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new camera
posted by yuritz - 24th of october, 2009
ohh well,I asked last week your opinions about a new camera so I heard all of you,who wrote me back,and today finally went to buy it;so now I have a Nikon D3000,will see what I'll get to do with it...hoping for some good results! :... More...
what "entry level" camera?
posted by yuritz - 8th of october, 2009
I was looking around and checking for a not too expensive camera but a good reflex one,so I found out some of those articles: a Canon 1000D,Canon 450D,Canon 500D (althoguh it's not a really "entry level"),Nikon D60,Nikon D90 even the... More...
Nikon?Canon?Sony ? what if : The Red Scarlet / Epic video/still camera system
posted by driveyourkitty - 27th of april, 2009
I was recently considering the idea of buying a new camera, and I literally thrown myself in the web looking for what i would love to buy and what i would more realistically buy .(why do we need money?:) So I started looking... More...
Nikon D5000
posted by j0sefino - 16th of april, 2009
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 14th April 2009 - Nikon Europe is pleased to announce the introduction of a new DSLR for the hobbyist and for family fun: the D5000. Packed with features that make taking pictures easy and fun, this camera... More...
New gear, better results?
posted by saniphoto - 29th of march, 2009
The above sentence, is an equation that not always prove true, but most of the time it is. New camera very often provide you with quality increase and maybe give you also the input to go and play with it (it's your new toy, after... More...
Gluing a switch to my head
posted by odelia - 8th of march, 2009
Gluing a switch to my head - "Canon mode" vs. "Nikon mode". A few weeks ago I got the new addition to our happy cam family - a Nikon D90. Between my hubby & myself, we had a bunch of Nikkor lenses lying around the house, miserable,... More...
My first images from New Nikon D90
posted by creativei - 17th of february, 2009
Hi All, Well here are the new images approved by DT on Editorial section, these images were the first assignment I got to shoot the first ever Dragon Boat Race, held in Dubai after I purchased my New Nikon D90. Thanks DT for this... More...
Nikkor 70-330mm Lens
posted by creativei - 12th of february, 2009
Hi all, Now I have purchased a zoom lens for my Nikon D90, I opted for a Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5 More Details about this lens So tomorrow first time I will be using my camera outdoor, ( u guys know I just purchased my D90) I'm one... More...
New mate in my life, My new Nikon D90
posted by creativei - 7th of february, 2009
Well after few months of research and juggling, finally I purchased my camera, Nikon D90, Well I stuck in between, Canon EOS 50D, Nikon D300 & Nikon D90, spent some sleepless nights to decide on which will be my choice, Finally 90... More...
Canon EOS D50, what you think of this camera
posted by creativei - 1st of december, 2008
I have been waiting since too long to change my two old cameras the good old Canon Power Shot and Sony Cyber Shot. I have just placed an order from an online store for Canon D50. I was juggling and confused between Nikon D300, Nikon... More...
Full frame wars good for microstock
posted by litifeta - 13th of september, 2008
Bring on the new Canon 5D, but can it contain the enthusiasm of buyers of the Nikon D700 and the Sony A900. At last. At last there is a stage where the marketing of the majors has backfired just a little, and now they are battling... More...
First 300$
posted by emicristea - 12th of september, 2008
My earnings balance reach the first 300$. Is the half price for Nikon D80 body (my next step in photo cameras). I am happy that my photos from Switzerland are selling. This one was for the 300$ step. I hope my sells will grow up... More...
Switching between systems.
posted by sebcz - 3rd of july, 2008
I wonder how many of you have switched between DSLR systems. You have all that gear from one manufacturer and you suddenly realize you want to switch. I, personally, haven't had that experience yet, but I was so surprised to learn... More...
It is true
posted by photomyeye - 19th of june, 2008
I just brought in my d300 with the same problem read attached. http://www.notebooks.com/2008/01/22/d300-false-low-battery-warningsworthless-dslrthanks-a-lot-nikon/
Getting Bold Colors with Nikon Capture Nx
posted by azathoth973 - 6th of june, 2008
Nikon Capture Nx is a Powerful Raw Converter and Image manipulating software (It works also on JPGs and TIFFs from other brand's cameras...obiouvsly the only RAW files that it opens are the Nikon .NEF). The price to pay is that it'... More...
An interesting experience of photography for travel
posted by j6789 - 29th of april, 2008
In the end of september 2007, I went to Shanghai in China for a meeting of science. This is a science meeting of hospital management and my paper was ppublished in the book of this meeting. In one day's dusk,I take the Nikon D80 go... More...
What kind of Camera do you use.......and why?
posted by us40637 - 28th of april, 2008
I currently am using the Nikon D80, but will be upgrading or adding to my photography arsenal soon, but not sure to what get. Any suggestions? I have done some research, via magazines and talking with store clerks, but I really... More...
Better technology, better pictures
posted by fertographer - 25th of january, 2008
As technology improves, the ease to take better and nicer photographs speeds up quickly. With nikon d300's 3d tracking, 51 point area focusing, its sometimes quite hard to miss a moving object. The success rate is high and it gives... More...
My new toy
posted by fertographer - 17th of january, 2008
well, i just upgraded to nikon's d300. Intended to sell my d80 initially but at hindsight, i decided to keep it as a spare. Though at a cost to keep it with depreciation and dropping value, it might just come in handy. And with a... More...
Nikon D300
posted by sorinus - 5th of january, 2008
I have recently purchased the new nikon D300 and the accessories needed to use it.... I use to have a Sony DSC R1 (a very good camera for the money i paid for it) and the difference is incredible... Everything is so professional... More...
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