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  • an old town,Pingle

    by Fenghui | 10th of November, 2009

    Pingle,90 kms from Chengdu,finds itself encircled by mountains and traversed by the river ina small basin,it boasts agreeable climates,a vast expanse of bamboos,and a ancient temple that has remained popular since the tang Dynasty.the town has a history of more than 2000... More

    by Tomas24 | 29th of October, 2009

    Just few days ago I've sold my 100th photo. I'm happy but takes long time to me to build average quality portfolio. I'm still begginer in this field, but I still have loads of ideas, is not over. The battle is on. Here it is, the 100th: See Article
  • My first image at level 2

    by Card76 | 22nd of October, 2009

    This morning I found one of my favourite images sold out for the 5th time! Let's go on, acropolis! Give me other Bye to everybody Fabio See Article
  • Golden Autumn

    by Andreygorlov | 15th of October, 2009

    Why golden autumn?Because you can take a lot of superduper creative shoots and make money=gold...Of course not..Well, you still can take superduper shoots like in every season of the year but in autumn you feel like very special...Everything is covered by yellow and red leaves.... More
  • I have 3 FIRST

    by Joe1971 | 13th of October, 2009

    Today,I am very glad to have 3 FIRST! The one is I sold a photo by 3Dollars first! Another, And I sold a photo after I upload it in 24 hours only first! See Article
  • Opps! 1st picture has been sold!!!

    by Marshallxmh | 12th of October, 2009

    my camera has been drown into the sea about 3 months ago! !_! to day i found that one of my pics has been sold! how happy. and the title of it is "BROWN CLOTH PATTERN" See Article
  • My first sale

    by Erbedo | 9th of October, 2009

    Well, this is my first entry on this blog, because I had my first image sold through DT :) I started to upload images since 10 days, and having my first one sold in so many little time is a motivation to go ahead :) That was the image sold, a nice golden firework... More
  • I am a metal detectorist as well as a dedicated Dreamstime Photographer.

    by Davidwatmough | 27th of September, 2009

    This week if you live in the UK you cannot help but hear of the Stafford-shire Hoard discovered by a Metal Detectorist who has been detecting for about 14 years. About 150 gold and silver Saxon objects were found buried in a field and all in pristine condition many inscribed... More
  • 100 download

    by Bigjiang | 26th of September, 2009

    Just write for marking 100 download. I've take many pictures for different hotel rooms in the past year, but few of them has been sold, however, this picture has been download for 4 times in a month. Maybe it's more luxury than the others. I had thought hotel room was... More
  • A quick one, need your help.

    by Creativei | 24th of September, 2009

    I have a question, I was with my photographer friend today, discussing about Operating System, He is Pro Mac & I'm Pro Windows, but I do work around 10 hours a day on my Mac, but windows is cool man.......... (what's ur fav OS) Well during our discussion we were arguing... More
  • Total sales 1000

    by Justmeyo | 23rd of September, 2009

    This moment 1000 photos of mine were sold .:)) That's a great success for me! . The last downloaded photo was that I am very excited because I grew in sales from month to month and also portfolio has increased . Thank you Dreamstime,thank you buyers that you... More
  • New avatar image

    by MilsiArt | 7th of September, 2009

    Years of storing my forgotten film negatives from 1970's and 1980's using thin plain cardboard resulted with moisture and yeast penetration... Most of that films are now ruined. I took some of them and tried to make backup with more or less success. One of resulting... More
  • Letting go

    by Dmccale | 31st of August, 2009

    I know a lot of you have pets I guess if you do, you know what I am feeling I grew up always owning a dog. In addition, I have lost a few. This is my baby .He is 15 and is not doing to good. I do not want to see him suffer but I am a little selfish and want to... More
  • 100 files online and 15 downloads

    by Studioportosabbia | 26th of August, 2009

    Got a new camera last month so I'm now serious uploading on dreamstime but unfortunately due to my old camera limited to 10 uploads a day. I have 100 files online and sold 15 images, one EL. This is a great motivation to continue! See Article
  • Satisfaction...

    by Gardawind | 24th of August, 2009

    I want to share with you my most sold photo... It has been voted as thirth place in the "Macro Assignment" and start a great sell: 36 downloaded ! For me is a record ! See Article
  • 100 Sales at last...

    by Fultonsphoto | 5th of August, 2009

    Well it finally happened, I have sold my 100th image on DT. Here is the image that made my first milestone possible and with its download it has also moved to level 2 having had 5 downloads, which is an added bonus. Thanks to all the buyers that have bought my images so... More
  • Send Summer scaffolding to the scaffold!

    by Davidgarry | 2nd of August, 2009

    OK, so this is a rant which will have absolutely no affect whatsoever but I think I need to shout it out anyway. This will be like farting against a hurricane but I'm sure some of my fellow photographers will see my point - and have maybe even been in the same situation.... More
  • First 100 pictures sold.

    by Del69 | 28th of July, 2009

    This is my 100th image sold on DT,hope the pictures gives me luck. Just need to master my D90 settings and all should be good.. Del. See Article
  • The weekend of my dreams

    by Gaja | 3rd of July, 2009

    Anyone with children, and especially those who have tried to stay at home with them, knows that even though you love the little ....., sometimes you've got to get some time off. Some time alone to rest your ears, to do what ever you want, sleep as long as you want, recharge... More
  • My first P-EL sold

    by Asyan | 17th of June, 2009

    I was never thinking that whit my very small portfolio I can sell something big, at least not yet…. But today... well…I sold my first P-EL license. I got to admit that she really made my day…I started to dance and sing the victory like crazy :)… Here is the lucky... More

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