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What lens are you using
posted by redsun81 - 26th of september, 2007
Do the lenses you're using equate to the quality of your pictures?or in the same context,does the camera you're using matter? Personally i use a 30D and the Canon kit lens,a lens which some people won't even consider as their 1st lens.... More...
Classification of lenses according to .......
posted by northman - 23rd of september, 2007
Classification of lenses according to Focal Length, Image Format, Characteristics, Utilizations to see the table with all the useful content Click here Hope you guys found it useful :) source website: digital-cameras-help.... More...
Tamron Di-II 18-250 - finally have it!
posted by sebcz - 18th of september, 2007
The new Tamron 18-250 has just arrived, I'll be testing it for some time. As for now, only my 'how it feels in hand' impressions: solid build, very nice manual focusing, quite pleasant AF sound, and that range ! But of course its... More...
Choosing a new lens
posted by sebcz - 9th of september, 2007
Very often, in the forums, you can read a beginner's question: "What lens should I buy next? I already have a kit lens" Well, the answer is one - if you don't know what to buy, don't buy anything. When you start to shoot more, when... More...
Selling kit lens.
posted by sebcz - 4th of september, 2007
Let me tell you, I am kinda upset - I was going to sell my Pentax kit lens (18-55) for a decent price (less than the half of retail price), still no-one wanted it (auction site). I tried to set the price at the 1/3, added a... More...
Bought a new lens
posted by mheuver - 1st of september, 2007
After being slightly disappointed with the performance of the Sigma 70-300 APO, I decided to buy a new mid-range to short tele zoom. I especially didn't like the background blur (bokeh) of Sigma. Although I started to appreciate the... More...
Rain Protection
posted by thefinalmiracle - 30th of august, 2007
I recently faced a lot of problems shooting in the rains. A plastic bag doesn't solve the problem as it is the lens that gets wet and if you want to shoot children crossing in the rain or just some rainy scene, its very hard to do that... More...
Fickle minded or seeking improvements?
posted by fertographer - 27th of august, 2007
All along in the span of almost a year, I have changed quite a few lens..buying and selling definitely at a loss. My main issue is the inability to spend or simply put it, low purchasing power..I just don't have enough money. Getting... More...
Which Lens?
posted by kenneystudios - 25th of august, 2007
Whenever we head out to a family function or just a day out somewhere, I always debate on which camera lens to take with me, or how many. After several hours of mentally debating it with myself, I had the decision narrowed down... More...
New Norway collection.
posted by sebcz - 24th of august, 2007
OK, so most of the Norway photos are now online. The amount is quite big, I decided to make a special collection of them, for now it can only be found via looking at my profile page, in INFO links, when it's finally ready (when all... More...
Renting a lens is wise, its not a waste of money
posted by denisebeverly - 22nd of august, 2007
Have you ever considered renting a lens before you buy one? At first the thought of doing so seemed like a waste of money. But this past month I decided I just HAD to have a macro lens. I found a very good place to rent in my home... More...
Halo Effect
posted by kenneystudios - 11th of august, 2007
I took this picture back in the 1990s with a very simple, very cheap 35mm film camera. Adoring my mother's purple irises, I was taking pictures of them before their season was over. The sun was setting, so I was trying to hurry. I... More...
Over the shoulder technique to reduce camera shake without tripod
posted by doctor_bass - 31st of july, 2007
Forgot to bring your tripod and desperately want to use your non-image stabilized tele without camera-shake? Use the "over-the-shoulder" technique! Support the long lens on your left shoulder (this is easier for lefties (left eye... More...
Accessories for your DSLR camera.
posted by jrtmedia - 26th of july, 2007
If you have an interest in photography, you are probably going to buy a DSLR(digital single lens reflex) camera at some point. But what other types of equipment will you need for this type of camera? In this article, I will give some... More...
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