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  • Christmas Setup

    by HongChan001 | 20th of November, 2011

    I live in a tropical country and we don't have any snow fall here. so for this reason I used icing sugar to create snow. 1) I put a 2 X 3 ft wide X 2 inch tall tray on a table top and frame the angle I want. Then I start to fill the angle with icing sugar and Christmas Ornament.... More
  • The Party's Over

    by Mlhead | 5th of November, 2011

    I don't consider myself a studio photographer, in fact I struggle with indoor lighting and really admire the work of those of you who do such amazing studio photographs. But I live the Pacific Northwest of the US and it really is dark and rainy for about seven months... More
  • Preparing for winter

    by Llareggub | 21st of October, 2011

    In preparation for the long cold winter months I have been on a bit of a spending spree to helo me produce new content over winter and my first purchase was a light cube, I had been using an array of stuff to get a studio type shot. Including glasses, clothes pegs bits of... More
  • Silhouette photography

    by Pal1989 | 28th of September, 2011

    I always like photography with back lighting, Silhouette is one of the popular output of it.It mainly depends upon framing sense and a proper exposure control.Different type of human expression, dramatic act, activity, shape, structure, modern art can be easily depicted with... More
  • Studio lighting.

    by Dgphotographic | 13th of September, 2011

    I have a home studio, it is set up in my garage, I have gradually built up my gear. I started off using my camera flash on a remote trigger mounted on my tripod, a secondary flash set on "slave". To give differing lighting set ups. My full time job as an engineer meant... More
  • Six months in...

    by Llareggub | 7th of July, 2011

    Well I have been submitting here at DT for 6 months and thought I would write a blog about my experiences... My first image on line was a picture that I took last summer without any incling of submitting it for stock but t got me on the line and started my journey...... More
  • Wishlist for better camera

    by Palangsi | 12th of April, 2011

    Camera manufacturers have till now been mostly obsessed with megapixels. My wishlist 1. Have a detachable 3 inch LCD screen with shutter button, aperture and shutter speed control, review and drive mode change. Also able to attach it to the flash for easier change... More
  • In the Midst of Rejection How to Find Meaning

    by Joyb0218 | 2nd of April, 2011

    Well guys, I started out with the desire to do only Christian stock but after several rejections, I found that I needed to take a step back and re-group. This is not to say that I won't pursue Christian stock anymore, not at all. I will and I am. But for now, I want to share... More
  • Building a New Studio

    by Noonie | 24th of February, 2011

    Just in case some of you are still fighting the snow and ice and need something to think about, how about a new studio? You can learn from the best and Yuri has a new one to show you. I just saw this post and knew that it would get some of you photogs out of the winter... More
  • My (almost) free lighting setup

    by Kringstad | 14th of February, 2011

    Some of the most asked questions on the message boards are about lighting. Where do I get it? What do I get? Is there anything cheaper? Whats the best? I thought I would take some time to share my lighting setup with you. Here it is... Custom Light Box I know it... More
  • Creating of Ferrari 458 restyled

    by Zenox2d | 9th of February, 2011

    3d modeling and rendering of beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia.I'v found a lot's of reference images,but still couldn't catch every detail.Also my creative side is always stronger then need for accuracy.When I'v got modeling as I want it,then I'v focused on renderings.Almost 2... More
  • Cold weather...

    by Dgphotographic | 21st of January, 2011

    The weather in the UK has been cold and grey for the last couple of weeks andI'm looking forward to getting out in the winter sunshine to do some landscape shots of the Berkshire countryside. A few sporting model shoots planned for next month, and some more studio work,... More
  • The Ever Versatile Beauty Dish

    by Photoshow | 4th of September, 2010

    Today I thought I would share a classic portrait technique with you. This is a quick and easy lighting setup that can be used for head shots and portraits. The gear required is minimal and the space needed is even less. This setup can be effectively utilized in a very... More
  • Super Steady Shot

    by Indy2320 | 29th of August, 2010

    After a great trip to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC i found out that no tripods are allowed and using my flash even with my diffuser and fairly low flash settings i was still coming up with reflections and halos.Lighting conditions as in most museums or... More
  • More useful sources for food photographers

    by Tanyae | 19th of August, 2010

    About a year ago I posted about Lou Manna's work, which can be the great source of inspiration for all who are keen on food photography. Today I'd like to share some more useful (of course, from my POV) links: the first one is to the interview with Jennifer Davick who... More
  • What Does it Mean?

    by Williamardrey | 5th of August, 2010

    I just looked at my most recent rejections and the reasons for the rejections. I could understand most of them, which were things like: "poor lighting setup", "poor contrast or incorrect exposure", "white balance parameter not correctly assigned"...and then there was this... More
  • Do you dot your i dots

    by Palangsi | 3rd of August, 2010

    As a practitioner of Graphology, I have noticed that there are some people who do not dot their i dots. I have been teaching some people photography over 4 years and realised that these people generally don't like using off-camera lighting. They prefer using the flash on... More
  • Professionally yours, my stock diary

    by Robjmalin | 12th of June, 2010

    I began shooting stock a few month's ago after being inspired by photographer yuri arcus. Ive always been interested in photography and my grandfather and uncle used to develop film in the bathtub of their country home. I decided a few month ago after being injured at work... More
  • Portrait Lighting

    by Rtdesignstudio | 13th of May, 2010

    Hi, we've just published an article on Portrait Lighting, where we explained the basic lighting techniques and schemes for creating 5 types of portraits. Please check it out and let us know what you think. Portrait Lighting More
  • Secrets of Wildlife Photography

    by Visceralimage | 24th of March, 2010

    Wildlife photography presents many challenges. Most folks think one must have $10,000 dollar lenses but at times, this is just not the case. This image was completed with a $200 lens that came with my digital camera. Wildlife photography is about catching an interesting... More

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