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What is She Wearing?
posted by ellenboughn - 20th of february, 2007
Wardrobe is key to a professional looking image. And the type of clothing that a model is wearing can enhance the salability of an image in more ways than one. Here is a terrific image of a teen writing on the... More...
posted by jackbluee - 1st of february, 2013
January was quiet. Christmas excitement was over. Buyers were tired of buying. Designers were hesitating. January was full of hope, but accompanied with confusion. Out of ideas or lack of motivation? When you are swimming upstream,... More...
Clothing sizes - A good idea?
posted by mariaam - 26th of november, 2011
I had the idea to draw an illustration with all clothing sizes that are available. Starting at xsmall and going to xxlarge. I draw t-shirts and then I made a colorful set of the sizes. I used strong and harmonic colours as you can... More...
second 100$
posted by uptall - 6th of june, 2011
finally reached the second 100usd on dt. wish more sales coming and more images been approved from now on.
posted by martinisaac - 29th of april, 2011
Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in many other materials. Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland. Scottish... More...
Poor January
posted by mangroove - 17th of january, 2011
After an incredible December with lots of big credit sales, January disappointed me : I have 90% subscriptions and 1 credit sales :(. I hope this soon will change. Does anyone experiences the same? PS: I'm setting the subscriptions... More...
Dynamic Clothing - A New Trend for 3D Renders!
posted by avion49 - 16th of january, 2011
Over the last several years, there has been a new trend developing in the creation of 3D clothing, that of dynamics. "What is dynamics?" you ask. To put it simply, dynamic clothing is clothing that drapes with gravity. If you... More...
A New Sold of a Full-Length Shot
posted by black-white - 10th of november, 2010
Several days ago, a photo taken in a heavy industry park about the topic of air pollution was sold again. This was its 5th sold. The photo was shot in winter around 3 years ago. I used a full-length lens which with 70-200 mm range... More...
You might think I'm going for the "DT joker" title ...
posted by imaengine - 28th of august, 2010
A photographer from a well known national magazine was assigned to cover the fires at Yellowstone National Park. The magazine wanted to show some of the heroic work of the fire fighters as they battled the blaze. When the photographer... More...
My first sale on Dreamstime.
posted by lizhenfeng - 4th of april, 2010
Hello everybody!! I'm new on Dreamstime and I have only 17 photos uploaded until now. One of my photos was downloaded in the first day of April. I wish to thank you!! I am an IT engineer in China and I love photography in... More...
hi, guys
posted by yuguangli - 29th of july, 2009
I'm really pleased to see the comments, my friends My first name is Guangli, so you can call me Guangli or Gloria. Guangli now say hello to everyone here: Good morning Well, is it morning now for we all? This weekend, i have a... More...
What is art?
posted by mildegard - 25th of february, 2009
This question may sound strange, but I really often ask myself - what is really art and what is not? I'll explain my doubts... Experimenting, finding new ways to express yourself is good. But I think humanity's gone to far on that... More...
Pink lotus
posted by forshone - 27th of january, 2009
china Lotus flower The china Lotus flower symbolizes divinity, fertility, Peace and happiness,wealth, knowledge and enlightenment. It is associated with the goddess of Wisdom, guanyin, who brings prosperity, purity and generosity.... More...
posted by zrknight - 13th of january, 2009
I'm soooo happy! I had 12 sales after holidays: 1 now and 1 yesterday! And that is 12 already! Here's some of the lucky pics: And can you comment them,by the way? Best wishes, ma94re. More...
the ancient costume of China
posted by crazyufo - 8th of november, 2008
my fist time used the pen in photoshop, and i drawn this dress. not perfect in actually, but at least i'm approving in now. the ancient costume of China have lots of design, every dynasty and every folk was differents, but all of them... More...
It's time to vote!
posted by bluekatstudios - 31st of october, 2008
Working on a project to do with Presidential Election? May this simple graphic will come in handy:
An unexpected sale
posted by linqong - 22nd of september, 2008
One week ago,I found that I have a U-EL ($ 13.39) sales. I was surprised and happy, this is my the first U-EL on DT. I am grateful to the buyers and DT,I will continue making great efforts. This is a picture of a lotus, I... More...
elegant lotus
posted by jasonjung - 7th of july, 2008
it's season to enjoy the beautiful lotus, most of chinese people love lotus flower, because the lotus flower is very quiet and elegant, just like chinese traditional standard of personality. the leaf and bud is also pretty, lotus... More...
Season of the lotus.
posted by linqong - 6th of july, 2008
Season of the lotus. Have sentences to well praise the lotus in China, this is Lotus grows out of the mud ,yet it is clean; It is born to be beautiful yet not seductive.It likens and was born in the dirty environment but not pollute,... More...
Lotus – The Flower Represents Gentleman
posted by guodingping - 17th of june, 2008
Lotus is a loveable summer flower. It is said by Zhang Chao, an chinese scholar in Qing dynasty, that: ‘Most flowers that are pretty have no smell, and those that have multilayer petals do no beat fruit. How rare is a perfect talent!... More...
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