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Over 1000$
posted by streager - 14th of march, 2014
Today I have rich my first 1000$. After 2 months of calm, in the last week, sales increased again, and exceeding the magical limit of 1000 dollars. :-) Best regards from Slovenija
For Nikon D800 users
posted by vilaimages - 10th of march, 2014
Hello everybody, I just wanted to share an experience I had with DT that took me a while to figure out. I have been uploading RAW files taken with a Nikon D300 as additional format with every submission with no problems. It was after... More...
Hard work was Paid Today
posted by djapart - 23rd of december, 2013
to day, while i am uploading and submitting several image to Dreamstime, one of my image sold and make me reach my 1st payout limit... i can imagine before.. here the image downloaded: and then.. to uploading much more my work... More...
Productive month!
posted by matthiase - 14th of june, 2013
You know when you are on top of your game when you get this error message from DT :). "Error: Due to the massive uploads, you can only make 53 submissions per week. Please continue the upload process after 7 days have passed since... More...
What to do, when frustration knocks on your door...
posted by janceluch - 30th of october, 2012
Hi guys, I decided to write this post to help myself (and maybe others) to get out of misery of frustration that strikes us - photographers from time to time... So... recently I haven't created any image (for a while already) - mostly... More...
200th image finally
posted by ewamewa2 - 18th of august, 2012
After two years I sold the 201st image:) I know it is not much and impressive but still, since I upload mostly editorials taken during my travels therefore stocks are rather my hobby than occupation so I am really happy and a kind of... More...
Newsworthy but I reached upload limit
posted by kphotos6411 - 4th of november, 2011
What to do if you have some newsworthy current event pictures but have uploaded your weekly limit? I uploaded 3 pictures but cannot Complete them because of weekly limit. The Festival is the 4-7 of Nov.
Great!That's the first time.
posted by janeedward - 28th of june, 2011
It's really a good day today,right? That's the first time that all of my ten pictures were accepted in once upload. But there is still some problem.My photos before are not so good that my approval ratio is just 26.4% until now.... More...
Woow, my very first 500 000 !!!
posted by archangel72 - 19th of may, 2011
Be honest with me, you all thought that I earned 500 000 $ in revenue. I wish that happened, but this one seem O.K. to me as well. Sorry, but I'm speechless... This month I'll remember for sure! I sold my first (U-EL) unlimited... More...
Quality versus quantity versus time
posted by bradcalkins - 9th of may, 2011
From my engineering background I find the quality versus quantity discussion interesting. What seems to be missing from the discussion is a third variable: time. It is kind of meaningless to talk about quantity versus quality as if... More...
We are surrounded by images
posted by stangot - 5th of may, 2011
Most people have heard the cliché, “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade”, this is true and helpful when your environment and resources are limited. As you can see from several of my last pictures that my current location... More...
Try shooting with EL Nikkor 50 mm f/2.8
posted by fzy826 - 26th of february, 2010
Try shooting with EL Nikkor 50 mm f/2.8, this is an enlarger lens, Shooting range is limited, but the results were pretty good feeling----- More...
searching for kids
posted by robertosch - 19th of february, 2010
Question: If I search for kids... just an example. And I see 80 illustrations per page, if I watch 50 pages, that means 4000 illustrations totally. Wright? But... what if and I want to see page 51, they will say that: "Searches... More...
Each upload is a celebration
posted by studioportosabbia - 16th of september, 2009
Now I understand why people celebrate and announce their uploads. I went from 10 to 5 uploads a day because of massive uploads. Today I was "done" after one single upload! With this limit it takes forever to built a reasonable portfolio... More...
Displays the infinite ideal condition with the limited picture
posted by gserw - 25th of november, 2008
Facing the photographic object, may display its complete picture, may also display its part. Sometimes displays can bring the unique effect partially, obtains photographs the ideal condition which the complete picture cannot achieve,... More...
Twenty-Six Pounds!
posted by charlesoutcalt - 7th of august, 2008
While getting ready for a safari trip (about which I will write much more in coming weeks, I hope), I am confronted by an extremely strict weight limit: 26 pounds! This must include checked baggage and carry-on, toothbrush, clothing... More...
ETR (estimated time for review)
posted by markogt - 11th of march, 2008
Some days after uploading some new photos I thought that it is not easy to respond for photo requests made in Dreamstime message boards. Let´s say that one designer makes a new topic that he/she needs a photo. When I make the... More...
How to Make Usefull Stock Photos without Expensive DSLR
posted by nonboe - 22nd of august, 2007
It's not the camera that makes good pictures, it's the eye behind, we all know that, but a pro or semi-pro camera (DSLR) with good lenses makes it a lot easier to take perfect pictures thats a fact, too. But what does one do without... More...
Never Enough Time...
posted by jsternig - 18th of august, 2007
As a college student, I often find myself trying to find the time to set up a shoot and to get lots of good shots in order to expand my portfolio. The problem is, between classes, work, and studying, I find myself with little time to... More...
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