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Hiking in Upper Franconia, Bavaria (Germany)
posted by andiz275 - 2nd of september, 2013
Good morning, today I want to give you some general information about Hiking in Upper Franconia, Germany. For the start it's funny for me, that there's no real translation of the german word "Wandern" in english. I knew the... More...
These keywords unknown! How many keywords for photos?
posted by federicofoto - 1st of march, 2012
The Keywords: These unknown. I'm trying different solutions to increase sales of my photographs. But I asked: - It 'better to write very few keywords, such as 7 to 8 or - It 'better to have numerous keywords (always inherent... More...
Congrats to Japan for winning the Woman's World cup
posted by darwinsm81 - 17th of july, 2011
As much as it hurt to see the US team to lose, its great to see Japan win the World Cup after the tragedy that happen this year. Way to go Japan!!
Happy Birthday to me!
posted by miluxian - 8th of october, 2010
Yes, I know it was my birthday yesterday... but what about this present? More than 50 sales in less than 24 hours? hmmm... I'm afraid there will be a refund soon :) Ok, another one... with something more than 25 sales...... More...
More traffic to Dreamstine, why not a blog?
posted by fcarucci - 7th of june, 2010
I've recently been experimenting with ways to draw more traffic to my portfolio on Dreamstime andincrease exposure of my work. I experimented with Twitter with decent results, now I'm trying to open a Travel Blog, add referral link... More...
Easter is over
posted by cristalloid - 5th of april, 2010
Easter is over and I wish all of you contributers many, many sales!!! And for the buyers of you: I wish everybody that he/she finds what is needed and that it fits perfectly into your artwork :) More...
posted by cristalloid - 15th of january, 2010
Recently the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010 opened it doors. Come to the Ruhr area and have a look what has been made from one of the biggest industrial regions in Germany. There are many things to discover for us photo-... More...
20 years Fall of the Berlin Wall
posted by intrepix - 8th of november, 2009
On November 9th 1989 the Berlin Wall fell. Hard to imagine that already 20 years are past since then. I use the occasion the honour this anniversary with some photos from the community. More...
Travel Stock - First steps
posted by fcarucci - 1st of october, 2009
Moving my first steps into travel stock photography is proving to be a worthy experience both in terms of the richness it brings and in terms of the arsenal of new tools it adds to my photography. Time to share the experience.... More...
Germany Summer
posted by zqfotography - 18th of december, 2008
Just got my paper accepted for a conference in Wolfsburg. The conference will be held in June 2009. I am wondering where are the best places to go in Summer, in Germany, in Europe? Plan to stay at Wolfsburg for around 5 days and... More...
Popular or unique?
posted by billysiew - 10th of december, 2008
Which type of picture will sell better? Popular or unique? For popular pictures, can be found more easily but may be others better than yours..? For unique pictures, less chance to be found, there for not many sales.. This... More...
too many keywords?
posted by martinedegraaf - 30th of november, 2008
Sometimes, with very satisfing results from shooting and postprocessing, my expectations are high when uploading a photo. The pending time seems to pass twice as slow and then some days before it really is showing on portfolio and in... More...
An Editor point of view... Too many flowers!
posted by demonike - 18th of may, 2008
As the image editors (not entirely correct a statement - we're more like... well, reviewers only) review up to a couple of thousand images per day - each - then they most likely see the big picture, when it comes to balancing the various... More...
Should I do more, or is the subject exhausted
posted by crosschk - 4th of february, 2008
When I started doing this, 3 whole weeks ago. I was able to take pictures of dice and playing cards and poker chips in different arrangements. I was excited that these we accepted. My big question is how much is too much? how do you... More...
The legacy of Bavarian King Ludwig II
posted by bogdan - 25th of september, 2007
The second part of the one-week road trip that I have taken this August in Bavaria region of Germany has focused on the castles and palaces linked with the last Bavarian king Ludwig II. Impression from the first part of this adventure... More...
Munich, Germany
posted by bogdan - 11th of september, 2007
On 10th August we have started a week long road trip in Bavaria region of Germany. Our first stop of 4 days was Munich (Munchen), Germany third largest city with a population of around 2.6 millions in the whole metropolitan area. The... More...
Family photos
posted by se23h - 15th of august, 2007
I found a great family photo on this site and I am going to use it for a brochure. I had a hard time because there are so many good family photos on this site. Just search FAMILY.
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