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posted by reganyuan888 - 16th of march, 2014
I am a new member, and I like taking pictures. Please have a look at here: http://www.dreamstime.com/reganyuan888_info
Unbelievable - photo made with smartphone on stock assignment!
posted by alvera - 20th of november, 2012
Four years ago, when I start uploading stock photos, I upgraded my Panasonic bridge camera to a dslr, special for this kind of photography. I would not believe that, four years later, I have one photo made with a phone, in assignment!... More...
Funny Crane
posted by jackbluee - 27th of october, 2012
Look at my funny crane. This silly crane stopped at the Seattle Japanese garden long enough to show it's funny looking and actions. It has angry bird's eyes! It is my first bird pictures accepted here. More...
You Have to be a Photographer FIRST
posted by wisconsinart - 25th of april, 2012
I have been a victim of the economy; I've been working but doing consulting which means the jobs are temporary. As my most recent assignment was ending, I began to look for another job and have landed a permanent position. My start... More...
Take a Second Look
posted by adeliepenguin - 24th of august, 2011
Yesterday was a big day. I hit 1,000 sales. Interestingly, what made the difference in reaching this milestone more quickly is that over the past months I have re-looked at, and uploaded, several images I “passed” the first... More...
Look up !
posted by dgphotographic - 16th of july, 2011
On a recent visit to London, I was heading to the river Thames to photograph some landmarks, most people are familiar with the famous views of the capital. However, walking through the commercial district I was amazed at the modern... More...
Pet Photography: Getting that look with dogs
posted by visceralimage - 20th of january, 2011
Part of my income stream comes from pet photography. I am sure I could make much more shooting weddings but I am not fond of Bridezillas. I get along much better with animals. When photographing dogs, owners want a picture... More...
It's Not My Fault if Sales are Poor
posted by wisconsinart - 19th of january, 2011
There is a common theme you see in the forums that goes something like this: "I've been on DT for a year and with 100 images in my portfolio I have only 5 sales. But over at XYZ I have 25 sales." In other words, there is a problem... More...
Look into the viewfinder, not through the viewfinder
posted by spectrumstudios - 21st of december, 2010
Below is what I believe to be one of the most important tips for a photographer. Once I was taught this, it totally changed how I take photos The statement is “Look into the viewfinder, not through the viewfinder”. When you... More...
About the future.
posted by jianbinglee - 7th of may, 2010
I have access to the microstock relatively late. Some friends say the best time of microstock is by 2008. Here are some against my confidence. These days, one after another since the adoption of some of my photos, but not a download.... More...
Seeing through the camera
posted by eternalfour - 21st of march, 2010
Taking pictures not only involve looking and shooting. When we are experiencing a certain place space or object, not only our vision is stimulated; all our senses are; so when the photo is taken one may think that a great photo has... More...
posted by bimuyu503 - 13th of february, 2010
a chicken look at you
What Designers Are Looking for in Stock Photography
posted by torchdesigns - 27th of october, 2009
What are Graphic Designers and Creative Directors looking for, when it comes to the images they select? That is the ultimate question for anyone who creates stock photography, isn't it. Being a graphic designer and a creative... More...
Looking forward to Valentine's Day.
posted by linqong - 11th of february, 2009
Romantic Valentine's Day is coming, do you get rose and present ready?
Improve organization's profile
posted by alberto*_* - 2nd of february, 2009
First of all I have to give proper credits to lifesazoo for the initial input. A couple of days ago, while looking for ways to improve the appearance and organization of photos in my profile, I found a thread in the forum who gave... More...
Common Robin Often Overlooked
posted by toynutz - 25th of october, 2008
The American Robin (Turdus migratorius) is so common to most of North America that it is often overlooked as the subject for photographers. Their natural tendency to not be easily startled or distracted by nearby human activity makes... More...
What Do People Want?
posted by noonie - 21st of august, 2008
Does anyone want to buy my pictures? Well, then how about a van- No? A small house, maybe- Advertising works and helps us all. I'm in a service industry that can pick up in bad times since I fix furniture you already own and... More...
I'm looking for a new professional camera. What do you suggest?
posted by ckell663 - 30th of july, 2008
Well, i'm looking for a great camera so that i can get better pics and won't have to do as much tweaking. Any suggestions?
Look down at the Forbidden City.
posted by linqong - 2nd of may, 2008
Stand in the height bowing and seeing famous Forbidden City, make people shake. Exquisite ancient building arrangement, let building and art perfect combination of Forbidden City. Blocks of golden yellow tiles shroud the Forbidden City... More...
Looking for raccoon
posted by oleksandrvorokh - 8th of february, 2008
Hello, my friends! I'm looking for interesting raccoon for home picture Hope I'll find something.
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