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Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800
posted by digikhmer - 21st of march, 2012
I was saving for years in eventuality to upgrade my miserable Canon 40D, Now, the dreamed Canon camera is released but I did not imagined that Nikon will propose a quite attractive one as well with its Nikon D800. Until now, I am... More...
who uses a nikon d 5100?
posted by inyrdreams - 17th of march, 2012
Hi all, i upgraded to a new nikon d5100.. and i am having trouble with the ISO! IN a, p AND MANUAL IT works just fine and the ISO stays where I put it., but in any of the cool features, the ISO jumps to 3200! is it me or camera... More...
Future change from Sony to Nikon
posted by egonzitter - 22nd of december, 2011
I use a minolta 50 mm 2.8 macro, 100 mm 2.8 macro , konica-minolta 17-35 2.8-4.0 D and a Tamron sp 70-300 mm f/4-5.6,flash minolta 5600 hs, a sigma macro tube flash and a studio umbrella and softbox flash. I used to own a minolta... More...
please recomend a Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras
posted by kurnia949 - 28th of october, 2011
i have some question to all member, and i hope any people that can be help me. this question will be my plans to choose a Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras. 1. Can i submit images that produced by Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras?... More...
My new DSLR is here!!
posted by esinel - 20th of september, 2011
Yesterday I just got my first DSLR, a Nikon D5100! I am really happy and today I hope I can spend the entire day testing out all of its features. Hopefully I manage to shoot new photos that will finally be approved on DT, since tons... More...
Nikon D90 & D5000 firmware update L 1.001 is here!
posted by alvera - 10th of march, 2011
Nikon D90 and D5000 owners must know that firmware update is out at last. Go for it! Hey, don't hurry! Click on USEFULL first! :D http://nikonimglib.com/dcdata/#os-windows "Distortion control data are used to correct barrel and... More...
First test images with the new camera
posted by mvogel - 4th of march, 2011
Here are some first images with my new Nikon D5000. I told my wife the new camera would pay for itself so I only need to upload 2995 more images to pay for the camera with my Exclusive upload bonus of $0.20. I better get busy.... More...
My funny lenses
posted by beatg - 4th of january, 2011
Sometimes I am a bit confused about the comments of the editor given at refused pictures. The most common comment reads like this: "Poor optical performance due to low lens quality, such as lens fringing, chromatic aberrations,... More...
Cold weather for photocameras
posted by starblue - 1st of december, 2010
I love the winter season, especially the days like today. It is full of snow here, everything is so white. Together with blue sky, it creates a wonderful romantic atmosphere. I love snow - as well as our golden retriever, so he has... More...
Sample images of the D7000 and first impressions from testers
posted by gnohz - 17th of september, 2010
Samples of the D7000 are now out, and it seems that they are really quite good! I also compiled some quick comments which I saw in this post. Basically, it seems that to the testers of the D7000 prototype, it's similar to the performance... More...
My thoughts on the amazing Nikon D7000
posted by gnohz - 16th of september, 2010
The new Nikon D7000 sounds really amazing. From the specs alone, it seems that it surpasses that of the popular D90 and most of them even surpasses the DX flagship, the D300s. What I was most surprised at is none other than the wide... More...
Fun for Nikonians (No offence Canonians)
posted by imaengine - 24th of august, 2010
Two photogs are in the men's room at the urinal. One guy is a Canonian and the other a Nikonian. The Nikon guy finishes his business first. He simply zips his fly and heads for the door. As he was leaving, the Canon guy turns his head... More...
mirror lock up on D90?
posted by swamin - 24th of august, 2010
do any of you have any idea how to lock the mirror up in NIKON D90? I have been trying to but unsuccessful. thanks. :)
Nikon D3100 and 4 new lenses announced!
posted by gnohz - 19th of august, 2010
Nikon has just announced a new entry-level body, and 4 new lenses to its legendary Nikkor lineup. The official specifications of the D3100 are: -DX format, 14.4 megapixel -Full HD video recording@1920 x 1080 at 24 frames/sec... More...
Nikon D700 and birthday - but not mine
posted by starblue - 18th of august, 2010
Hi to all of you! This summer time has been sooo busy for me. I have dedicated a lot of time to study new tutorials for PC illustrations. As we have had bought a new photocamera Nikon D700, it has been increadible pleasure to make... More...
R.I.P. "Nikki"...
posted by 3000ad - 22nd of june, 2010
>It is my first blog entry here at Dreamstime. It is important. It also isn't mine, rather my son's blog entry about his beloved camera. For the ones kind enough to read it, the link is below: An Obituary: Nikon “Nikki” Coolpix,... More...
Nikon D80 lens issue
posted by katn1999 - 4th of february, 2010
Hi everyone! This is officially my first blog. I own a Nikon D80 and have had it for about three years now. I just recently purchased a used Nikon 35-70mm f/2.8D lens for sharper pictures. However, I noticed that as great of... More...
I DID IT...!!!
posted by ncn18 - 27th of january, 2010
...last Friday...I did it.... without thinking about it...I purchased a new cam...Nikon D3.... I`d never thought that is such a big, big step in quality to my Nikon D2x.... I always had the problem with high contrasts, much... More...
How Would The Nikon D90 Compare to other DSLR's
posted by secmaster - 14th of january, 2010
I have just purchased a Nikon D90 as a replacement for my Nikon D60 and I would be very interested it what other photographers opinions of this camera are. Here are some of the key points that swayed my decision to get the D90.... More...
Finally At 50 + Uploads And Am Now Exclusive + How Far Would You Go ?
posted by secmaster - 14th of january, 2010
Sorry I've been away for awhile but I'm now back and plan on getting back to full stride. This is my first blog entry in some time but in an attempt to get the perfect picture of massive waves breaking on shore in my home province... More...
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