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  • Things I Am Trying To Improve Upon

    by Noonie | 2nd of July, 2008

    I have been here almost a year now, I didn't get much on for the first few months but things have been going well lately. My family and friends have let me photograph them and I've also done a lot of other things. I have read the message boards constantly and learned from... More
  • a trip during the tomb-sweeping day

    by Carmentianya | 7th of April, 2008

    April 4 is the qingming day, an important traditional day for remembering the dead and the dearly departed. In the qingming day, the chinese families used to leave the homes and to sweep the graves of their forebears. And this year, it is the first time for the qingming... More
  • This is the season for shoot flower

    by Watercattle | 28th of March, 2008

    Spring is coming everything is booming. Tender green leaves is growing and flower is blossoming. So, this is the season for shoot flower. I will spend more time on it and shoot a good photo present to DT. See Article
  • Stupid LHJ Stupid ME :)

    by Lhj | 21st of March, 2008

    Wow, stupid ME!!! Suddently I just found the previous 2 blogs were still kept in my own drafts without being published! That is the ONLY reason I could not find my own blogs!!!!!!! Finally I was able to make them shown in public! :-) Just downloaded 1 pretty picture... More
  • Spring is coming

    by Linqong | 17th of March, 2008

    Spring is coming, the wind knows. Have spring, Primula malacoide nod winter jasmine wind in a hurry. Spring is coming, the swallow and wild goose prepared in the north and returned.Having had in spring, the willow begins to spit buds too. Spring is coming, people know.... More
  • One day DT works… More incoming

    by Cool79 | 15th of March, 2008

    Ok, one day have passed and what a remarkable result on DT. I wrote in article More incoming about my curiosity in DT statistics what will you say about those numbers. Start 14 March 2008: 2,561,053 images (online), 589,923 users, 32,090 photographers. Day two 15 March... More
  • More incoming

    by Cool79 | 14th of March, 2008

    Entering the Dreamstime site I was wondering how DT statistics looks like based on information: how many images getting online per day/month, how many users and photographers are registering on site per day/month. Since those information are visible on prime site, I will... More
  • Dreamstime dreamers

    by Papuga2006 | 8th of March, 2008

    Night dreams might be a nightmare, wonderful adventure or simple unusual vision. Dreaming gave our mind a repose from all day thinking, also tell us something about what is happening in our lives and same says that even what will happened in future. Dreaming is based on our... More
  • Landscapes...

    by Kuntrygal25 | 18th of February, 2008

    Venturing out here... trying something a bit new to me... this Blog thing... hmmmm... what to say?? LOL!!! Landscapes... ahhh yes! That's where I was going with this little Blog... I simply cannot get my fill of Landscapes... I love to photograph scenery, especially if... More
  • alternative swimmingpool for cats

    by Dnf-style | 24th of December, 2007

    Whaha, our cats came in, a few days ago, soaking wet. Since this morning I know why. I got out of bed and looked outside to see a little pool of water next to our neighbors house. Well, I thought, the snow is gone, here's the mud. When I turn around, to make myself a nice... More
  • I like candles

    by Roberto1977 | 9th of November, 2007

    Hi everyone! Here you are some images of candles. I think they are really suggestive and charming. They produce an impression of sublime serenity. What do you think? Ciao! edited by admin - moved images More
  • Be green !

    by Julos | 5th of November, 2007

    Let's change the world, ok it might sound like a utopia, but we all know here that every little step counts, stock photography is the proof that thousands of believers can create something together. So what can I do ? What am I good at ? How can I contribute ? Green is... More
  • my first pic is selected

    by Littlemiow | 3rd of September, 2007

    Ten years ago, I liked to browse corbis.com and sent ecards from there to my friends. I wouldn't imagine myself start to upload my own picture in similar website like corbis.com, for I could never consider myself a photographer one day. I know there is quite big difference... More
  • Light streaming through a window.

    by Avion49 | 2nd of September, 2007

    We've all seen fabulous photos like this one where you can see the sunlight streaming through a window. Did you ever wonder if that effect could be duplicated in an 3D image? In searching for that picture, all that came up were actually photos. But then I found this... More
  • Hummingbirds

    by Lavanya | 25th of August, 2007

    Of late, there has been an increased activity of Hummingbirds in my patio garden. These birds have always captivated me, because they look so fragile, but possess brilliant, iridescent colors in plumage, not to mention the impressive wing beat. I also read that the fastest... More
  • Shooting in a gloomy weather

    by Tsm | 24th of August, 2007

    The good isolation is received at filming in a gloomy weather, using a palate as a background © Photographer: Tsm | Agency: Dreamstime.com See Article
  • See your hometown through the eyes of a tourist

    by Camabs | 5th of August, 2007

    Ever wondered why most tourists make crappy pictures? There’s loads of reasons, like lack of experience, lack of photographic talent and so on. One reason in particular I would like to address here, and that is timing. Tourists are bad timers. They arrive at a location... More
  • Another sunny day and I'm off to Birmingham

    by Richaerthanquick | 25th of July, 2007

    I'm off to Birmingham today and am a bit worried about the floods upcountry. The train has to travel through some of the worst affected areas. I'm also amazed that there is a direct train between Newquay and Birmingham! Richard Quick Web Design More

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