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Other job
posted by captainzz - 14th of april, 2011
Do you work another other job except stock? I work as a dispatcher at a coal mine :-)
My first approved...thanks to dreamstime :-)
posted by iwanara - 14th of april, 2011
Hello all! my vectors got approved this afternoon and of course im happy... im new in dreamstime only have 3 approved vector and 0 downloads...need guidance from the masters my first vector and here is... More...
Incredibly Networked
posted by thefinalmiracle - 14th of april, 2011
Today I was sitting down wondering what to do from tomorrow. Well for some reason the co-incidence was that it is a kind of a new year for us. A festival called Gudi Padwa. I said why not think about a work reform seriously. The first... More...
Origin Stories
posted by sortapundit - 13th of april, 2011
Until a few months ago I didn't know (or care) much about photography at all. I'd heard terms such as aperture, white balance, depth of field and what not, but had little more than a vague understanding of what they meant. Shooting... More...
Money, money, money
posted by captainzz - 13th of april, 2011
I love money, and you?:-)
I got my dream gear 5D Mark II
posted by indianeye - 5th of april, 2011
Dear friends I am happy to share with all of you that finally I purchased my dream gear canon 5D Mark II. I must admit the quality of the produced images is awesome!! I started working on photography from around 2004. My first camera... More...
Accelerating income from microstock: experience and a few thoughts!
posted by davidwatmough - 2nd of april, 2011
At Easter 2009 I was trying to get a picture of Inverness castle using a wide angle lens so a bunch of wild daffodils was in the foreground and the castle behind. The width of the River Ness stopped me from getting the shot I wanted.... More...
My first collection
posted by dianabahrin - 18th of march, 2011
Hello! :) I just wanted to let you know that I have created my first collection - Snowdrops If you want to join just let me know:)
How to get a perfect dynamic range (Exposure Blending)
posted by deechhom - 16th of march, 2011
Here I am going to explain a method which can give you a perfect Dynamic Range. I am going to focus on exposure blending. Why this method? "Because this method gives me the most accurate color rendition which I saw on the actual... More...
Is the lowest ISO the best?
posted by bradcalkins - 16th of march, 2011
I have to admit that when it comes to ISO, I've always assumed that the base ISO was going to have the cleanest output. I had read articles on how some models of cameras were noisier at the 'in-between' ISOs (ISO 125 and 160) than... More...
The Magic of Monotone Photos
posted by eric1513 - 14th of march, 2011
Monotone photos are powerfully simple and convey emotion like few types of photos can. With all extraneous color eliminated, we are left only with light and shape. Add to that a single color and the image is more powerful than its... More...
posted by cristalloid - 14th of march, 2011
Hello everyone! Yesterday I found out, that PS prevents editing of images that contain banknotes (or parts of them). Is there anyone who knows how I can use PS on such images? Or is there another way for processing images of... More...
Mini Review: Canon 7D for stock
posted by bradcalkins - 11th of march, 2011
I've owned and shot with a Canon 40D for a while now, and have been very happy with it. For my personal use it is more than adequate as well. I did feel that 10MP was starting to get dated, especially when cropped - and I figured... More...
New approach to figurines
posted by morphers82 - 9th of march, 2011
So just came up with this idea for a figurine out of the blue. Had a role of copper wire lying around and this little guy was made with one long strand wrapped around a bottle a few times and then wrapped some more.    ... More...
Shooting noctilucent clouds...
posted by igordabari - 9th of march, 2011
Noctilucent (mesospheric) clouds represent especial kind of athmospheric phenomena. In contrast to 'normal' clouds they are located in upper atmosphere (mesosphere) at altitudes about 80 kilometers, which is almost space. Noctilucent... More...
Pirenopolis in Brazil for the weekend
posted by bevanward - 7th of march, 2011
I typically work weekends from the hotel when away on work trips - it gets me home faster and it means I don't drag colleagues into the office over their weekend too. This past trip was to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. I was fortunate... More...
Leadership by Jack Frost
posted by kimson1972 - 26th of february, 2011
As someone else in this world, he will not leaves his power....but the day will come...!
Winter Wedding
posted by stuartkey - 25th of february, 2011
Unfortunately, this is another shameless plug for my other blog, but it's totally out of my hands! Honest!! Back in December, I shot a wedding during some of the heaviest snowfall in the UK in recent memory. Now, I know that for... More...
Show here your 0 views images
posted by guarino - 24th of february, 2011
show here your images with 0 views but only if the images are oldest 1 month!!!!
Alicante - one of my picture
posted by sebikus - 19th of february, 2011
Finally I found one of my picture in use. On site about Alicante, I found picture of panorama Alicante beach on header of site. I'm happy about it :-), you know how hard is find own work on site. More...
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