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  • My First Level 2 Image!!

    by Karenkh | 1st of July, 2009

    Yea!! Big excitement here! One of my photos has made it to level 2! Big thank you to all the buyers who have purchased my photos, and another big thank you to the many DT contributors who have been so supportive while I learn. Have a great day everyone!! Karen More
  • Next level , my second image... advantage?

    by Tan510jomast | 21st of June, 2009

    Today I have a tiny earning for my editorial image (see insert) This brings the download count to 5. If I am not mistaken that will mean this image goes up to the next level. So far, I have only one earlier image (ie. isolated of baby hedgehog) that succeeded going... More
  • My First Level Two

    by Aughty | 17th of June, 2009

    So cool to get to level two. Thanks to those who made it possible. See Article
  • Approaching Level Two

    by Karenkh | 27th of May, 2009

    I have recently noticed that one of my photos has had 4 downloads and is now approaching level two!! That's very exciting to me as I am still very much a beginner and have so much to learn. I wonder what it says about the state of things when my best selling photo... More
  • Level 5 - My Birthday Gift

    by Thefinalmiracle | 11th of May, 2009

    Is the title of this blog confusing?? Well it shouldn't be. Lately there was a debate on the board about whether assignment images should be shown first in the MOST POPULAR section in our portfolio. I had voted that they shouldn't be. The reason was simple. An assignment... More
  • My first level two image

    by Zhiyuli | 21st of April, 2009

    It is so happy to have my first level 2 photo. See Article
  • My first level 2 image!!!!

    by Asklar | 12th of April, 2009

    With patience and perserverence i finally have a level 2 image!! I am so excited. This is the image>>>>>> See Article
  • My First Level 2 Image

    by Fultonsphoto | 27th of March, 2009

    Yesterday I wrote a blog article that could be considered a little cheeky but non the less a decent sales pitch (Last Chance) - kind of hard up marketing :0) But that said, it did bring about the sale needed to take one of my photos (shown below) to my first and only level... More
  • first level two photo

    by Digitalreflections | 9th of March, 2009

    I was overjoyed this morning when I logged on and dicovered that one of my photos had sold making it my very first level two file. Each new accomplishment brings renewed enthusiasm. It may be trivial to some of the more experienced members here,but it made my day. More
  • Dreamstime Assignment Image Accepted (Too Cool!)

    by Indy2320 | 30th of January, 2009

    When i logged on to Dreamstime yesterday i found that the image i uploaded just the day before was accepted by the assignment editors. I've uploaded several images into previous assignments and they were refused due to the fact that they were not what the editors were looking... More
  • My first level 5 photos !!!

    by Sleiselei | 26th of January, 2009

    I got my first level5 photos by downloading this morning! Before I have some level5 photos but not achieved by downloading.They are by participating in assignments automatically upgrade. This one in December 15, 2007 on-line, the first download on December 22,2007 ,Spent... More
  • Soaring to new heights

    by Teekaygee | 15th of January, 2009

    This morning I got up, made my coffee and checked my stats , which is how I usually start my day. I was pleased to see my earnings balance had gone up during the night (which I know because I check my stats right before bed too! Lol!), and saw it was my most popular photo... More
  • From Level 1 to Level 2 in about 10 weeks.

    by Indy2320 | 9th of January, 2009

    With all the excitement over our new incoming president i can only assume that is why this image has done as well as it has.But i can't be sure so i reckon it's all good. Living so close to the nation's capital i find that i'm very fortunate to be able to capture many... More
  • My first image at level 2

    by Mollysauro | 5th of January, 2009

    My first level 2 image. Hoping the new year brings me many more. See Article
  • My Second Level 2 Photo

    by Bugsy | 5th of December, 2008

    After 5 months of being a more serious DreamsTime photography I have reached my 2nd level 2 photo. To date I have been quite satisfied with DT. As I continue to slowly upload more photos my revenue seems to be increasing slowly with it. I'm also excited to start... More
  • my first level 2 picture!

    by Andreapaggiaro | 17th of November, 2008

    I'm so happy! Many thanks to the 5 anonimous buyers and to Dreamstime! It's an Eiffel tower: I thought it was a subject too common but it works very well for me. See Article
  • My First Level 3

    by Psalm113v9 | 11th of November, 2008

    This is my first level 3 immage. It is a photo of a glass etching I did over 12 years ago on a slidding glass door. I took it at night on eighter Bulb or A-Dep (i can not remember which worked as I was just playing around) I also taped a piece of black poster paper... More
  • Second level

    by Sanshams | 3rd of November, 2008

    Hello everybody. I joined DT a bit more than 6 months ago and this morning got my first second level image. I'm soooo happy about!!!! Thanks to Dreamstime and to the buyers. Ciao Sandra See Article
  • All My Shots at Level 2

    by Lhj | 20th of October, 2008

    I don't know how's your shots. However, I have 5 pictures at level 2 now!!! Dreamstime does make all photos downloaded 5 times above as Level 2. But when can I have my first Level 3? Anybody knows how many downloads for 1 shot at Level 3? 15 downloads or 20 downloads above?... More
  • First 2nd level File

    by Macmaniac | 21st of August, 2008

    A simple editorial image,thinks to Olympics! ;) See Article

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