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Milestone - 50 credits for one sale!
posted by friday123 - 10th of october, 2012
My best sale on Dreamstime in my life! Today I sold this photo (from my holiday in Croatia) for 50 credits! Sometimes simple composition and nice light makes miracles. I am very happy and... More...
100+ uploads
posted by candleblood - 30th of september, 2012
Finally, after about 5 months of having 99 uploads (I was forced to take a stock-break), I crossed the magical number 100. Not a big thing actually but seeing 103 instead of annoying 99 makes me happy - very happy. :D More...
1000 Dollars Milestone
posted by arim44 - 28th of september, 2012
Hi Everyone! I would like to share with you a big milestone of 1000$ revenue. I never thought that I'll go so far and earn 1000 dollars from photography. I'm an amateur photographer that joined DT in 2009. I learned a lot through... More...
2000 pictures! wow
posted by noamfein - 27th of september, 2012
I have reached 2000 pictures, wow. I started few years ago and it was just a hobby (and still is), and I never thought I would reach 2000 pictures. This site is great and every time I sell a picture, even for very little money -... More...
My 200th Download
posted by solidsdman - 23rd of september, 2012
I'm so happy that this is my 200th download. The model and I had so much fun during this photo shoot. We laughed till we cried.
3000 Sales
posted by bcritchley - 15th of september, 2012
After joining in 2009, started uploading in April 2010 I have now just hit 3000 sales. A big thanks to all the buyers and DT for the platform on which we all showcase our work.
3 milestones for 2 weeks
posted by igordabari - 2nd of september, 2012
I passed three important milestones for last 2 weeks: 1) 2000th $ in my pocket coming from DT (August 22nd). 2) 1000th day with DT (August 24th). 3) 1000th sale (2nd Sept, right away). Is not it a good chance to say me: "Great,... More...
At last... 50th image is up!
posted by acosmin - 28th of august, 2012
After almost a year of inactivity and driven by a few sales I decided to start uploading new images on Dreamstime. This month i doubled my portfolio and eventually reached image no 50 but I'm still wondering should I become a Dreamstime... More...
Another milestone...
posted by gennaro86 - 27th of august, 2012
Finally, one of my images has reached level 4: 10 download!!! I know that the higher level of the image will result in a decrease of the download but the satisfaction is really great ... To date, 153 people have used my photos in... More...
100 Sales!
posted by celiaak - 24th of august, 2012
I finally made 100 sales! I never thought it could be so fast. This is the 100th image sold: It took me 9 months to fail uploading, understand what was wrong, upload more, start selling, build portfolio constantly, and now I have... More...
Four hundred warm thank to the buyers of my pictures
posted by digikhmer - 3rd of august, 2012
Started early last year, I started to upload my travel pictures. I never thought that my pictures can interest anybody else than myself as archive of my family life. Instead, there is more than 400 hundreds buyers/pictures downloaded... More...
First milestone: 50 uploads
posted by rosariomanzo - 2nd of august, 2012
I know that this is a very little achievement when compared to the great contributors here at Dreamstime, but I'm so proud of it. I've applied for exclusivity also. This is my way to say thank you to this great community. Since I'... More...
300$ Milestone !!!
posted by andrews71 - 30th of july, 2012
I would like to share with all of other photographers in DT, my first great milestone: 300 $ of sales!! I am really happy for this result (that I know is quite small or can sound ridicolous for expert) beacuse I got this goal since... More...
My journey to 3000 sales reached today.
posted by retina2020 - 18th of july, 2012
Wow. It just seems like yesterday when I started at Dreamstime and enter the world of microstock photography. I remember vividly saying to myself, it's worth a shot (pardon the pun) since I already enjoy taking photos anyway. What... More...
Milestone - first $1,000
posted by peanutroaster - 16th of july, 2012
Now here is a milestone worthy of marking - I just reached my first $1,000 in sales. This month also marks my one year anniversary with Dreamstime, 600+ sales and 1,354+ uploads. And importantly my acceptance rate has gone from about... More...
2 years later...
posted by lauriey - 16th of may, 2012
Exactly two years from the day I joined here I've hit a milestone... my 5th time cashing out! When I joined, I was nervous. I took it slow and tried to pick the best of my images only to submit. I was nervous, but it did lead... More...
Portfolio Milestone - 1,000 Images
posted by peanutroaster - 1st of may, 2012
I just reached 1,000 images in my portfolio after ten months after discovering and deciding I should try this micro-stock thing. I must admit two things. 1. I didn't think I'd reach this point this soon. Who could imagine there... More...
Milestone 100 sales!
posted by vcarmstrong - 19th of april, 2012
Many people in the Dreamstime community repeat the wisdom "Keep uploading, the sale will come!". It really is true, slowly but steadily I see my sales increasing and as I continue to learn and try to produce more concept photos... More...
Double milestones
posted by cooper5022 - 17th of april, 2012
I have recently reached 2 milestones. Firstly I uploaded a small batch of nature images which took my online images to 700. And secondly I had my first level 4 image. So far it has been slow going in terms of downloads... More...
1000 images
posted by bogdan - 16th of april, 2012
Maybe for many of my fellow photographers 1000 images is already a milestone of the past. It is for me now as well. It is however an important milestone as it took me about 8 years to reach it. According to my current production rates,... More...
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