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Global Warming
posted by ellenboughn - 11th of april, 2007
April 22 is Earth Day. The tipping point has been reached. Politicians and corporations have joined the rest of us in sharing concern for what human activity is doing to the earth. As a consequence there is an increasing demand... More...
The Strait of Messina
posted by madman81 - 23rd of june, 2013
"The Strait of Messina is a place across the border, that "originates infinite." And it is there where the border becomes less clear that creeps the myth, destabilizing the man's eyes and pushing beyond reality,... More...
potential photo
posted by jianbinglee - 21st of february, 2012
Photos of the past, I find some of the feel-good photo.I believe they have the potential to be downloaded.Some feel pretty good, I hope someone will like and download. Good photo of the standard is very bad definition.But no matter... More...
Be Nice to Other Londoners
posted by martinisaac - 18th of august, 2011
A positive message in the aftermath of the London riots... There's been a lot said and written about this, here's some of the more interesting pieces: Big Brother isn't watching you (by Russell Brand... More...
Searching in vain
posted by joezachs - 23rd of may, 2011
I intended to buy some pictures for my external blog and wrote about how I intended to buy it in the Dreamstime message board. To make the message more colourful and illustrative in the above thread, I searched DT for a picture of... More...
Flagged keywords??
posted by mjak - 18th of march, 2011
Hello! I've got message - "Your image might have irrelevant or not fully accurate keywords. No admin action has been taken yet. If needed, please edit image info and adjust (click image thumbnail to edit). If the flag is irrelevant... More...
Does Blogs and message boards affect sales?
posted by visceralimage - 31st of january, 2011
It is a closely guarded secret how the ranking of images is computed for searches. We all have wondered if and how acceptance rate, participation on the message boards, writing blogs, etc affect our ranking on searches and resulting... More...
First Level 3 Image - A message of Love
posted by jameskho - 24th of october, 2010
The is an image that I hope to convey a message of love, to awaken the public about the fact that there are still so many who are hungry and unfortunate out there who badly needs a helping hand. Thanks to all who downloaded this image.... More...
Message in picture 2
posted by raindrop - 21st of july, 2010
Ok, second part of message in picture. Why? Because it is opposite of first so I didn't want to put it together. In first blog I wanted to present my way of negative looking at stress, work and similar. But this time I tried to use... More...
Message in picture 1
posted by raindrop - 21st of july, 2010
Hi, this blog is for those who want to say something with their pictures. Of course and for everyone else:) I was thinking first what to shoot, what picture can say more then just "look at me" and then,forget me. I wanted picture... More...
Photos in use
posted by justmeyo - 27th of may, 2010
I found many photos of mine on different websites or magazines till now,few of them in my area.Last year one of a big company of mobile phone from Romania used a photo of mine and i was very happy. Sometime i receive calls from friends... More...
How can you send someone a message?
posted by mythja - 20th of may, 2010
well i've been trying to find this option in my management area but i just can't find it and i know it exists because i received some of the messages from members. please help. i feel really stupid now. it's probably somewhere in... More...
Message board support
posted by matabraham - 26th of april, 2010
Was going through the message boards and loved this thread-- wise answers, warm responses respecting the questioner's thoughts....Experience speaks and it helps to listen! Of course there are umpteen similar threads and I guess that... More...
The other face of Dreamstime - internet community
posted by nikitu - 4th of march, 2010
We are the agency where you come, upload your images, wait for approval (or rejection, by case), start selling, learn from other portfolios, withdraw your earned cash. But we are also an internet community with a well developed forum,... More...
Advertising and me. "Insight"
posted by artistar - 27th of march, 2009
Hi. This is my second delivery about advertising concepts. Today I going to try to explain what an "insight" is. INSIGHT: An insight is the capacity to become aware about an interior reality of any thing, for example: a product... More...
Posting on the Message Boards... Usefully.
posted by petarneychev - 12th of january, 2009
It will soon be two years since as part of the Dreamstime team I monitor the Message Boards on daily basis. It's not a secret that while on-line communication might seem suspiciously easy it does actually require more attention and... More...
posted by afagundes - 25th of october, 2008
Rhetoric is the the art of using communication in an effective and persuasive manner to influence the thoughts and actions of others. Its heavily used with images in advertising, so I thought it would be nice to share with you this... More...
Text Messaging Mania
posted by sgcallaway1994 - 18th of october, 2008
Attention all parents! Has anyone noticed a peculiar appendage sprouting from the palm of your preeteen/teen's hand? Well, don't phone the doctor quite yet, I've been told not to worry, its just a cell phone! However, these... More...
What a mess!
posted by ladykassie - 28th of august, 2008
I am not alone having to deal with the rules of being exclusive. I am sure that some of us would of never become exclusive if we really actually knew that we have this huge internet site and public ban on all of our photography... More...
Messages from buyers.
posted by irisangel - 20th of june, 2008
Wouldn't it be nice if all buyers left a note saying where and how our images are being used? I understand that most buyers are very busy business people and it would be too time consuming for them to leave a note every time they downloaded... More...
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