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Goal at 200 photos!
posted by cousy86 - 9th of may, 2013
Finnaly rached 200 photos!Actualy little more already,225,but i wont stop!:)
posted by davidwatmough - 9th of december, 2012
I have never had a lot of luck with assignments but this time had two images approved towards the end of the submission period. I saw two pictures of Venice already approved and then looked back at my pictures taken last Summer in... More...
My first Christmas cards
posted by jackbluee - 25th of october, 2012
I normally don't take objects but these Christmas night lights in the store got my attention. They can be nice Christmas cards. I am just happy that DT accepted them. My first indoor pictures of small objects. After doing so much research... More...
How To Take a Shadowless Object/Product Photograph
posted by parkinsonsniper - 4th of june, 2012
Hi, I loved this blog writing thing...one of my recent blogs is in the Google’s first page and it made me feel really proud. So I think I will keep writing :) Whatever... Altough I’m not a professor or expert on studio... More...
My first sale wow! Exciting
posted by jonatansoriano - 30th of november, 2011
Hi everybody!!After few months, a lot of pictures upload and a lot refused, I finally have 10 pictures online, and my first sail!! Even if its just $0.35 for me looks like victory!! This make me feel great and stronger. Thank you very... More...
Is steak tax deducatible? :-)
posted by ejkrouse - 26th of october, 2011
What sort of materials does everyone declare on their taxes? Ink, paper, etc are all fine, but what about the items you shoot?
Something lost...lives on in stock
posted by bradcalkins - 22nd of september, 2011
Over the last 4 years of doing stock photography I have photographed many a household item. Several of those items have subsequently been lost, stolen, sold or broken. For some reason I find it satisfying every time I get a sale for... More...
Half way to the first objective - 24 images approved
posted by froogz - 23rd of august, 2011
It was already been a long trip, even knowing that i have started uploading for just a month now. Got angry and desapointed with my self with the first rejections. The lack of experience at the stock images world is... More...
First tutorial: Precise Whiteout...
posted by darwinsm81 - 19th of july, 2011
well the story begins when i had to place some car parts (fly-wheels) online with a white background. The problem, i didnt know how to get it perfect. I tried doing it through photoshop but it was not giving me the result i was looking... More...
Trying something new?
posted by lizapixels - 8th of march, 2011
Hi all Im really into this stock thing now and dedicate ALOT of time to it lately,I am doing better at some sites than others but not making enough to buy coffee yet lol. I am going to try my hand at more still life,objects and... More...
My collections
posted by gennaro86 - 18th of february, 2011
Hi Today I wanto talk about my five collection... My first collection is dedicated at "food and beverage", It's count the bigger numbers of visitors and the bigger number of my own files... My "Smoke, Alcohol and Drug" is the collection... More...
The Art of Museums
posted by sepavo - 25th of september, 2010
Museums offer a plethora of interesting and notable objects. I happen to live in New York City and have access to some world class museums. I often spend my leisure time perusing collections of art and artifacts while snapping... More...
all objectives reached
posted by jdazuelos - 8th of august, 2010
yeah !!! I reached 2010 objectives: 200 dollars in sales and 1 level 3 image ... I will wait a coule of weeks before coming back to the game ... see ya folks
How long does it take you to isolate? (Thinking after master-class)
posted by julia161 - 11th of july, 2010
Hi, Friends. I usually spend crazy amount of time on isolation (about 40 minutes). Yesterday I saw on youtube a master-class where the photographer said he spends on it 3 minutes only. I put down his method and tried. Same 40 minutes,... More...
Home equipments
posted by aginger - 1st of june, 2010
Sorry for being disappeared again, we have serious problems with dramatic weather (flood and storm) - I'll try to upload some shots about it soon. But now, let me introduce some still-life photos from home:... More...
over white...
posted by dmitrytsvetkov - 20th of april, 2010
I just uploaded my first images with absolutly white background with photoshop editing for few minutes. At my first isolated images I worked for a long time in Photoshop (something about hour) and one of them became my best selling... More...
Objects from home
posted by aginger - 13th of april, 2010
Well, not too much toughts for today, sorry Frieds...there's raining all day, my mood is gray like sky outside, and I still need some downloads for first payment...please, let me introduce some of my newly accepted photos about home... More...
First Objective Reached ! Woohoo !!!
posted by jdazuelos - 8th of march, 2010
Yesterday I reached My first objective, get an image in level 2 !! yeah ! I've almost reached my second one (get 100 images on-line) It's now time for spring cleaning and good resolutions for the summer. my next objectives... More...
My First Editorial Sale
posted by jdazuelos - 26th of february, 2010
not in the 2010 objectives but still.... I'm happy :) I wonder where it wil end up ...
when a reshoot actually saves more time
posted by tan510jomast - 21st of february, 2010
is reshoot wasting time? this is a question many of us , i am sure, asked ourselves sometimes. we made a little "boo boo" and find our work in question. do we have the objectivity to say , "no, this won't do", to ourselves.... More...
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