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How to use everyday models
posted by amitai - 18th of october, 2009
One of the biggest obstacles you have, when you want to develop your stock photograhpy portfolio, is model release from people you photograph. I found a solution, it may not fit everyone, and some may see it as exposing too much... More...
I have a doubt!
posted by gheburaseye - 12th of october, 2009
Recently on facebook, I found a man who uses a photograph made by Yuri Arcurs...But I have some doubt about this photograph because Yuri is Danish and that man is italian so I'm not sure that man is the man in that picture. I... More...
i shoot people for fun and money..
posted by tan510jomast - 10th of october, 2009
That's the official name of my own private blog side here in the city of my tentative business . I started using this title "I shoot people for fun and money" as my logo and motto for my business cards ,etc.. How I decided to use... More...
Model releases are real? Really?
posted by valerii - 29th of september, 2009
Yesterday I met my friend and told about DT, about stock photos, about all issues and about necessary for sale of a photo documents (Model or property release). And He asked me "How managers of DT or buyers of you stock photo with... More...
Auto modes versus manual
posted by bradcalkins - 25th of september, 2009
I wrote this blog on my own blog a while back, but reading Rebecca's post today made me think of this again and thought it would be useful on DT: My mother is taking a course on photography and she was commenting on how her teacher... More...
My daughter
posted by smartview27 - 24th of september, 2009
Today I will tell you about my daughter! My unique model! Every time when I make photos with her she is working very hard to be perfect, to communicate the spirit and the message that our photography must propagate. Studio... More...
where have you found your models?
posted by amnemcova - 3rd of september, 2009
was just wondering where you found models for your portfolios on Dreamstime, or different websites like that? Are these models your relatives, friends? Are they strangers and you are paying them for posing?
How to be your own model.
posted by dcwcreations - 21st of august, 2009
O.K. right off a lot of you are saying I'm nuts, or rinky dink for even thinking of being my own model for some people photos but please hear me out before you cast me off. If you have not done a lot of people situation photos being... More...
New assignment
posted by aginger - 20th of august, 2009
Wohoooa, at least, a perfect one for me! Sea, sun, fun...And be prepared, I'll be the model :) - I hope, DT will approve my pics, I'll upload them today's evening (or as soon as I can)...if I'll be lucky, I'll let you know, but till... More...
Where to find models
posted by azurelaroux - 15th of august, 2009
This is a common question amoung stock photographers. We are all told that images with models are better than images without. Being relatively shy about asking people to pose for us we often start with family and friends. Eventually... More...
Starting Model Stock
posted by davidsl222 - 14th of august, 2009
I recently purchased some lighting to go along with my photo equipment. My intent was to do some product shooting and family art portraits. I love taking photos of my wife in different costumes and poses. We laugh and have fun.... More...
Studio Stock Photo Shootout
posted by photoshow - 11th of august, 2009
Stock Photography Studio Shootout September 19, 2009 9:00 AM - 6:30PM Location: Vegas Vision Studios 4780 W. Harmon #14 Las Vegas, NV. 89103 This all day studio shootout will provide you the opportunity to come... More...
My new photo studio
posted by travismanley - 4th of august, 2009
Hey guys, Just finished writing the last blog post in a set about converting my garage into a photo studio. You can read the post at my blog twcdm.blogspot.com Here is part of that blog post: "Well, if you are wondering what... More...
Sexy pictures of waiting (just an accidencial idea how to make a model look sexy)
posted by julia161 - 29th of july, 2009
Sometimes photographer has a model in studio who needs to look sexy on a picture. Each uses his own trick how to achieve it. Compliments to a model and telling her stories may help. For some models it's enough to "drop" face and let... More...
One way to shoot people without needing a model release form
posted by kenishirotie - 24th of june, 2009
I just want to share in this blog one way to shoot people oriented stock photo without needing a model release form. For those who are new to stock photography, any photo with recognizable persons in it must have an accompanying model... More...
Large collections of photos featuring the same children.
posted by gaja - 9th of june, 2009
I have realised that it can be a challenge to find larger series of pictures with the same model(s). Personally, I mainly take pictures of my children, and I have noticed other contributors who have large and varied portfolios with... More...
Modern and classical
posted by linqong - 30th of may, 2009
I think DT is a very good classroom, I have already had much harvest from it. I often browse my favorite contributors and images,I found the modern idea and technique of expression are very important. For example, a model's different... More...
Stock model in bad situation
posted by aginger - 20th of may, 2009
An important question came to my mind, and I'd like to know your opinion with it...what about those situations, when you find your personal model (your child, your friend, etc.) in an inconvenient place? I mean, you took a shot about... More...
A Friend Who Could Stand Still and Avoiding an Incident
posted by reeddaigle - 14th of may, 2009
I had my first people photos accepted at DT and a few other sites. These are not the first people photos I’ve shot, but the first I’ve submitted. A few weeks ago, I did this photo shoot with a friend of mine that agreed to be... More...
Converting my garage to a photo studio pt .2
posted by travismanley - 13th of may, 2009
Hey all, Just finished writing the second part of the "converting my garage to a photo studio" on my blog twcdm.blogspot.com Here is an abridged version of my blog post. If you dont already know I am in the process of converting... More...
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