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Getting closer
posted by risto40 - 21st of march, 2010
My last blog article was a submitted a really long time ago, somewhere in November 2009 which was about discovering a new world. This one is mostly like a follow-up. So, first of all, the lens was actually MP-E 65mm, not 60mm. But... More...
Attaining Macro Magnifications
posted by elimitchell - 19th of march, 2010
Macro photography has intrigued me because it reveals a world of something you have never noticed before, and it blows it up to a striking life-size image. Macro photography has yielded numerous amazing discoveries in otherwise seemingly... More...
Eco Friendly Option is my First Download
posted by morphers82 - 12th of march, 2010
Hello Again from Minnesota. So yesterday I was online and happened to look at my sales, not expecting to see any downloads. Low and behold i got my first sale on my Macro shot of some bamboo flooring that I shot specifically as... More...
First Objective Reached ! Woohoo !!!
posted by jdazuelos - 8th of march, 2010
Yesterday I reached My first objective, get an image in level 2 !! yeah ! I've almost reached my second one (get 100 images on-line) It's now time for spring cleaning and good resolutions for the summer. my next objectives... More...
Macro is fun !
posted by davulcu - 2nd of march, 2010
I love macro photography and I want to share my experiences with you. 1 - Use a tripod. If you dont, then shoot in manuel focus mode , since your movements will destroy the AF point as your body moves. 2 - Sometimes you... More...
First try of macro
posted by peter.kirillov - 25th of november, 2009
Recently I have made first attempts to shot macro. Macro photography is an awesome and totally unique experience! I did not make any masterpiece of course. But it was really exciting to try! I use Canon SRL. And a friend of... More...
Discovering new world...slowly
posted by risto40 - 14th of november, 2009
Back in summer 2009 i was so bored of these regular shots with everyday lens. So i thought i need something new. Well, as I didn't want to buy a crap, i found really good and long telephoto lenses unaffordable and decided for really... More...
Another new collection
posted by patl - 1st of november, 2009
I decided to create yet another new collection this AM. It is called... Close up photos Let me know if you would like me to add any of your photos to the collection. I would like macros, micros, or very high quality cose ups. Please... More...
Maximize your sensor
posted by bradcalkins - 29th of october, 2009
I've posted a blog on making the best use of the sensor when taking closeups for isolation. Let me know what you think - I think I get visibly more detail when using this method. It only works for long skinny objects, though!... More...
My New 60mm/F2.8
posted by indianeye - 29th of august, 2009
I was willing to purchase a macro lens from many days, was unable to afford but finally I have recently purchased new macro lens which is Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM I really love closeup & macro photography. Before purchasing... More...
Macro Test
posted by alvinku - 25th of july, 2009
I just purchased a new macro Canon Lens and try to shot on the droplet. The lens focus is really fast and i love it so much
Whole new world under you nose!!
posted by amilevin - 17th of june, 2009
Hi, Recently I started to master new photography area which supprised me a lot! This new area (for me) is macro photography. It's amazing, there was always a whole world under my nose and I didn't noticed it. It takes a lot of... More...
Flower Shots
posted by markogt - 23rd of may, 2009
I have two different type of emotions after again one submitted flower shot gets refused. Explaination is: this is a very well covered subject in our data base or the subject of your image is too specific. This one sentence can... More...
Insects a Challenging but Rewarding Subject
posted by toynutz - 7th of may, 2009
Insects are an especially challenging subject to photograph for several reasons. They're small and flighty, which poses a need for balance between depth of field and fast shutter speed while trying to get close enough for a full-... More...
posted by picstudio - 28th of february, 2009
Just want to share my latest macro shot, hope you all love it.
Lighting issues with shooting macro.
posted by mattwatt - 7th of february, 2009
It seems that I still have a lot to learn about lighting. And if I had the opportunity and lived in a location to get some education about this, I definitely would. So I'm writing this for others that are in a similar boat (here's an... More...
Reverse Lens Photography
posted by telecast - 28th of october, 2008
Reverse lens photography is a technique that allows you to achieve incredible magnification by using two regular lenses and a DSLR. Basically, a second lens, which is reversed and put in front of the lens on your camera, will magnify... More...
My First Editors Choice!
posted by marilyngould - 23rd of october, 2008
Hey everyone I just am about to burst with happiness, in checking my profile for sales this morning I scrolled down and nearly fell off my chair -- my favorite macro model, Truman the jumping spider has been selected as an Editors... More...
posted by qing02051981 - 21st of october, 2008
It is the first time I had my hands on a macro lens. It is amazing to see my watch at this size.
Stepping stones
posted by palabra - 4th of september, 2008
In my last batch there are some macro shots of pebbles. In those shots I've been playing around with the focus. In this one I had the focus on the first pebble. In this one on the second pebble. And in this one the focus... More...
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