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Stock Video Collections 2014
posted by teabum - 2nd of january, 2014
End of 2013 Dreamstime had decided to bring on video/stock footage feature for its clients and contributors. It had become highly popular form many contributors and after initial confusion about the upload format/tech specs many videos... More...
Turbo snail
posted by electricblue - 10th of july, 2013
Hi everybody, i want move to you a little question...this image isn't too similar to the new character of upcoming dreamworks movie "Turbo"? I only want to know your opinion about it, thanks.
Why I hope RIPD is a blockbuster movie this summer
posted by peanutroaster - 25th of april, 2013
A couple years ago - yes YEARS! - I happened to be walking around Boston with my family enjoying a the fall weather when we came upon a movie being filmed. I snapped a few shots before getting pulled away by my family (there wasn't... More...
Sergiu Nicolaescu died today. Rest in peace.
posted by alvera - 3rd of january, 2013
Sergiu Florin Nicolaescu (April 13th 1930 - January 3rd 2013) was a Romanian film director and actor. He was best known for his historical films, such as Mihai Viteazul (1970, released in English both under the equivalent title Michael... More...
Sometimes its just a matter of timing...Batman Rises
posted by peanutroaster - 17th of july, 2012
They say timing is everything and that is certainly the case of this shot of the Batmobile I took recently at the Six Flag's New England amusement park. One view one sale! The opening of the latest Batman movie "Batman The Dark... More...
Dreamstime to the rescue
posted by joezachs - 19th of october, 2011
At times blog writers (or writers in general) do face problems of getting the right picture. They may have something in mind and to try to depict the same in a pictorial format or as a supporting picture, is a difficult task. This... More...
All my
posted by lehuishi - 6th of october, 2011
More the same all my "movie" Theme photos
What's going on in this picture?
posted by peanutroaster - 16th of september, 2011
Maybe its just me and my perverse view of the world but what is really going on in this picture? The official title is "THE JOYFUL FREEDOM OF RETIREMENT" but what caught my eye was that bird over the man's head. Maybe I'm thinking... More...
about source code
posted by chloehall - 6th of september, 2011
Yesterday I saw the movie:source code.I was deeply moved by the story.I like Jake Gyllenhal because he is not only cute but also wonderful acting! I think source code is the best movie after 《inception》. Whether the idea in... More...
Entertain your self while...
posted by mani33 - 21st of november, 2010
Few hours for the big day of DT... While you are waiting for it or even clicking the F5 to refresh your Earning Balance, you can have a break & have a look into my collection, Movie Session... No it's not a 3D cinema, it's DT cinema.... More...
Movie :
posted by knoxvillefm - 6th of april, 2010
Just seen " The Bounty Hunter " . If you seen the commercials on the movie you have Seen the movie. We spent probably $23 bucks. We love going to the movies, and as much as we love Jennifer Anniston, (might of misplelled her... More...
Movies www.Knoxville.Fm
posted by knoxvillefm - 6th of april, 2010
We are involved in creating Hd Movies at www.Knoxville.Fm . They are family friendly and wholesome. We also own www.GoodMorning.am We are entering a age that 10 years from now it will be noted that thousands of individuals created... More...
The idea from Leslie in the movie A Chinese Ghost Story
posted by jy604 - 18th of march, 2010
The idea from Leslie in the movie A Chinese Ghost Story One day, my baby Simon was sitting in the baby chair and waiting for his baby food. I suddenly put the handkerchief on his head, just like a Chinese ancient hat. Simon felt... More...
posted by cristalloid - 24th of january, 2010
Today I will enjoy maybe the biggest blockbuster of the year, "Avatar" in my favorite cinema. With my GIRLFRIEND! Yeah! I think we will have much fun. Finally, my hope is, that my images sell as well as the tickets for "Avatar" *smile*... More...
Photography in motion: a step beyond the still emotions
posted by moonwalker - 4th of january, 2010
When I started with photography, I was eager to pull emotions from people who watched my images. I wanted them to feel more or less what I felt in that place I captured with my camera. I wanted them to feel empathy with the eyes of... More...
Back in Busy-ness
posted by reeddaigle - 24th of october, 2009
And again it’s been a long time with no activity here for me. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’ve returned to America, just outside of New Orleans. I’ve now been back for 2 months and in that time have only managed... More...
DT cinema for FREE
posted by mani33 - 8th of september, 2009
Did you know that Dreamstime has a cinema? :)) I really discovered that between their almost 6.5m photos, which I enjoyed collecting to preset them to you through my new collection... The Movie Session Get your self popcorns... More...
Building an RF shot list
posted by avava - 11th of august, 2009
Hi All , Here is an 30 minute video explaining how we go about building a shot list for a day of shooting. This is not for everyone but I hope you can find one small piece of info that will help your future productions. Cheers,... More...
A Movie Review - Red Doors
posted by chinaphoto163 - 11th of march, 2008
A Movie Review - Red Doors In the media, especially in Western countries, Chinese are often depicted as the “upstanding citizen.” The hardworking immigrants that work long hours, always get ‘A’s, always win the spelling... More...
Extreme Photo retouching (movie)
posted by northman - 16th of october, 2007
hey all, I just found this amazing movie about retouching and i was deeply impressed by this persons work. For people who need inspiration this is a good movie also if you are bored and dont wanna retouch photo's this is a good... More...
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