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Such a building you like it?
posted by hanbaoluan - 8th of november, 2013
Ancient architecture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, the palace buildings is one of the most magnificent. No matter on the structure, or in form, they all show the royal dignity and palatial style, to distinguish... More...
Why photography? (win a 7 credit sale!)
posted by robinstockphotos - 1st of july, 2013
Share your obsession with photography, why you like it, what makes you admire your subjects and what you want dream of capturing one day and where would be your dream destination for photography? Great to know your fellow photographers... More...
The Chinese like to eat dumplings!
posted by hanbaoluan - 30th of may, 2013
Dumpling, the Chinese are very like to eat food. Especially in the north of China people special love to eat, it is a kind of pasta food, dumplings with meat and vegetables, which contain various vitamins, is especially beautiful... More...
Photographing what you know
posted by matijakeber - 4th of march, 2013
I think the best pictures come from those topics that you know about,like, have tried them, are a part of your life... Those pictures will probably be most realistic, as you know what details you have to be careful on. Lets say you... More...
Happy New Year
posted by alexlp - 31st of december, 2012
Happy new year to everyone.May you good health, happiness and good luck. This is my first year spent in DT。I register in DT only two months. I very like here. More...
potential photo
posted by jianbinglee - 21st of february, 2012
Photos of the past, I find some of the feel-good photo.I believe they have the potential to be downloaded.Some feel pretty good, I hope someone will like and download. Good photo of the standard is very bad definition.But no matter... More...
400 Sales achievement !!!
posted by tmarchev - 30th of november, 2011
Today, sales reached 400! I want to thank to Dreamstime and everyone who liked my stuff, who purchased my images. Thank you! ;-} More...
30 files online!
posted by honkamaa - 21st of july, 2011
I uploaded my first photos on DT in April last year and during the first year I basically had 10 photos here, getting 10 sales as well. During the last week I've increased my portfolio rapidly from 10 to 30 photos! Sales have only... More...
Wonderful picture which I really like
posted by janeedward - 30th of june, 2011
Fish, flower and black ink in an china bowl with a style of Chinese painting. I like its circular composition and color contrast. Two red fish,spreading black ink,yellow flower and a little green leaf,I was touched when it finished.... More...
Who needs it?
posted by le0nid - 28th of april, 2011
Some friends and acquaintances say it was funny, drawing, photography and try to sell the image. "- Who needs it? "They say.... I like to photograph and draw an illustration . Thanks Dreamstime I became more attentive to the quality... More...
Nobody dislike it !!
posted by annieyek - 29th of december, 2010
Guess what it is.. Yes, Ice cream, a mouth-watering food ! Here, I have some ice cream photos want to share with you.. Which one you like most? :) More...
Editor's choice !
posted by annieyek - 1st of september, 2010
Finally. I have received an editor's choice award with this Sashimi image. Thanks the editor who likes my Sashimi !! Hope you all like it too! :)
China old furniture
posted by mbr555 - 7th of february, 2009
Ancient Chinese furniture has different times in different styles, materials use of hardware production, has rosewood, chicken wing wood, yellow sandalwood, Elm and so on. The production of durable furniture, paint elegant decoration,... More...
Do you like durian?
posted by annieyek - 14th of january, 2009
I like durian very much. I have one image of durian online.. However, I don't expect it will have any download since most of the buyers are from western country (most of them don't like durian). Today, I am glad that someone has... More...
Someone likes my baby boy..
posted by billysiew - 13th of january, 2009
I thought nobody like my baby, but finally someone had downloaded my baby boy picture ( n/a with extralarge) :) Thanks the buyer! Here is the picture:
You never know..
posted by billysiew - 27th of october, 2008
I almost want to delete this picture after I took. Luckily I still kept it. You know this picture was accepted as the current assigment file with level 5, not only that, it was the highest revenue I get so far i.e $5.00 for one download.... More...
What do you like about photography?
posted by lsr792000 - 29th of june, 2008
It has been nearly 4 years since i first got my dslr. Well initially, it was the urge to get those beautiful pictures which i often seen online. Later once you develop a certain level of skill, it becomes trying to capture things at... More...
Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 21
posted by saniphoto - 20th of september, 2007
This is a perfect example of kids joy and playful attitude. The colors, the movement, the expressions, all contribute to make it a good children stock photography.
Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 20
posted by saniphoto - 19th of september, 2007
I like very much this simple, graphical, stylish and extremely conceptual image of golf clubs. Notice also the usage of the light on the background, that add something dynamic to the photo. Very nice.
Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 19
posted by saniphoto - 19th of september, 2007
I like this 'graphical' photo taken from above the businesspeople. The composition make you to look and try to understand to what they are doing. Is a viewpoint that invite curiosity.
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