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100+ images online
posted by vennys - 22nd of july, 2013
I can´t believe that...with my knowledge at the beginning and now, I´m over 100 images online, great feeling. Thank you DT, members and friends as well...
Why writing a photography blog will make you a better photographer
posted by mike2focus - 1st of november, 2012
If you want to improve you photography skills, blogging on the subject of photography will help you to stay active in the pursuit of continuing to educate yourself. In effect, it will force you to keep learning. Gathering content for... More...
Is my statistics graphic reversed? Or...
posted by rosariomanzo - 3rd of september, 2012
…am I becoming a better photographer? It's a few months I see accepted photos are more than rejected ones, and the trend is going up. I still have a small portfolio and a few sales, but that was my main goal: learning and improving... More...
Some thoughts about microstock....
posted by cristalloid - 21st of june, 2011
well, ok, not my thoughts but thoughts from one well known person... Yuri Arcurs... THOUGHTS I think, it is well worth to read Yuri Arcurs words, he gives a deep insight into his experiences and knowledge... More...
Celestial Errors
posted by thefinalmiracle - 2nd of june, 2011
Mythology, religion, fables, gossip and even science has played a huge role over the years in the minds of normal and weird people, about the strange happenings around which we term as UNREAL. These UNREAL happenings can be named as... More...
The Knowledge of Pain
posted by thefinalmiracle - 27th of may, 2011
Three recent incidents gave me an insight of something what nature/god gave us but what we turned into a complication that multiplies itself due to our ability of thinking and learning. In the first incident I met a very great person.... More...
My first approved...thanks to dreamstime :-)
posted by iwanara - 14th of april, 2011
Hello all! my vectors got approved this afternoon and of course im happy... im new in dreamstime only have 3 approved vector and 0 downloads...need guidance from the masters my first vector and here is... More...
Learning Process - and sticking with it.
posted by leahmae - 1st of february, 2011
I joined Dreamstime as an outlet for my urge to click the shutter button. I love photography, always have. Now that my career is settled and I have a keen sense of where I am at, I have focused my spare creative juices on taking pictures.... More...
How Can I Improve?!
posted by maigi - 1st of may, 2010
Please look at my portfolio! How could I improve? Some advice from you? Some critique on my portfolio please? Please help me improve! You have seen these threads on DT message boards. From time to time they jump out among other... More...
Why... Classic Kids Questions
posted by maigi - 19th of november, 2009
Have you ever wondered, how many questions fits into the 5 year old's head? Why don't all the fish die when lightning hits the sea?Why is the sky blue?Why is the grass green?Why can't people leave other people alone?Why are birds not... More...
300 Online
posted by asaliro - 27th of may, 2009
This day, i am very happy. My online image more than 300 images. The download of image just slow down, only about 20 per month. That's bad. Is it because of global economic recession? I don't think so. It's about more creative people... More...
The knowledge of Beijing Opera facial makeup (One)
posted by pyfriend - 14th of march, 2009
Drama mask in my photos is one kind of multicolored makeups for actors in the Chinese traditional dramas. This facial makeup is used for the roles namely "Jing" and "Chou". They have different and special formats in patterning,... More...
To be or not to be?
posted by agripina - 23rd of october, 2008
This ever-living Sheakspearian question is in my agenda now. To be noticed among the vast collection of DT's images or not to be? I am not even talking about downloads but at least attention (views). I am new to DT but I have... More...
silhouette images
posted by billysiew - 15th of august, 2008
I only know this vocab "silhouette" after I joined Dreamstime... then I tried to produce some and here they are: Your comments are welcomed , Thanks! More...
6 Months, 642 images, 286 downloads and 1 blog later
posted by braendan - 1st of july, 2008
It has been 6 months since my first images were accepted and being exclusive on Dreamstime. I am not much of a writer so I am just going to put bits and pieces of my thoughts in point form. Microstock agencies like Dreamstime... More...
Christmas Present
posted by dcwcreations - 25th of december, 2007
I would like to give each and every one of you a christmas present. May the next year bring you, happiness, knowledge, and peace within and out. Through everything you will be doing remember to keep it fun and you can,t help but... More...
Knowledge is power
posted by lexschmidt - 10th of december, 2007
Try to use the technique the camera gives you. But don't forget to play. Everybody is taking shots from its own perspective. This makes a great diversity of pictures about one single item. After a few years expanding my hobby, i'... More...
Electricblue's test
posted by electricblue - 7th of december, 2007
I think it would be interesting sometimes how we discover a right shot so I've got this (stupid?) idea... What is the subject I shot?
Stroke of genius
posted by meserban - 4th of september, 2007
It's a great idea to create a site where all photographs can sell images and become known in the same time.
A long way to go.
posted by dcwcreations - 24th of august, 2007
I'm starting to realize how far away I am from where I want to be as a digital photographer. When I read a lot of the other blogs I am amazed at all the knowledge people have with programs like photoshop, and how much is done with a... More...
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