So I dicides to try and upload 4 of them to Dreamstime. They were all accepted today!... More...
Alaskan adventures (part 1)
posted by teekaygee - 20th of october, 2008
This past summer I went on my second trip to Alaska. My plan was to fly into Anchorage, and then take a commuter flight to Valdez to visit a friend. Unfortunately when the weather is bad, the commuter flights get canceled...and that... More...
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